Magic truffles

Less known than mushrooms, magic truffles also have a high content of psilocybin, and there are almost the same varieties, you will be amazed...

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The magic truffle, also called a philosopher's stone, is not exactly a truffle, it's sclerotia that grow underground by compacting the mycelium. They are part of the fungus, acting as the root that keeps food reserves for the development of the fruit, which in this case would be the mushroom.

Not all species of magic mushrooms produce truffles, they are mainly those of the Psilocybe type, like the Mexican, the Tampanensis or the Atlantis. During the last few years new strains of sclerotia have been discovered, especially in the Netherlands, such as Utopia, Holland, Valhalla or Mokum.

Do Truffles have the same effect as Magic Mushrooms?

Essentially, they do. The active ingredient is the same, so the effects produced are quite similar. The variations that can exist between the effect of the Mushrooms and the Magic Truffles are the same that can exist between one and another variety of mushrooms. Not all mushrooms have the same concentration of the psychoactive alkaloid, psilocybin, and that is the same with truffles.

If we extrapolate it to cannabis it can be better understood, because it is the same with sativa genetics, all contain THC, but not all produce the same kind of effect.

What are the best varieties of Magic Truffles for the inexperienced?

For beginners, we recommend to start with the Mexican ones, because they produce a very pleasant and bearable effect. With a dose of 5 grams it is difficult to reach hallucinations, but it is enough to start noticing its effects. If you take 10 grams, the trip will be of medium intensity and with hallucinations, and if you take 15 grams get ready to take off from the ground.

If you've already had a positive experience with Mexican Truffles, and you want to go a little further, the next step is Pajaritos. These truffles also come from Mexico, but they contain a greater load of psilocybin to transport you to a higher level, with great euphoria and uncontrollable laughter.

Which varieties of Magic Truffles are more powerful?

For those who don't feel like a smooth ride, we have varieties with a higher power level ready for you. Hollandia is one of the most powerful magic truffles in the world, and its effects go from an initial high to clear visual hallucinations, without losing introspection.

Utopia are magic mushrooms for the brave ones, a minimum dose of this variety is more powerful than an average dose of Pajaritos or Mexicanas. Your senses are sharpened to the point where you feel part of the earth and nature. Uncontrolled laughter is assured.

If you're an experienced or highly tolerant consumer we recommend Valhalla. They contain a high concentration of Psilocybin, so they cause a powerful effect, with a lot of introspection, connection with the environment and strong hallucinations.

How do you eat Magic Truffles?

Although some people like the taste, it must be said that it is not very pleasant, especially when they are fresh. The best thing is that they can be mixed with some food that is easy for you to swallow, such as chocolate or yogurt.

If you can eat them alone it's probably best, but many people find them difficult to swallow, so you have the option to combine them with your favorite flavor to make the passage through your mouth better.

What are the dangers of consuming Magic Truffles?

Like Magic Mushrooms and the rest of entheogenic drugs, Magic Truffles are not recommended for people with psychological problems of any kind. For pre-psychotic people may be the trigger that causes some mental disorder to appear.

This substance can be used to have fun in a safe place and in the company of people you trust. But fun can turn into a bad trip when you are not comfortable, so we recommend to prepare well the session so you don't have any unexpected problems.

It is totally forbidden for underage people, as well as for driving or operating heavy machinery. Even if you think you're in control, I assure you you are not. Even when you think the effect is gone, it can come back in waves or flashbacks, so it's best to wait a long time before doing any risky activity.

Psilocybin is not a drug to be consumed continuously. Our body acquires tolerance to this substance very quickly, and if you do not wait long enough between sessions you will not achieve the expected results.

We recommend reading the descriptions of each variety before choosing your Magic Truffles and follow indications about the ideal dose.



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