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Welcome to our category of USA weed seeds, in this section you will find feminized, regular, autoflowering and medicinal seeds of the best varieties from the United States of America. We have put together this great selection of seeds from Cali and other states in the USA after listening to the requests of our customers, seeing the evaluations of many strains, and especially after reading many reviews of marijuana seeds from the USA on different online sites. If you are looking for information about it or a good place to buy your souvenir seeds from the USA, in this category you will find what you need.

Marijuana seed banks in the USA

Right now 2 of the 5 best-selling seedbanks in the world are from the United States, Fastbuds and DNA Genetics. There are also many other brands that are not as well known to the general public but in their catalog they have some of the best seeds you can find right now, such as some from Devil's Harvest Seeds, The Cali Connection, Purple City Genetics, or Subcool ' s The Dank, formerly known as TGA Subcool. These USA seed banks have been demonstrating their quality for several years, and have the best genetics that have appeared in this country over the last 30 years. Below you can see some of the best examples:

  • DNA Genetics: This American bank is run by brothers Dan and Aaron, and they have been collecting and offering strains from all over the world for more than 15 years to offer feminized and regular varieties of all types, especially USA seeds. They are OG Kush specialists and work with different phenotypes of this genetics, especially with the famous Kosher, but in recent times they have created many seeds from the tasty Sunset Sherbert. If you want some recommendations from this brand, check out 24K Gold or Gelato Sorbet.
  • Subcool ‘s The Dank: Unfortunately, the breeder Subcool left us a while ago, but his legacy will remain forever on this planet thanks to the large number of seeds he has created, both from the USA and from other countries. One of his muses was the great Space Queen, with whom he made some champions like Jack The Ripper, Vortex, Jillybean or Querkle among others. This brand only offers regular seeds with USA genetics, and if you let me recommend a couple of them, Qrazy Train and Jack Straw are 2 genetics that are out of the ordinary for flavor and effect.
  • The Cali Connection: An American classic, another great expert in OG Kush genetics that has published some of the most famous marijuana plants of the last 20 years. He is from California, and works mainly with strains from this state on the west coast of the USA, but his latest published seeds contain genetics from other states. Until a few years ago, The Cali Connection only sold regular seeds, but little by little they have been changing to the point that today they sell more feminized seeds. Of its current varieties we are left with Bellini and Cherries Jubilee, but if you want to try a classic from this bank, try Blackwater.
  • Purple City Genetics: They started as a nursery for clones, but now they are better known for offering seeds with the most modern genetics from the USA. They are thought to have one of the largest collections of genetics on the planet, and only offer feminized seeds on a limited basis, so they tend to run out very quickly. Most of his works end up being hits, so I think you can choose any of his seeds and you will be more than satisfied.
  • TH Seeds: Adam is the breeder and brain of this famous brand, he arrived in Amsterdam at the beginning of the 90's and shortly after he created his own seed bank. He started with the delicious Bubblegum from Indiana, with which he had his biggest successes, although with SAGE and later with MK Ultra he got many awards too. In its catalog you can find seeds of all formats, both regular and feminized, autoflowering, and even rich in CBD. Of their classic varieties we recommend Bubblegum, but if you want to try something more modern, Strawberry Glue and French Cookies are having a lot of success.

Cheap feminized seeds from USA

Some American breeders only produce regular or standard seeds, that is, from which both males and females can come out, because they think that natural seeds are better than feminized ones or because they are more puritanical in this regard. Luckily, there are currently seed banks and producers around the world that use US genetics to create new feminized seeds, and in many cases they are cheaper than those from US banks.

There are clones of classic strains from the USA such as Blue Dream, Haze, Skunk, or Tangie, among others, that have reached all corners of the planet, and today you can find feminized versions that have nothing to envy to those that originally triumphed. in North America. Below you can see some of the best examples of feminized seeds with genetics from the USA today:

  • Wedding Cake: Marijuana seeds from the USA that are breaking all records, because since it appeared on the scene it has not stopped conquering palates all over the world. It is one of the Seedjunky Genetics creations, a cross between Triangle Kush x Animal Mints, and has won some of the most prestigious cannabis competitions.
  • Trainwreck: At the time it was considered one of the most powerful herbs in history, so much so that its effect may be too psychotropic for many people. It emerged in Arcata (California) in the 1990s, it spread in the form of a clone, and although its genetics are unknown, it is suspected that it is an indica/sativa hybrid.
  • OG Kush: The variety that changed the cannabis market forever, to the point that the years go by and it continues to be one of the favorite marijuana of millions of consumers. It is a cross between Chemdawg and Thai x Pakistan, and stands out for its tight buds, its good ratio between calyx and leaf, the large amount of resin it produces, and above all for the quality of the effect.
  • Bruce Banner: Many people learned of the existence of this plant after a publication appeared announcing its THC content of over 30%, something practically unheard of until then. A combination of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel that, in addition to the incredible power that characterizes it, we must highlight its intense flavor.
  • Blue Dream: Sometimes we rush to buy all the novelties that appear on the market and we can put aside those jewels that must be tried at least once in a lifetime, such as the extraordinary Blue Dream. This American classic is a fusion between Blueberry and Super Silver Haze, a premium lineage that has been one of the greats for more than a quarter of a century.

