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Pyramid Seeds: feminized seeds easy to grow

Dear cannalovers! Welcome to PEV Grow!

At PEV Grow we present in our web catalogue the Spanish marijuana seed bank Pyramid Seeds, with which it will be very easy for you to enjoy feminized cannabis seeds of easy cultivation, good production and at a more than affordable price, either as a professional cannabicultor, amateur wanting to taste a good cannabis, or as a trader within our beloved sector.

Do not miss the opportunity to experience the new varieties of Pyramid seeds, selected for their taste, hybrid vigour, production and quality.

The quality of all the varieties has been tested by our team in different test crops, certifying the high quality offered by Pyramid seeds, both in their auto-flowering varieties and in their feminized genetics.

In outdoor crops, the height and maximum production have been verified in substrates suitable for growing marijuana, acclimatizing varieties in Spain to adapt seed production to Mediterranean climates (where there are more hours of sunshine), thus adapting the genetics suitable to be harvested approximately between September and October. This is the time when feminised varieties produce the highest yields.

The feminized varieties of Pyramid Seeds are 99% feminized, and germination tests give 97% success, which falls within the quality range proposed for recently harvested seeds and high quality.

In indoor crops the varieties are developed in an optimal way under 600W lighting equipment, but above all with 315W LEC equipment, ensuring incredible harvests, which preserve the smell and essence of the best narcotic cannabis in the world.


The best varieties from the Pyramid Seeds catalogue:


This hybrid 50% Indica 50% Sativa, will give you a stable strain, easy to grow with good productivity. A recently cured marijuana tastes like citrus fruit, and once inhaled you will perceive a high more psychoactive than physical.


This plant is born from the marriage between Jack Herer and a pure Haze, the result is a specimen full of queen and very sweet flavor with spicy notes and lemon. A perfect herb for laughing with friends at home.


Emphasizes above all its peculiar flavor to gum and tropical fruits, a quite productive genetics with a cerebral and energetic effect. You'll do your daily chores at lightning speed.


You imagine the plant that can be born if as a father has a Northern Lights and as a mother a Black Domina, because a variety plagued with resin with a very powerful effect clearly Indian. If you want to sleep like a baby at night you are before the perfect strain for that purpose.


As a characteristic feature is its high resistance to guerrilla crops in cold climates, this is because it was conceived and selected in the Sierra de Granada as its name indicates.

A perfect marijuana for therapeutic use since its effect is relaxing and moderate. As if that were not enough, Alpujarreña can acquire purple tonalities if the temperature drops below 8 degrees Celsius at night.


Enter the world of Pyramid seeds, legendary brand of marijuana seeds in Spain...

Are you going to miss it? I will be delighted to hear your opinion once you grow these seeds.

Pyramid Seeds: autoflowering seeds with quality and easy cultivation

The auto-flowering seeds of Pyramid Seeds, are characterized by a brutal genetic stability, with some very predominant phenotypes and are of an astonishing ease of cultivation, with a premium quality.

Pyramid Seeds, is a Spanish seed bank, which is currently considered one of the best in the entire national territory. Its powerful genetics are perfect for growing in any environment. Their resistance to the outdoor climate is perfect as their varieties are created taking into account the different climates. Although there is no doubt that the best option is to grow it in summer with long hours of sunlight, where they will grow strong and develop their best expression.


Discover the catalogue of Pyramid Seeds autoflowering plants:


Auto American Pie

One of their great creations is the Auto American Pie. In just 65 days after germination, we can collect a brutal amount of precious buds and resinous a very striking radioactive color. In indoor crops, they give us plants of a considerable size, close to a metre high. In one m2 approximately you will be able to place up to 6 plants, with which we will be able to collect up to 450 gr per m2. In outdoor crops, we give good hours sun and a substrate and some quality nutrients, we will get the best version and we can collect up to 100 grams per plant in just 60 days. It depends on you only!


Auto Alpujarreña

If you live far from the hand of God, surrounded by mountains and cold weather, the Auto Alpujarreña is your best alternative. In indoor crops, in just 60 days we will have it ready to harvest, we recommend that you use 9 pots of 11 liters and a HPS lamp of 600 W, being able to collect up to 400 gr per m2. In outdoor crops, it resists much better the lack of light and the cold much better than the rest of automatic varieties, but always needs about 4-5 hours of sunshine daily. After two months you will be able to harvest up to 70 gr per plant.


