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Positronics: feminized cannabis legends

PEV Grow presents all the feminized seeds of Positronics, old school cannabis legends that will fascinate you.

You might think that Positronics Seeds is a new generation marijuana seed bank in the world of cannabis, but in reality its catalogue has a lot of history.

Its origins are in charge of another of the cannabis Gurus Wernard Bruining, who already in the 60s and since Amsterdam began to discover his true passion: The cultivation and development of marijuana genetics.

Apparently bad time, since they had just signed the conventions of narcotics of United Nations, declaring the cannabis in the lists I and IV as dangerous psychotropic without any therapeutic value. In addition, a few years later, already in the 70's, Nixon would include marijuana in his famous declaration of war against drugs. Needless to say, all this, with a lack of scientific rigor that would condemn the hemp in general during decades.

Thanks to obstinate people like Bruining, among others, we were able to advance something in our stigmatized cannabis world, and it is that, not everything was bad in the 70.

The "Hippie" movement of the time gave wings to recreational consumption, and while Amsterdam was becoming the land of the Wizard of Cannabic Oz with the appearance of the first Coffee Shops, in the United States developed a driving current (perhaps the result of prohibition) that led to Bruining investigate more about cannabis cultivated in the form "Sinsemilla".

It is in California where Bruining meets Ed Holloway (father of Ed Rosenthal), with whom he returns to Amsterdam loaded with marijuana genetics still to discover, with the intention of developing and supplying the coffee shops of the city. It is in 1985 when Wernard Bruining decides to break into the world of cannabis with the foundation of Positronics Seeds, being one of the first seed catalogs in the world.

After probably a decade of the 90's more spiritual, and as a consequence of Spain was becoming a paradise for seed production, Wernard meets Sebas in 2004, founder of a well-known grow shop in Malaga.

It is with Sebas, and later with the incorporation of new breeders of large cache, who reinstall Positronics Seeds in the marijuana seed market, making it the seed bank that today everyone knows.

Discover the Positronics feminized catalogue:

Positronics Seeds catalogue has exceptional varieties with "bouquet" aromas, if I had to choose only 3 feminized from their catalogue I would surely be inclined to:

Lemon Trip

This hybrid with sativa dominance has a very short flowering and at the same time a great productivity, if you add to this its exquisite citrus flavor we are before the perfect strain.


Is a strong plant, with many ramifications, productive and with peculiar flavor. A vine that harvests hard flowers like stones of a sweet aroma with earthy shades that satisfies the most demanding.


A variety mostly sativa with a powerful and stimulating psychoactive effect, its organoleptic properties are at another level, incense with touches of moss and nuts. An orgy of sensations on the palate.

Positronics Seeds has grown at the pace that the sector has been marking since the beginning of the new millennium, counting on Spain was to be converted into the new promised cannabis land...

At PEV Grow we want you to share their legend with us... What is your favourite Positronics genetics?

Positronics: discover its complete catalogue of autoflowering varieties

Positronics autoflowering seeds will not leave you indifferent since their quality is corroborated by extensive and demanding controls, and also by their own experience, they do not fail in germination.

To learn more about the autoflowering varieties of Positronics, it is necessary that you know their history. It was in the 1970s when Positronics began to develop hybrid varieties and dared to export them, at a time when everything was very difficult. They differed from the rest by their technique of keeping mothers with cuttings and seedless crops, which at that time was a revolution.

The best Positronics autoflowering varieties:

All Positronics' auto-flowering seeds
are characterised by their organoleptic properties, which makes anyone who tries them absolutely captivated. Among the catalogue of automatic strains of Positronics, our team of experts has made a selection of those that, under its prism of excellence, are the best.

Positronics Afghan Express

The Positronics Afghan Express
, you will love for its speed and incredible productivity. In indoor crops, it offers a very good resistance to fungi, and if you place 9 plants per m2 with a 400 W HPS lamp, you can collect up to 350 gr per m2. In outdoor cultivation, use a definitive pot of about 18 liters, so that you do not have to perform transplants after about 80 days, we can collect up to 120 grams per plant.

