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Outdoor marijuana seeds

Outdoor marijuana seeds

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Indoor marijuana seeds



Autoflowering seeds marijuana

Autoflowering seeds marijuana


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Offer! Auto Red Poison


Autoflowering marijuana seeds Auto Red Poison of bank Sweet Seeds.

Red Poison red version is a 100% autoflowering variety. This cannabis plant has genetic Sweet Seeds from Green Poison, and mixed with genetic ruderalis with purple flower and Pakistanis Kush ancestors.

Red Poison has an intense aroma and flavor, sweet and fruity, develops a strong stem and lateral branches long and flexible. Produces large compact buds full of aromatic resin.

In this Red Version of Sweet Seeds, about 80% of the varieties purchased in shades purple flowers, purple or red during flowering, once harvested, the buds start to have a tone similar black. If you want to harvest a high quality plant with a striking appearance, Red Poison Auto is your choice.

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Autoflowering: 100%
Inside Production: 400-550 g/m2.
Outside Production: 35-175 g / plant.
Indoor / Outdoor Harvest: 8 weeks from germination.
Height: 60-120 cm.

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FeaturesHybrid seeds
BanksSweet Seeds

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Customer reviews

laura a. el día 04/05/2018
I had 2 of these genetics, and I can say that the best flavor and color that I have seen personally, I got on average 1 bottle per plant, it is not much production but for an autoflowering quite well, I always recommend this auto gene, surprise its aroma and colors, it is beautiful!

juan a. el día 01/05/2018
I grew it outdoors and one of the ones that I liked the most in its extraordinary growth and taste. Powerful effects, a lot for my taste, and incredible aroma. He didn't always grow it because I like the variety, but if I had to choose a fixed one in my plantation it would be this one.

Rafael C. el día 10/04/2018
Culture 400w hps 1x1m2 in 7 l 16 specimens of red poison auto. Very homogeneous, I would say that as for "reds" or purple plants, it is the most stable I have tried, all the specimens of the same size and resin. A very pleasant taste of red fruits and earthy smell, low production, about 10 grams per plant, but quite fast, in about 3 months can be harvested. Finally I would say that all the varieties of this bank that I have tested are quite stable and worked genetics. Recommended 100% for beginners or anyone looking for a decent "network".

Jairo M. el día 05/04/2018
I grew outdoors in the sun most of the day ,without manipulation or transplants,6 flowerpots of cloth,without just a little fertilizer, just a little bit of very soft pk in the mixture, because i used a soil with earthworm humus and would take out about 70 g with a smell and taste of berries with a citric touch at the end.

Cayetano C. el día 04/04/2018
interior with a sodium 400 wts cooler air inlet and outlet, I controlled P.H. and Humidity, in 65 days gave me 20 grams, not very tasty because I did not wash roots, but effective

Esteban O. el día 27/03/2018
An indoor crop, very good stock, a beautiful crop. Full of strong colors, rich flavor, it doesn't make you want to cut the after after jajaja sensational experience!

cristian d. el día 24/03/2018
Outdoor cultivation in a 7l smart pot in my balcony. I really liked watching her grow and pick up that characteristic red color.

Mónica A. el día 25/02/2018
Hello, I put two red poison of sweet seeds in it, a little purple and a little red poison, it tastes very good and it's very good... I was surprised, for how small it is.... That if with a good root washing hahaha It was in a 7L pot from the beginning.

Asier W. el día 16/02/2018
It was an indoor crop, quite curious because I proceeded to put only 2 seeds, as I was told with a space of 80x80x1'80 with 2 I could get a good yield with an apical pruning, I had them almost 3 weeks in growth and 2 months and 1 week, with a focus of 220W and I got a total of 175g prox. of each one, a total of almost 400, a unique aroma and flavor, apart from the hehehe buzz, undoubtedly at the end one of my favorites.

Juan Carlos V. el día 13/02/2018
I carried out an outdoor cultivation, started in May, on a terrace, using a substrate preparation with peat, worm humus and guano. I got incense-flavored, red-white-purple plants. With a production of 65g approx. per plant. After a cure of 1 month it reached its maximum potency, both in taste and smell. From then on, it decreased in taste and smell, opening the jar every 3 days to air until I got tired of opening and closing, and it remained as much in smell as it was in taste and power.

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