Black Widow (Medicinal)

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White Widow

White Widow

White Widow

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Feminized cannabis seeds Black Widow of Bank Positronics.

Crossing between two varieties slightly endogamous exceptional indications. Misty Genetics
brought about a revolution in the 80s. The origin of this strains is kept anonymous, but given its high concentration of CBD Positronics decided to keep and import from the U.S.. UU.
In the mid-nineties the market appears in a strains called White Widow, which soon became one of the more prestigious varieties. Positronics decides to hybridize these two varieties, recommending its use for medicinal purposes due to its high content in CBD.

Plant robust appearance, compact and highly branched. Internodal distance too short, thick and woody stems. The leaves are extremely broad and large, clearly defined veins. Moderate amount of leaves and maximum number of cups (buds) reaching an extreme hardness appreciated by commercial growers.
Outdoors can reach 1,5 m-2m tall. Indoors hardly reaches 1m. It tolerates high humidity in advanced stages of flowering. Successfully resists pests in general.

Piensa en Verde

Not tolerate large amounts of fertilizer. For medicinal use is recomendienda grown in biological systems. In hydroponic systems is recommended not to exceed the EC at 1.6. It is in these systems where the plant diversity of available food, which it transfers
Very dark green leaves, hence the name Black Widow.
For the more experienced white family farmers like to keep your garden in the dark the last two or three days before harvest to a notable increase in resin.

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Bank: Positronics Seeds Bank
Sex: Feminised
Way of crop: indoor / outdoor
Genotype: White Widow X Misty
Phenotype: 100% indica
Hight: 1-2 m.
Wight: Compact
Collection:  5-10 October (outdoor) / 55-65 days (indoor)
Resistance to mildew: Low
Resistance to plagues: Low.
Irrigation tolerance: Middle
Production: 300gr/plant outdoor / 400gr/m2 indoor.
Smell:  It gives off a strong floral scent with fusions of fresh mint and forest land. Truly a touch of floral explosion. Essential to use activated carbon filter.
Taste: It lives in the mouth a minty aftertaste hard to forget. This is indeed a gourmet delicatessen.
Effect: Strongly sedating and relaxing with high CBD content. Undoubtedly one of the best varieties for medicinal use.
Recreational use is recommended at the last minute of the day, with an inward light.
THC Level: 19%

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FeaturesResistant to moisture
FeaturesIndica seeds
GeneticsWhite Widow

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