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DNA Genetics: Award Winning Feminized Seeds

PEV Grow want to invite you to go deep into Amsterdam's old history, its streets, its canals, its Coffee Shops and, of course, to review the best shops in the city over our "Dutch" universe. At 41 Sint Nicolaas Straat Street, right in the center, we can find the Amsterdam Shop, much more than a bank of marijuana seeds.

Its founders, Don and Aaron were spot on, when in 2005, just one year after its founding, were awarded with the Best Sativa Award in High Time Cannabis Cup with the strain Martian Mean Green, a mind-blowing and selected crossbreed composed by an elaborate genome Sharksbreath x G-13 weed.

In the same way, their surprise was to get the second prize for the best Indica, that same year and in the same cup with the strain L.A Confidential, a cultivar that a year before had already been awarded with the third prize.

Would you say these guys are talented?

So far, DNA Genetics Seeds has more than 150 awards, given to a Dutch seeds bank with a unique activism, humility and illusion. A great contribution to the cannabis industry with no doubt! Do not forget that they were who recovered the clone of Tangie Dream (Cali-O x Skunk) reproducing what we now know as Tangie.

Complete catalogue of feminized seeds from DNA Genetics:

The DNA Genetics catalog is completed by a range which is bordening on excellence, mainly with hybrid genotypes of sativa predominance and indica predominance, with feminised and regular seeds both in its general catalog and in its private reserve.

Its track record and success leave us breathess, look!:

  • Award for Strain of the Year in 2008 in High Times magazine, given to the strain Hash Plant Haze, a hybrid of Haze potency and Hash Plant flavor, a cultivar that later would become what now we know as Cannalope Haze.

  • Second Resin Spannabis 2010 prize to the cultivar Blackberry Kush, a very high yielding genetic of Kush descendants.

  • First CABA Cup award 2010 Buenos Aires, Second Sativa IC420 Breeders Cup award 2005 and Third Sativa IC420 Breederscup award 2004 with the aforementioned Cannalope Haze.

  • First Hydro Highlife Cup Award 2008, Third Hydro Highlife Cup Award 2008, Third HTF Cannabis Cup Award 2008, Third Indoor Bio Spannabis Award 2008, Third Hollyweed Cup Award 2006 , And Strain of the year 2007 in Hightimes magazine, all them with its top seller DNA Genetics Chocolope.

  • First prize Slovakia Cup 2008 with the Connie Chunk.

  • Third Coffeeshop HT Cannabis Cup Award 2009 with the cultivar Sour Kush, a very stable Diesel x OG Kush hybrid, very resinous with an unmistakable diesel oil aroma.

  • First Prize Outdoor Spannabis 2008 with the strain KushBerry, a hybrid of indica predominance with a high medicinal value.

  • First prize in the Colorado Cannabis Crown 2010 for its cultivar Kandy Kush voted the best marijuana strain with medicinal effect among 140 different medicinal genetics. A unique chemotype, valued by international experts, and crop in one of the pioneer states in the USA where laws were passed for medicinal and recreational marijuana users.

  • First Indoor Hydro Spannabis Award 2008, First Prize Outdoor Highlife Cup 2007, Second Prize IC420 Breederscup 2008, included in the 2009 top ten strain by Hightimes magazine, all awards for the well-known Lemon Skunk, a very " Sweet " THC plentiful chemovar.

  • It should be underlined here its "Best Seller" worldwide marijuana strain LA Confidential, whose prizes should no longer fit on the shelf, since about this strain we can find both several prizes entered by independent breeders, such as First Prize at the Battle of the Bridge 2009 and all those entered by the seeds bank itself as First Indica HT Cannabis Cup award 2008, First Indica IC420 Breederscup award 2005, Second Bio Highlife Cup award 2009, Second Indica HT Cannabis award Cup 2005, Third Indica HT Cannabis Cup award 2004, Third Kush Prize Cup award Las Vegas 2006, and the strain of the year 2006 in the Hightimes magazine .... surely a delicacy that great specialists already have grown and may certify its quality.

  • Second Indoor Hydro Spannabis award 2010 with the newly arrived from USA OG Kush, Second South African Cup award 2008 and Third Outdoor Spannabis award 2010 for ReCon, Second Hydro Spannabis 2009 Award for Sharksbreath, Third Outdoor Highlife Cup award 2009 for Sleestack, Second Indica HT Cannabis Cup award 2009 and Third Indica HT Cannabis Cup award 2007 for DNA Genetics The OG#18 and as grand finale the seeds bank delights us with Third Resin Spannabis award 2010 for the strain Velvet OG.

This seeds bank has a lot to offer you ... quality and passion ... just what we want to give you from PEV Grow ....

Do you want to see our forbidden garden?

