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Pick & Mix Seeds marijuana seeds

Pick & Mix Seeds marijuana seeds

Outdoor marijuana seeds

Outdoor marijuana seeds

Indoor marijuana seeds

Indoor marijuana seeds

Coffee flavor aroma

Coffee flavor aroma

Lemon flavor aroma

Lemon flavor aroma



Autoflowering seeds marijuana

Autoflowering seeds marijuana
Reduced price! Mayday Express


At PevGrow we want to let our audience know that we already have the Mayday Express autoflowering seeds from Positronics.

Mayday Express: creativity and euphoria

This magical plant born from the mixture of the 80's Misty with the Lowryder #2, accompanies its buds with citrus and fruit aromas. With Mayday Express you can enjoy an experience where laughter and creativity will predominate.

It contains 15 % THC, but another of its advantages is that in this sativa the CBD receptors are not affected. Therefore, there will be no feeling of tiredness or dizziness.

Indications for planting indoors

Using a quantity of one hundred litres of substrate per square metre and dividing it into several pots: five of twenty litres, nine of eleven, etc., the plant can be planted over a period of between 65 and 68 days, with yields of up to 100 grams per square metre.

Indications for planting outdoors

If you prefer to cultivate this modality outdoors, so that the flavours and elements that are kept in the soil can be enhanced with the intention of increasing their aroma and their THC content, you can do it without any problem. You will get in the same period of 65 to 68 days up to 80 grams per plant.

Fun and lucidity

If you are on vacation or need a little inspiration to continue an artistic project, Mayday Express can be a great ally for you.

At PevGrow, we recommend that regular smokers be encouraged to try this great experience, which is accompanied by a citrus and fruity aroma that combines well with its effects.

More info

Banco: Positronics Bank
Sexo: Feminised
Mod. Cultivo: Interior / Exterior.
Genotype: Misty X Low Ryder #2
Hight: Medium.
Width: Compact.
Production: 30 - 50gr/planta exterior. 30 - 100gr interior
Smell: lemon and coffe.
Taste: Lemon and cinnamon
Efect: euphoria

Data Sheet

FeaturesPick & Mix Seeds
Flavor and aromaFruity
Flavor and aromaLemon

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