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DNA Genetics: Award Winning Feminized Seeds

PEV Grow want to invite you to go deep into Amsterdam's old history, its streets, its canals, its Coffee Shops and, of course, to review the best shops in the city over our "Dutch" universe. At 41 Sint Nicolaas Straat Street, right in the center, we can find the Amsterdam Shop, much more than a bank of marijuana seeds.

Its founders, Don and Aaron were spot on, when in 2005, just one year after its founding, were awarded with the Best Sativa Award in High Time Cannabis Cup with the strain Martian Mean Green, a mind-blowing and selected crossbreed composed by an elaborate genome Sharksbreath x G13.

In the same way, their surprise was to get the second prize for the best Indica, that same year and in the same cup with the strain L.A Confidential, a cultivar that a year before had already been awarded with the third prize.

Would you say these guys are talented?

So far, DNA Genetics Seeds has more than 150 awards, given to a Dutch seeds bank with a unique activism, humility and illusion. A great contribution to the cannabis industry with no doubt! Do not forget that they were who recovered the clone of Tangie Dream (Cali-O x Skunk) reproducing what we now know as Tangie.

Complete catalogue of feminized seeds from DNA Genetics:

The DNA Genetics catalog is completed by a range which is bordening on excellence, mainly with hybrid genotypes of sativa predominance and indica predominance, with feminised and regular seeds both in its general catalog and in its private reserve.

Its track record and success leave us breathess, look!:

  • Award for Strain of the Year in 2008 in High Times magazine, given to the strain Hash Plant Haze, a hybrid of Haze potency and Hash Plant flavor, a cultivar that later would become what now we know as Cannalope Haze.

  • Second Resin Spannabis 2010 prize to the cultivar Blackberry Kush, a very high yielding genetic of Kush descendants.

  • First CABA Cup award 2010 Buenos Aires, Second Sativa IC420 Breeders Cup award 2005 and Third Sativa IC420 Breederscup award 2004 with the aforementioned Cannalope Haze.

  • First Hydro Highlife Cup Award 2008, Third Hydro Highlife Cup Award 2008, Third HTF Cannabis Cup Award 2008, Third Indoor Bio Spannabis Award 2008, Third Hollyweed Cup Award 2006 , And Strain of the year 2007 in Hightimes magazine, all them with its top seller DNA Genetics Chocolope.

  • First prize Slovakia Cup 2008 with the Connie Chunk.

  • Third Coffeeshop HT Cannabis Cup Award 2009 with the cultivar Sour Kush, a very stable Diesel x OG Kush hybrid, very resinous with an unmistakable diesel oil aroma.

  • First Prize Outdoor Spannabis 2008 with the strain KushBerry, a hybrid of indica predominance with a high medicinal value.

  • First prize in the Colorado Cannabis Crown 2010 for its cultivar Kandy Kush voted the best marijuana strain with medicinal effect among 140 different medicinal genetics. A unique chemotype, valued by international experts, and crop in one of the pioneer states in the USA where laws were passed for medicinal and recreational marijuana users.

  • First Indoor Hydro Spannabis Award 2008, First Prize Outdoor Highlife Cup 2007, Second Prize IC420 Breederscup 2008, included in the 2009 top ten strain by Hightimes magazine, all awards for the well-known Lemon Skunk, a very " Sweet " THC plentiful chemovar.

  • It should be underlined here its "Best Seller" worldwide marijuana strain LA Confidential, whose prizes should no longer fit on the shelf, since about this strain we can find both several prizes entered by independent breeders, such as First Prize at the Battle of the Bridge 2009 and all those entered by the seeds bank itself as First Indica HT Cannabis Cup award 2008, First Indica IC420 Breederscup award 2005, Second Bio Highlife Cup award 2009, Second Indica HT Cannabis award Cup 2005, Third Indica HT Cannabis Cup award 2004, Third Kush Prize Cup award Las Vegas 2006, and the strain of the year 2006 in the Hightimes magazine .... surely a delicacy that great specialists already have grown and may certify its quality.

  • Second Indoor Hydro Spannabis award 2010 with the newly arrived from USA OG Kush, Second South African Cup award 2008 and Third Outdoor Spannabis award 2010 for ReCon, Second Hydro Spannabis 2009 Award for Sharksbreath, Third Outdoor Highlife Cup award 2009 for Sleestack, Second Indica HT Cannabis Cup award 2009 and Third Indica HT Cannabis Cup award 2007 for DNA Genetics The OG#18 and as grand finale the seeds bank delights us with Third Resin Spannabis award 2010 for the strain Velvet OG.

This seeds bank has a lot to offer you ... quality and passion ... just what we want to give you from PEV Grow ....

Do you want to see our forbidden garden?

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