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Durban Poison Fast Flowering

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Durban Poison Fast Flowering is the result of great breeding work carried out by the PEV Bank Seeds team. It is the feminized photodependent version faster of the legendary sativa, but not only is it earlier when it comes to flowering and maturing, this plant can give you much more, do you want to know it more thoroughly? In the following paragraphs I will describe it to you in detail…

How is Durban Poison Fast Flowering from PEV Seeds?

It shows great vitality from the moment it breaks the seed, you can see the influence of pure sativa that runs through its sap. The growth phase will be shortened thanks to its vigor, since reaches sexual maturity much earlier than the vast majority of sativas on the planet, even before many hybrids.

During flowering it stretches the structure to triple its size, and in a short time it covers the pistil branches, which are longer than average. As soon as it stops growing, it focuses on fattening the flowers, forming very fleshy buds of medium hardness, with good thickness and totally sticky.

What is the genetics of this fast flowering sativa?

It could be said that it is a retro-cross between Durban Poison and Auto Durban Poison, because it is the first generation of the crossing of both, after creating the autoflowering version of this plant. This technique is used to shorten the flowering time of photodependent strains, crossing a genetics with its automatic version, to maintain the original genes of the variety in seeds with a much faster cycle.

How is Durban Poison grown Fast Flowering?

It is one of the few sativas that you can grow both indoors and in most places in outdoor cultivation. Indoors it is enough to put 9 plants / m2 in pots of 11 liters, with pruning so that they do not rise in height, and give about 3 weeks or 25 days of vegetative growth. When changing the photoperiod it is interesting to clean the lower areas of the plants, since the light does not reach well there. It is interesting to apply the method SCROG , or to supercropping, to maintain the desired height and homogenize the canopy.

In outdoor or greenhouse cultivation you have several ways to succeed with this variety. The ideal is to make a good hole in the ground, of 50 to 100 liters approximately of capacity, in a very sunny place, and fill it with specific soil for cannabis. If you want a tree to be made, germinate the seeds in early spring and plant them there, you will see the frantic rate of development that this genetics reaches. To take better advantage of the light, it is interesting to do apical pruning and then several prunings to the secondary branches.

When is this feminized variety harvested?

In indoor cultivation it does not need more than 8 weeks of flowering to be fully mature, obviously after the growth time. But this also depends on your tastes in terms of the effect, if you prefer it to be spicier, don't wait any longer, but if you want it more relaxed, hold up to 9 weeks of flowering.

can be cut from the end of September in the northern hemisphere, especially if you want it to maintain the active, euphoric and stimulating effect. What about being able to harvest a pure sativa before October? This plant is impressive… Growers in the southern hemisphere who grow Durban Poison Fast Flowering can harvest it from the end of March, avoiding the dreaded early autumn rains.

How much does Durban Poison Fast Flowering generally produce?

If the normal version is already quite productive, the Fast incorporates the ability of cars to generate massive flowers in a very short time. Indoors lit with 600w HPS or latest generation LEDs it is feasible to approach the gram / watt, that is, almost ( 600 grams / m2  21.2 oz per 3x3ft if grown without limiting factors.

Outdoors each plant can give you more than 35.3 oz/plant (1000 grams) , but it is important to apply the conditions that I told you before, since being so fast in flowering, it needs a long vegetative growth time to perform at its best.

How is the taste and aroma of this PEV Bank Seeds genetics?

The aroma is floral, sweet and with an aniseed touch, quite peculiar since it does not resemble any other marijuana in this sense. During cultivation it does not smell much, but at the end of flowering and during ripening its aroma is accentuated.

Its flavor is very sweet, fresh, with earthy nuances and with that background of anise that is enhanced after the maturing of the yerba. The terpene profile of this strain, together with its cannabinoids, add extra value to the strain due to its originality, with a unique terpinolene content in the world.

What type of effect does its consumption produce?

Causes less psychoactivity than equatorial sativas, but also less anxiety. On a psychological level raises motivation, inspires, invites to socialize and accelerates thoughts somewhat. Physically it stimulates, makes you want to move, do things, work, etc. As long as you are not clear.

As medicine can be very useful in treating depression, stress, anxiety, anorexia and certain types of pain. As a daily companion it is very good, because it does not hit as much as other pure sativas, but it stimulates like the most.

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Data sheet and characteristics

Type Type
  • Feminized
Banks Banks
  • PEV Seeds
Genetics Genetics
  • Pure South African Sativa
Phenotype Phenotype
  • 100% Sativa
Harvest outdoor H.N Harvest outdoor H.N
  • End of September
Harvest outdoor H.S Harvest outdoor H.S
  • End of March
Indoor production Indoor production
  • 21.2 oz per 3x3ft
Outdoor production Outdoor production
  • 38.8 oz/plant
Indoor flowering period Indoor flowering period
  • 7 weeks
Features Features
  • High Yielding
  • Sativa seeds
Effects Effects
  • Appetite
  • Cerebral
  • 14%
  • 0,4%
Disease Disease
  • Anxiety
  • Magersucht
Flavor and aroma Flavor and aroma
  • Earthy (earth)
  • Floral
  • Sweet
Symptoms Symptoms
  • Bloating
  • Depression
  • Lack of appetite
  • Stress

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Customer reviews Durban Poison Fast Flowering

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Niels S

Very beautiful packaging , and an exceptional strain , I will grow it later in this year , it will be a monster 💚 , I love it I love it I love it , this is i think one of my favourite strain 🥰

star star star star star_border
Jared Jutila

Would have given it 5 stars but i havent planted seeds ti know what its like, but very ecstatic. One of my favorite strains, didnt know there were fast flower versions!

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