Auto Amnesia Gold

For a good laugh in the company of your friends, Auto Amnesia Gold will be the queen of the party. Its effect is powerful and gives us a very happy high, but without that sedative effect that leaves you prostrate on the sofa. In indoor crops, it is really easy to cultivate as it does not need fertilizers, just give it a suitable temperature and give it with quality water and she will do the rest to give you up to 450 gr per m2. If you opt for an outdoor crop, we recommend that you use a definitive pot of 18 liters and with a good quality substrate you can get up to 65 grams per plant.


Auto Anesthesia

When you are looking for maximum relaxation and a good weapon against insomnia, Auto Anesthesia by Pyramid Seeds is your solution. Its best virtue is its powerful anesthetic effect, which gets the most nervous sleep and mitigate muscle aches, etc.. In indoor crops, grows small but bully, as it is full of buds up to the flag, which are aromatic and have an unbeatable beauty. Pyramid Seeds Auto Anesthesia can reward us with up to 400 gr per m2. In outdoor crops, you simply need sun and a good substrate. We recommend that you do not abuse the water, just give it to him when he asks you, because if you do not run the risk of him remaining dwarf. You can easily collect up to 150 gr per plant.

Auto Blue Pyramid

The Auto Blue Pyramid of Pyramid Seeds, is one of its tastiest creations, nothing more and nothing less descends from the mythical Blueberry. It maintains the organoleptic properties of its father, as well as its buds covered with an incredible resin layer. If you decide to grow an indoor crop, we recommend that you use 9 pots of 11 liters per m2, and if you accompany it with a 315w LEC light bulb you will have the perfect combo. Thanks to its Afghan genes it withstands very well the heat and the attack of plagues and it will easily reward us with 80 gr per plant.


Auto Fresh Candy

For the sweeter ones, Pyramid Seeds has created the Auto Fresh Candy. Its sweet taste will accompany you for a while after you have quit smoking, making you can not forget this wonder. To get the maximum production in indoor crops, with about 9 pots of 11 liters per m2, you can collect 400 gr per m2. In outdoor crops, if you have the opportunity to plant it in mother earth you will be amazed with the results, otherwise you can provide a quality substrate like bat guano, and you can get up to 60 grams per plant.


This is just a small fraction of Pyramid Seeds catalogue of works of art, and the PevGrow team has a private collection of auto-flowering varieties of Pyramid Seeds, which we have decided to share with you so that you can take advantage of the experience of our professional breeder.
These strains are:

- Auto Og Kush

- Auto Super Og Kush

- Auto Lennon

- Auto Nefertiti

- Auto New York


Discover Pyramid Seeds extensive catalogue of autoflowering varieties in your trusted online Growshop.

Pyramid Seeds: self-created seeds rich in CBD

The varieties rich in CBD Pyramid Seeds, have a high content in CBD, so you can enjoy some of the best creations of Pyramid Seeds with higher content of Cannabidiol, and own creations for medicinal use of marijuana. The evolution in the Cannabis market is very high, and Pyramid Seeds is a seed bank very concerned about innovation and continued growth of its catalog, to reach a growing audience.

The consumption of varieties rich in CBD or with high content, are fashionable among the cannabis world, especially by the favorable results that, after numerous medical research, have determined the positive impact of consumption of CBD in the improvement of certain diseases.


Discover the catalogue of high CBD seeds from Pyramid Seeds:

Galaxy CBD

Galaxy CBD of Pyramid Seeds, is a plant with a strong medicinal power, 90% Indico character which provides a strong sedative effect, perfect for treating excesses of stress or anxiety disorders. Indoors, its productivity is really remarkable, you can collect up to 500 gr per m2, if you use 9 pots of 11 liters with a lighting system HPS lamps 600W. Outdoors, their productivity is high up to 1500 grams per specimen, enough hours of sun and quality organic nutrients and flipper.

Auto White Widow CBD

The Auto White Widow CBD of Pyramid Seeds, has a balanced percentages of THC and CBD both located at 8%, which translates into a balance of effects, and a potentiation of the medicinal effects of cannabis, thanks to its high percentage of CBD. In interior, with the rule 100 liters of substrate per m2, you will know how many flowerpots you need, in my case I have used 11 flowerpots of 9 per m2, and I have managed to obtain 400 gr per m2. Outdoors, you can reach up to 40 gr per plant, a discrete figure but you must bear in mind that the entire cycle of the plant happens in just 60 days from germination you can start with the harvest.


Discover the catalogue of varieties rich in CBD of Pyramid Seeds, and you will be able to know these and many other varieties with which you can enjoy the medicinal power of cannabis, taking advantage of the experience and good work of the team of breeders of Pyramid Seeds.

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