 USA autoflowering seeds

When autoflowering varieties began to become popular, they were not given much importance in the United States because they said they were not very powerful, their organoleptic properties were not very popular, and above all because their yield was much lower than that of normal flowering genetics. From approximately 2007 to 2014, a lot of work was done in Europe with automatic varieties because their speed and resistance were highly valued, but in the USA the autoflowering boom did not arrive until a few years later.

It must be recognized that the first autos did not stand out for their production, flavor or effect, but over the years high-yielding autoflowering seeds have appeared that can yield as much as a photoperiod-dependent variety, and end up with a size 4 or 5 times higher than the first dwarf autoflowering seeds from the USA. There are also automatic versions of modern genetics such as Runtz or Tropicana Cookies that have an aroma and flavor almost as intense as that of the original plant, and even others such as Bruce Banner Auto that have a THC percentage that far exceeds 20%. Here are a few examples of autoflowering seeds with high-quality USA genetics:

  • Northern Lights Auto: Together with Skunk and Original Haze, Northern Lights is the longest-living American hybrid, and its autoflowering version is on its way to becoming a cannabis classic just like the original plant. It is very resistant and yields quite well for the short period of life it has, so they are seeds with special USA ancestors for beginner growers.
  • OG Kush Auto: If you have never tried OG genetics, these seeds can be a good way to start, because their cultivation does not present any difficulties. As with the normal flowering version, OG Kush Auto produces a lot of large trichomes, and in this case its effect is more relaxing but very pleasant.
  • Runtz Auto: Runtz is one of the weeds that has surprised us the most in recent times, but of course, with parents with the pedigree of Gelato and Zkittlez, the most normal thing is that champion daughters like Runtz come out. Runtz Auto are USA autoflowering seeds of excellent quality, with traits reminiscent of their ancestors, and a higher production of buds.
  • Bruce Banner Auto: One of the autoflowering replicas that most resembles the normal version, especially in its most representative qualities. Its hybrid vigor is very powerful, and this increases its development rate and its resistance to stress. In just over 2 months from germination they will be ready to harvest, and in that short time they will have plenty of time to produce a large crop of flowers.
  • Auto Blueberry: If we talk about seeds from the USA we cannot ignore one of the best strains of the thousands that have been born in this country, the mythical Blueberry. It is the most outstanding work of DJ Short, one of the best cannabis breeders of all time. Auto Blueberry has a very similar aroma and taste, its effect is more relaxing, and it is much more vigorous in general.

Buy USA cannabis seeds at the best price online at Pevgrow

To buy the best autoflowering and feminized photoperiodic marijuana seeds, you first have to be able to compare the entire offer available today, and in this category we have selected those that we think are the most outstanding of each format so that your choice is more simple. At Pevgrow we have the best seed banks in the USA, and other brands from around the world that offer seeds with American genetics. Take a look at this section and buy grass seeds from the USA with the best quality/price ratio.

Frequent questions

Are cannabis seeds legal in the USA?

At the moment there is a kind of legal vacuum that allows the purchase of marijuana seeds in the United States, thanks to the hemp law that appeared in 2018. Until then there was a federal law that prohibited the sale of cannabis products between states of this country, even if they were neighboring and “weed states such as California and Oregon, the seeds produced in Oregon could not cross the border with California. The hemp law of 2018 allows the sale of cannabis products that do not exceed 0.3% THC at the federal level, and the seeds fall into this range because they do not contain THC, although in most cases they are still sold as articles of collectibles or souvenir to avoid possible future problems.

Where can I buy weed seeds in the USA?

I am sure that you are in the best internet site to buy USA marijuana seeds of all types, regular, feminized, autoflowering, rich in CBD and other cannabinoids, and even those that do not cause psychoactive effects. At Pevgrow we are experts in cannabis genetics, we have been selling seeds from the USA for more than a decade and more than 20 years cultivating all kinds of genetics in order to offer the best of the best to our customers. Take a look at this category and you will surely find marijuana seeds that meet your expectations.

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