Sex and marijuana. Good or bad allies?

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Millenarian cultures, like ancient India have used marijuana as tumblr_n79tspjDm41snak55o1_500an aphrodisiac and sexual enhancer. However, more recent studies show that in small doses can have that effect, but not when taken in large doses. Other experts say it depends on the mood of the person, whether male or female, and beliefs of each.

Surely you’ve heard on more than one occasion about the beneficial effects of marijuana about sex. In fact, marijuana has been used for centuries by different cultures and different countries as an aphrodisiac or product that enhances sexual desire, get a longer duration of erection or facilitate vaginal lubrication , among other uses.

Applications that were part of the sexual lives of people of ancient India, which have survived to this day, where are various studies and people who have wanted to try marijuana use during sex, taking it before the same and the result is almost the opposite: marijuana can cause excitement, but give problems getting an erection or reach orgasm in both men and women.


We are not here to pass judgment on anything, but we would like to explain how these two sides and are based, a more scientific and historical another then be you who serves the conclusions that you consider appropriate.

In any case, what do have to keep in mind is that the effects of marijuana as sex is concerned, vary depending on whether you are male or female, your mood, the type of marijuana that you consume and depending on the personal beliefs of each and how consume marijuana, ie, whether smoked or food.

Benefits of marijuana for the sexual act

Experts in the field say that there are no absolute truths in this 980d2e4261c2191caf564855a42aab3c_Lregard and that the positive effect of marijuana on sex, varies greatly depending on the time, the variety of the marijuana consumed and also the amount, in fact small or moderate to achieve the greatest positive effect on the sexual act doses are recommended.

Usually, the known positive effects of marijuana on sex are the following: people are more sensitive and therefore more willing to receive and give love; also feel less inhibited and therefore be more likely to give and receive more pleasure and try new positions or ways of doing sex who otherwise might not be. It also has a greater perception of the body.

That said, it is noteworthy that, as we said before, the type of marijuana that consume also influence one way or the other sex. In the case of Sativa, experts say helps muscles contract and therefore last longer. For its part, the Indica grant a relaxing effect and not everyone wants them. Some people opt to combine both varieties.


As for the forms of marijuana, of course, you can smoke, but also can be added as an ingredient in a meal or dinner pre-coital and even inhaled. For women also lubricants are also known smeared effects of marijuana in the vagina. Something that used in the 60’s and 70 women hippie communes, ensuring they had orgasms up to 15 minutes.


Studies and experts deem favorable marijuana for sex, also explain how it is used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat erection problems and livid.


Negative effects of marijuana on sex

Although not definitively proven, studies performed on rodents, which has been shown that those to which were supplied with high doses of marijuana, or were given continuously, the effect was a reduction of testosterone and sperm, and the quality thereof, in the case of men.

By Noelia Jiménez, Piensa En Verde Team

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