DNA Genetics: stable and balanced autoflowering seeds

The autoflowering varieties of DNA Genetics are characterized by their incredible stability and balance, and their genetics range from the best commercial Indicas to the most special Sativas and Landrace. DNA Genetics is a Dutch bank, whose creations have been awarded numerous prizes in various cannabic competitions worldwide, and its autoflowering varieties were not going to be less.

Since automatic strains became fashionable, due to their productive capacities in a short flowering period, in which the organoleptic properties and bonanzas of the original varieties were kept intact, DNA Genetics has been putting its head in the market with few varieties, but which have marked a before and after in the world of marijuana.


Discover DNA Genetics catalogue of auto varieties:

The Auto Fire

One of the most outstanding autoflowering varieties of DNA Genetics is El Fuego Auto. This strain is characterized by its predominantly Indica genetics, which is born from the genetic fusion between El Fuego and a Ruderalis, keeping intact the properties that made its elder sister a reference, but shortening the cultivation cycle to about 75 days after germination. It is characterized by a really interesting productivity being able to harvest in indoor crops up to 40 gr per plant and in outdoor crops up to 70 gr per plant.

We are not dealing with a very large plant so it does not need much space to grow, some indoor growers use the SOG method with this strain.

60 Day Lemon Auto

Another of the autoflowering DNA Genetics catalogue is the 60 Day Lemon Auto. Its incredible lemon flavour and citrus aroma, which gives it freshness, are a real treat, and of course when you try it you won't be able to stop. Outdoors, use a definitive pot of about 18 liters and avoid transplants and therefore slow their growth. If you have the option, the most interesting thing would be that you use mother earth, since it provides in a natural way all the nutrients that the plant needs for all the stage of culture.


Enjoy now in your trusted online Growshop, the catalogue of autoflowering DNA Genetics, short in number but excellent in quality and good work. If you are looking for autoflowering varieties that are very stable and well-balanced, DNA Genetics varieties are your best option.

DNA Genetics: discover some of the best regular seeds on the market

The regular varieties of DNA Genetics, are characterized by their incredible quality and by the stability and homogeneity between excellent phenotypes, and all this with the experience and good work that characterize the Dutch bank. The success of DNA Genetics is not the result of a successful summer, but of the constant research work that its breeders have been carrying out since the 70s, obtaining varieties from all over the world and creating their own, and that is why it is one of the most respected seed banks in the world.


Discover the catalogue of regular DNA Genetics varieties:

Lemon Skunk

One of the varieties that make up DNA Genetics regular seed catalogue is Lemon Skunk. She has been awarded to satiety in numerous cannabis competitions such as the first prize in the Indoor Hydro Spannabis 2008 or the first prize in the Outdoor Highlife cup 2007, showing off her impressive qualities. Indoors it behaves great, if you use 9 pots of 11 liters, with a LEC lighting system of 315 W, you can get impressive results, which can reach 450 gr per m2. Outdoor, you have to be careful with pests, so I always recommend that you use a preventive of natural origin, remember is always better to prevent than cure.


Banana Split

For lovers of fruity and really tasty flavours, Banana Split will more than meet all requirements. Its origin lies in the genetic fusion between Tangie and Banana Sherbet, resulting in a strain mainly Sativa, which grows strong and vigorous, and a really excellent productivity. Indoors, with a Led lamp of 200w per m2 you can harvest 400 gr per m2. In outdoor crops, it is very important that you place it in the area of the terrace where there is greater index of sunlight, if bad weather arrives and is not ready yet to harvest you will have to protect it with plastics when it rains so that it does not appear mold in the buds.

LA Woman

LA Woman is another one of those incredible strains, undoubtedly one of the most important of the regular catalogue of DNA Genetics. Marked by its organoleptic properties, which are characterized by a sweet and strong taste, which invades your taste buds with each exhalation and generates an immense sensation of pleasure. Indoors you can obtain up to 600 gr per m2, and outdoors more than half a kilogram of dense flowers impregnated with resin per specimen.


Cannalope Haze

Cannalope Haze, one of the most appreciated by growers who opt for regular seeds from the Dutch bank. It is characterized by its intense Haze aroma, which drives old school lovers crazy, in addition to its 100% sativa character stands out for having a really short flowering period indoors, just 8-10 weeks. Outdoors, always use fertilizers such as Top Veg for the growth phase, which gives your plant everything it needs to grow very strong and vigorous. I also recommend that you use a pot of at least 35 liters to get up to 450 grams per plant.


Discover in PevGrow, your trusted online Growshop, the wide catalogue of regular DNA Genetics varieties, characterised by incredible stability and an enviable homogeneity between phenotypes, and all this is the fruit of more than 40 years of work, where DNA Genetics has been making a niche among the world's largest seed banks.

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