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Green House: feminized seeds from the most awarded bank

At Pev grow of course, the catalogue with the best feminized seeds of Green House.

Do you want to know the history and our opinion of one of the best seed banks in the world? Then keep reading and you'll hallucinate...

Since Franco Loja (Green House's famous breeder) created Strain Hunters in 2008 with the idea of promoting autochthonous marijuana varieties, Green House already had an experience in the cannabis world dating back to 1985.

Or even before, because Green House Seeds Company was already defined as one of the most prestigious Coffee Shops in the progressive Amsterdam of the 80s.

Today we owe a lot to Franco Loja, to his true passion for cannabis, to his sacrifice and from PEV Grow we have the honor to pay tribute to the late master in January 2017.

We have much to thank him, both on behalf of the sector in general and for the members of Green House in particular, Arjan and his partners Joost and Olaf, to whom I paid my respects in the Barcelona Spannabis of this same 2017.

Franco Loja taught us that marijuana genetics had practically no limits, being the fruit of globalization, and wherever he travelled (Jamaica, Congo, Malawi...), he could show us how our beloved plant never ceased to surprise us.

All this, as Arjan (founder of Green House) knew very well, who took advantage of the great work done to name, with his own name (given his tendency to establish himself as the King of Cannabis), the whole cast of sativa genetics, of horrifying psychoactivity, production and beauty.

Arjan and Franco Loja formed a great alliance, which began to forge in 2000, a key year in the cannabis industry, both in our country and the rest of the world.

Green House Seeds Co is the most awarded bank, and as a result of Franco Loja's research into autochthonous varieties, the seed bank raised its cannabic level like foam:

"The autochthonous varieties are the base of the cannabic pyramid. All Haze marihuanas originate in Asia and South America; the Kush genetics currently enjoyed came from varieties from Pakistan and Afghanistan; the popular White Widow are the result of crossing and selecting varieties from Brazil and southern India".

Franco Loja taught us by drinking a beer at his 2008 Spannabis stand.

Imagine the richness and quality of this seed bank, everything, absolutely everything comes from the collection, cultivation and research of a genius, who like all geniuses, gave his life for something he believed in....

...Let's enjoy his legacy!


Discover the Sensi Seeds catalogue:

Green House Seeds: The King of cannabis and his psychoactive subjects.

Green House is one of the seed banks with the most awarded catalog, in 2008 was winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup with his Lemon Haze Green House Seeds, a productive range of terpenes, with THC values above 20%.

One of the things that generates greater obsession to Arjan, is the promotion of terpenes in the varieties of marijuana, both for the medicinal value, as for its organoleptic value, hence it has been one of the seed banks pioneers in the presentation of the terpene profile in their varieties.

Franco Loja had his greatest period of creativity between 2007 and 2010, fruit of it, have been genetic as White Rhino Green House Seeds, a super-resinous monster of the widow family, as well as Great White Shark Green House Seeds and the surprising El Niño Green House Seeds. With this, they were absolute leaders in sales in 2008 in our country.

Other very popular varieties were those belonging to the Sativa kingdom, of which Arjan was so proud. Varieties such as

Super Silver Haze Green House Seeds, Neville's Haze Green House Seeds and their "daughters" of the Arjan's family surprised us at that time, for presenting excellent yields in indoor crops, and although their sativa percentages could indicate that they were not ideal for indoor crops, it didn't take long for Green House to become the king of indoor.

To this we add the development of ultra-fast feminized varieties such as Exodus Cheese, a plant that personally seems to me to be the most inciting in the catalogue of the Dutch bank.

Today, Green House distributes from Amsterdam and Barcelona its marijuana seeds in Spain and 17 other countries around the world, expanding and raising its legacy to the top...

PEV Grow rises to the cannabic sky to descend again, loaded with green experiences... Will you stay with us?

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