May Day Express

If you like to grow in the hottest months of the year, your stock is the May Day Express from Positronics. Perfect for the hottest seasons of the year, as it loves the hours of sunlight, and that's when you can get its full potential. In indoor crops it produces small, compact plants, and in just 65 days you'll be able to harvest its wonderful buds. Outdoors, it doesn't get too tall, but it's covered with very sticky resinous buds. If you give it the affection it needs, such as giving it sugars and a PK contribution at the end of flowering, you can collect up to 70 gr per plant.

Critical Express

For lovers of Skunk varieties, with fruity and citrus flavors, Positronics Critical Express. Indoors, it is one of the most beautiful autoflowering versions of Positronics, and if you use 9 pots of 11 liters with a LEC lighting system, you will be able to enjoy a very good bud production in just 70 days. In outdoor crops, it loves the hours under sunlight, and if you use a fixed pot of about 20 liters, you can collect up to 120 grams per plant.

Wernard Express

Positronics' Wernard Express is another of these autoflowering varieties worthy of mention, as its genetics derived from Ak 47 and Afghan Express give it very good production levels. Indoors, if you place about 9 plants per m2, and give a good dose of light with a LEC lighting system, you can get up to 400 grams per m2. In outdoor crops, place it on the terrace where there are more hours of sunshine, and you can collect between 60 and 150 grams per plant. What does it depend on? So basically on the care you provide, if the plants in a quality substrate and water with quality water, will reward you with its best version.

Super Cheese Express

But there is still the best, if you like the classics tested and strong and intense smells, no doubt you should know the Super Cheese Express Positronics. From its growth phase you will be able to perceive that intense aroma of cured cheese, which in indoor crops will need a good extraction system to pass unnoticed by the prying eyes of your neighbors. In outdoor crops, in just 70 days you can enjoy about 60 grams per plant, using a substrate of bat guano to grow healthy and strong.

In PevGrow, you can find these autoflowering varieties of Positronics and many others from its catalogue such as Critical 47 Express from Positronics, Positronics Jack Diesel Express and Positronics Kush Express.

Discover Positronics' full catalogue of autoflowering varieties in your trusted online Growshop, PevGrow.

Positronics: discover all its varieties in medical marijuana

The varieties with high content in cannabidiol of Positronics, suppose a before and an after in the concept of medical marijuana.

The consumption of CBD is acquiring levels that until now we never imagined, and more and more clients request strains with high content in CBD, since scientific studies have proven its therapeutic properties for the treatment of diseases or the mitigation of its consequences.

That is why Positronics has created a line of seeds rich in CBD, so that you can enjoy the properties of this always with the quality that is implicit in all Positronics creations. CBD+ Black Widow, CBD+ Jack Diesel and CBD+ Critical 47 are your best bet.

The best seeds with high CBD content from Positronics:

CBD + Black Widow

Maintains its fruity flavor with light touches of honey, but increasing its levels of Cannabidiol and reducing THC to a minimum. In indoor crops in just 55-60 days of flowering, you can get up to 400 grams per m2. I used a 315W LEC lighting system to reach that figure. In outdoor crops, you need sun and a good substrate and you can harvest up to 500 grams per plant of dense flowers and plagued with trichomes.


The CBD + Jack Diesel

The medicinal version of the classic Jack Diesel from Positronics and is characterized by having a ratio between CBD and THC of 1:1. It keeps intact the organoleptic properties of Jack Diesel, marked by its Diesel genetics, which gives them power and personality and will charm the Old School Lovers. Indoors, reacts very well to SOG cultivation techniques, being able to place up to 16 plants in pots of 5.5 liters, using a 400W focus you can collect up to 400 gr per m2. Outdoors, is where it will reach its maximum splendor, being able to reach up to 800 gr per plant in soil if you prepare the soil with a substrate as the humus of worm.


CBD + Critical 47

Derives from a genetic fusion between an elite clone of Critical 47 with a CBD Crew Chemotype. In indoor crops, I have been able to obtain 600 gr per m2 with a 600w HPS bulb.  In outdoor crops, it must be watched closely, because it is certainly weak to the attack of fungi, so I recommend you apply preventive treatment to avoid surprises.


Discover the Positronics CBD catalogue in your trusted growshop, PevGrow.

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