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PEV Grow introduce you another cannabis legend of the old school: Positronics Seeds

You might think that Positronics Seeds is a new generation marijuana seeds bank in the cannabis world, but it actually has a lot of history.

Its origin was run by another of the cannabis gurus Wernard Bruining, who already in the 60s and from Amsterdam began to discover his true passion: Grow and development of marijuana genetics.

Apparently a bad time, since the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime agreement had just been signed, declaring cannabis on lists I and IV as a dangerous psychotropic without any therapeutic value.

In addition, a few years later, as early as the 1970s, Nixon would include marijuana in his famous declaration of war on drugs. Needless to say, all this, with a lack of scientific rigor that would condemn hemp, in general, for decades.

Thanks to obstinate people like Bruining, among others, we were able to advance something in our stigmatized cannabis world, and we can say that, everything was not bad in the 70's.

"Hippie" movement of that time gave wings to recreational consumption, and as Amsterdam became the Cannabis Wizard of Oz’s land with the emergence of the first Coffee Shops, a vital driving force was arising in the United States (perhaps as a result of global prohibition) that leds Bruining to investigate more about cannabis growing in "Sinsemilla" way.

It’s in California where Bruining meets Ed Holloway (Ed Rosenthal’s father), with whom he came back to Amsterdam loaded with marijuana genetics still to be discovered, with the intention of developing them and supplying the coffee shops in the city.

It was in 1985 when Wernard Bruining decided to make his own way in the cannabis world with the founding of Positronics Seeds, being one of the first seeds banks in the world.

After probably the most spiritual 90’s decade, and as a result of becoming Spain a new paradise for seeds production, Wernard met Sebas in 2004, founder of a well-known grow shop in Malaga.

With Sebas, and later with the incorporation of new talented breeders, reinstall Positronics Seeds again in the marijuana seeds market, making it the seeds bank that everyone knows today.

The Positronics Seeds catalog is featured by strains with exceptional bouquet aromas including:

  • Indica genetics such as:
    • Positronics Grape Fruit
    • Positronics Blue Rhino
    • Positronics Black Widow
    • Positronics Carameliceç
    • Positronics SuperCheeseç
    • Positronics Gordo Master Kushç
    • Positronics Somango#47
    • Positronics Critical#47
  • Sativa strains like:
    • Positronics Chispa
    • Positronics One Love Haze
    • Positronics Claustrum
    • Positronics Purple Haze#1
    • Positronics Jack Diesel
    • Positronics Amnesia Mistery
    • Positronics Cum Laude.

The seeds bank has its Autoflowering cultivars too, labeled as Express marijuana seeds formats, which are strains with tremendous personality and taste such as:

  • Positronics Wernard Express
  • Positronics Kush Express
  • Positronics Afghan Express
  • Positronics Critical Express
  • Positronics Mayday Express
  • Positronics Critical#47 Express
  • Positronics Jack Diesel Express
  • Positronics Supercheese Express
  • Positronics Northern Haze Express.

However, we can not forget the contribution of this bank to the medicinal users with CBD-rich genetics such as Positronics CBD+ Caramelice, Positronics CBD+ Jack Diesel, Positronics CBD+ Critical#47, Positronics CBD+ Black Widow.

Positronics Seeds has grown to the rhythm that the sector has been marking since the beginning of the new millennium, counting on Spain was going to be converted into the new cannabis promised land ...

At PEV Grow we want you to share your legend with us .... What is your favorite Positronics genetic?