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Green House 

Since Franco Loja created in 2008 the new quality landraces seedsbank Strain Hunters with the idea of promoting native cultivars of marijuana, Green House seeds company already had a lot of experience as the cannabis producer since 1985.

Or even before, because Green House Seeds Co. was already defined as one of the most prestigious Coffee Shops in the democratic and progresist Amsterdam in the 1980s.

Today we owe to Franco Loja a lot, due to his true passion for cannabis, to his sacrifice and from PEV Grow we have the honor of making a sincere tribute to him, to the deceased master, who passed away in January 2017.

We have a lot of things to thank him, both from cannabis sector in general and from Green House Seeds company members in particular, Arjan and his partners Joost and Olaf, to whom I showed my respects in Barcelona Spannabis fair in 2017.

Franco Loja taught us that marijuana genetics practically had no limits, being the result of globalization, and wherever he traveled (Jamaica, Congo, Malawi ...), could show us how our beloved plant never stopped to surprise us.

Arjan knew very well all this, yet, he took advantage of that great work done in order to name, with his own name (given that he was willing to name himself as the King of Cannabis), the whole great bunch of sativa genetics, properly created by Franco, provided with a creepy psychoactivity, production and beauty.

Arjan and Franco Loja formed a great team, which began to be forged in 2000 with the rest of the guys in Green House, a key year in the cannabis industry, both in our country and in the rest of the world.

Green House Seeds is the most awarded seedsbank, and as a result of the research carried out by Franco Loja concerning landrace cultivars, the seed bank raised its cannabis level as foam:

"Landrace cultivars are the basis of the cannabis pyramid. All Haze-type marijuana have their origin in Asia and South America; The Kush genetics that are currently enjoyed were grew out starting from Pakistan and Afghanistan strains; The White Widow that are so popular are the result of the crossing and selection of varieties from Brazil and South India”

Franco Loja explained us as long as we were taking a beer in Green House booth at Spannabis fair in 2008.

Imagine the biological diversity and quality of his seeds bank, also taking into account that everything, absolutely everything comes from the collection, cultivation and research of a genius, who like all genius, gave his life for something in what he believed …

Let’s enjoy his legacy!

Green House Seeds: The King of cannabis and his psychoactive subordinates.

Green House Seeds company is one of the most awarded seedsbanks. In 2008 they were the winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup with their Lemon Haze Green House Seeds, a very high productive plant with a wide range of terpenes, and THC values above 20%.

One of the facts that keeps Arjan under obsession was the enhancement of terpenes in all Green House marijuana varieties, both due to their medicinal value and for their organoleptic value, which is the reason to being one of the seeds banks pioneering in launch a the terpenes profile for their varieties.

Franco Loja had his greatest creativity period between 2007 and 2010, as a result, they have been created genetics like White Rhino Green House Seeds, a super-resinous monster from the widow family, as well as Great White Shark Green House Seeds and the amazing El Niño Green House Seeds. With this, they were absolute leaders in sales in 2008 in our country.
Other top seller strains were those belonging to the sativa kingdom, some of which Arjan feel so proud.

Cultivars like Super Silver Haze Green House Seeds, Neville's Haze Green House Seeds and their "daughters" belonging to the Arjan's family, surprised us at that time, for giving us excellent yields in indoor crops, and although their sativa percentages could indicate to us that they were not ideal for indoor crops, It was not so long before Green House became the authentic indoor king.

In addition, we can also mention their ultra-fast autoflowering or feminized strains, since new feminized and autoflowering cultivars have been appearing in later years, adjusting their way of producing seeds to market preferences, breeding genetics such as Kalashnikova Green House Seeds, Exodus Cheese Green House Seeds... etc... resulting in cultivars with combinations of terpenes for all palates.

Today, Green House distributes marijuana seeds in 17 countries around the world, expanding and elevating its legacy to the highest...

PEV Grow rises to the cannabis sky to descend again, loaded with green experiences ... Do you stay by us ??