Original White Widow: A Tale of Mystery and Cannabis Legacy

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A marijuana plant with a beautiful spider wrapping around the bud
A marijuana plant with a beautiful black and red spider wrapping around the bud


White Widow is a cannabis strain that has marked a before and after in the global cannabis culture. However, its origin is a subject of debate between two legendary figures: Shantibaba and Ingemar. Below, we unravel the mystery surrounding this legendary strain and try to explain which is the original White Widow.



The Original White Widow According to Shantibaba: The Birth of an Icon


Shantibaba, co-founder of Mr. Nice Seeds, maintains that the White Widow is the result of a cross between Brazilian and Indian genetics. According to him, the seeds that won the first cup in 1995 come exclusively from his plants. Despite the controversies and the multiple feminized versions that have emerged, Shantibaba claims to possess the plants in their original form to this day.


Green House and the Marketing of the Original White Widow

Green House was the first brand to market the White Widow, initially in the form of buds through their coffeeshops and later as regular cannabis seeds. This move was crucial for the strain’s global popularization, but as with other classic Dutch genetics like the famous AK 47, its origin was not entirely clear. People started to talk massively about this strain, especially because it produced a quantity of resin that was not so common in the mid-90s, but in this case, the plants ended up white from so many shiny trichomes they showed, and that’s where the legend of the White family began, which continued with White Rhino, Great White Shark, or later with El Niño.


Innovations in Genetics: Feminized, CBD, and Autoflowering

The first feminized version of the White Widow was introduced by Dutch Passion, and the first autoflowering version by Dinafem. These innovations allowed growers to enjoy the strain more easily and quickly, and from there, very good replicas of White Widow Auto began to emerge. However, when the time came to release the first high cannabidiol version of the Widow, fate wanted it to be again Shantibaba who took care of it, but this time through his other bank CBD Crew.


A large field of marijuana plants separated by a road where a motorcycle is driven by a huge white spider
A large field of marijuana plants separated by a road where a motorcycle is driven by a huge white spider



Ingemar: The Other Claimant to the Throne of the Original White Widow

Ingemar, breeder and owner of De Sjamaan, claims his role in the creation of the White Widow. According to his story, he discovered the seeds in a batch of hashish and spent six years perfecting the variety. Although he does not reveal its genetics, he maintains that the genes sold by Green House are his, granting Arjan Roskam the exclusive permission for their use. Ingemar crossed his Widow with several of the famous genetics of that time, and the writer of these lines successfully grew a package of White Skunk seeds that were then offered in paper envelopes.


The Controversy and Legacy of the Original White Widow

The dispute over the authorship of the White Widow has generated confusion in the cannabis community. Many seed banks offer versions of the strain, but with different genetics, which further complicates the picture. In Spain, there is a selection of Green House’s old White Widow from the late 90s known as Widow Bilbo, from which many feminized versions have emerged, and it has also been used massively to reverse its sex and create many feminized crosses. Another great Spanish selection is the Widow poligonera from Granada, more aromatic and tasty, although less potent and stable.


The Quest for Authenticity: Mr. Nice Seeds’ Black Widow

For those in search of an experience close to the original White Widow, the most similar regular seed is Black Widow from Mr. Nice Seeds, which promises genetics faithful to the legendary strain. After sweeping the 1998 edition of the High Times Cannabis Cup with the Super Silver Haze variety, the 2 most famous breeders from Green House took their mother plants and moved to Switzerland to create their current brand, Mr. Nice Seedbank. They were not just any 2 breeders, they were Shantibaba and Nevil, and since then they maintain the original genetics with which they market their versions Black Widow as White Widow, Medicine Man as White Rhino, Shark Shock as Great White Shark, and La Niña as El Niño.


An indoor cannabis plant cultivation cared for by a large white spider dressed as a nurse
An indoor cannabis plant cultivation cared for by a large white spider dressed as a nurse



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Conclusions: Between Legend and Reality

The story of the White Widow is woven with mystery and passion for cannabis. Shantibaba and Ingemar’s versions offer different perspectives, but both contribute to the myth surrounding this unique variety. To this day, the White Widow continues to be one of the most sought-after and respected strains in the world of cannabis, and if the opinion of the writer of this article is allowed, the original White Widow is Shantibaba’s, but I repeat that this is just a personal opinion.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the White Widow?
It is a cannabis strain known for its potency and its coverage of white trichomes that give it a snowy appearance.
Who claims the creation of the White Widow?
There are two main figures who claim its authorship: Shantibaba of Mr. Nice Seeds and Ingemar of De Sjamaan.
Which was the first brand to market the White Widow?
Green House was the first to market the strain, both in buds and in regular seeds.
Are there feminized and autoflowering versions of the White Widow?
Yes, Dutch Passion and Dinafem were the first to offer feminized and autoflowering versions respectively.
Which is the version closest to the original White Widow?
The regular seed known as Black Widow from Mr. Nice Seeds is the one that most closely resembles the original White Widow.
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