May day (Autoflowering)

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Pick & Mix Seeds marijuana seeds

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Outdoor marijuana seeds

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Autoflowering seeds marijuana

Autoflowering seeds marijuana

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May day Autoflowering cannabis seeds of bank Positronic Seeds.

May Day is the result of crossing our Misty, of the 80, with females receiving Low Ryder # 2. The offspring are classified and organized in batches depending on the recipient female used. Always rejecting lots who are not auto-flowering characteristic.

Very compact plant that is reminiscent of a small fir Christmas. It has a very short distance intermodal small leaves that make it undetected. Remains green and healthy without extra power. The final height achieved is determined by the time of sowing and substrate size. Are plants that do not reach a meter high at its peak. May Day is ideal for urban culture and discreet.

Smell: we perceive a slight sour smell with hints of lemon and coffe if grown in organic systems.
Taste: Feelings of lemon and cinnamon with a very mild flavor that lasts a long time on the palate.
Effect: Mild or very mild with slight feeling of euphoria.

Piensa en Verde recommends:

Indoor: It is recommended granting the conditions of their natural habitat, ie, 20 or 18 hours of light for optimum development and flowering. A substrate is not too small, from five liters will suffice. With larger substrates can be reached ament production significantly. In 65 or 70días be ready for collection. Its development is amazingly fast. (65/70 days from sowing) Production (30-100 grams) Outdoor: Can be planted from March but did not get the maximum growth potential through the month of May. For this reason is called May Day. Plants will be ready two months after sowing. The height of between 60 inches and four feet under the best conditions. Depends on sun exposure, substrate size and frequency of irrigation. Planting after the month of May is very satisfying because quality comes to increase in late plantings but drops a little height as the plant to be planted later. Care must be taken that exposure to cold on the ground is limited. (65/70 days from planting) Manufacturing (30-50 grams) sensitivity to fungi practically nil.

More info

Banco: Positronics Bank
Sexo: Feminised
Mod. Cultivo: Interior / Exterior.
Genotype: Misty X Low Ryder #2
Hight: Medium.
Width: Compact.
Recolection: 2 month (outdoor) / 65-70 days (indoor).
Production: 30-50gr/planta exterior - 30-100gr interior
Smell: lemon and coffe.
Taste: Lemon and cinnamon.

Efect: euphoria.

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