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Odor treatment 

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    Air fresheners for smells are one of the vital elements that you are going to have to acquire, if...
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    Ozonizers are an option to camouflage your indoor crops, by destroying all kinds of odors,...
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Are you thinking about the most efficient way to eliminate the smell of your marijuana crop? At PevGrow, we have all kinds of accessories to help you with this problem based on your needs. If you wish to know how to remove marijuana smells, we will tell you what the different methods at your disposal are.

Air Fresheners

There are different air fresheners formats available. Those presented as gel, like the Ona brand, are very simple to use. You only have to leave the container open for the gel’s aroma to invade the space. This brand also offer spray formats.

Other options are wall fresheners working with essential oils, a product that perfectly camouflages the smell of marijuana.

How to eliminate the smell of marijuana

One of the best tips we can offer you to hide the smell from your neighbors is to make sure there are no cracks on your closet or in your crop’s ventilation system. Additionally, there is a wide range of possibilities and different accessories, the use of which depends on whether you wish to completely remove the smell, or you only wish to camouflage it.

The smell of marijuana at home

If you have indoor plants, you probably are well aware of this problem’s details. The smell in the room and clothes can be a problem when it comes to daily life. But this is not the worst part. If the smell escapes or reaches your neighbors, you may find yourself in an unpleasant situation.

More and more marijuana growers are looking for alternatives to eliminate the remains of smell left by the plants both in their homes and their car. For this, you have several devices that facilitate your work depending on your situation.

Marijuana Odor Neutralizers

To choose the best aromas to neutralize marijuana’s smell, you need to know which ones are the most effective ones. To begin, lemon flavors are one of the favorites of the brands making this kind of accessories.

Spicy aromas, such as lavender, or very sweet and dense aromas, like blueberries, are the best alternatives to citrus. They fulfill their function of counteracting the smell of marijuana very well, as they are dense and penetrating aromas, but very pleasant at the same time.

Active Carbon Marijuana Smell Filter

Active carbon filters are a very useful option. The activated carbon pellets inside the filter catch all the particles causing the marijuana smell in the environment. The Odorsok and Mountain Air filters are some of the favorites in the market.

The only thing you should keep in mind is that, in order to work properly, this kind of filters must be connected to your crop’s ventilation system. It is the extractor what causes the air to pass through the filter, so both devices must be used combined.

Other filters

If you do not wish to use active carbon filters, you have many other options. Among them are the filters made from coconut fiber. However, regardless of the material they are made of, it is very important for you to be sure that the filter is well attached to the fan for the odor not to escape.


Ozonizers are a great option to camouflage our indoor plants, as they destroy all kinds of odors, bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, etc. The ozonizer “eats” the smell, “destroys” it. Ozone has oxidizing properties, so it can be one of the fastest and most effective known microbicide agents, with a broad action spectrum unifying many bacteria (bactericidal effect), virus (virucidal effect), fungi (fungicidal effect), and spores (sporicidal effect) elimination characteristics, and of course, the smell (deodorizing effect). The ozonizer can be used with great results for a small culture in a cupboard or for authentic large cannabis plantations. Everything will depend on their size and the ozonizer’s strategic placement.

Marijuana without odor

However, the best way to avoid the smell of marijuana is to plant seeds specifically designed to avoid odors. Varieties such as Northern Lights or Durban Poison are some of the most used by growers seeking to minimize odors completely.