Sour Diesel

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Do you like the Diesel scents and sour flavors ? Then this section is for you, because here we are going to include the best cannabis seeds on the market with these characteristics, descendants of the tasty Sour Diesel. When this strain was first released, it was only available in clone form, known as ECSD (East Coast Sour Diesel) and represented the most sativa side of the Chem family at that time.

Later, when the original seedling started to spread, versions in regular seed, feminized, autoflowering, crosses with males, with reversed clones, etc., started to appear. So as you can imagine, today to all kinds of commercial cannabis seeds with Sour genetics, some better than others, and here we will share with you the ones we prefer over the others.

Sour Diesel regular, the first seeds of this variety

Rez, the breeder of Reservoir Seeds, was the first to convert the East Coast Sour Diesel clone into seeds. He chose a male of Soma Seeds from New York City Diesel as a pollen donor, and the result couldn't be better, because those seeds have produced elite plants like Riri.

Another good version of this genetics in a regular format is the Reserva Privada Sour Diesel which distributes the DNA Genetics seed bank. It is very similar to the original cutting, and these breeders have used it to create crosses of the level of Sour Tangie, Sour Kosher or Sour Kush among others.

A renewed replica of the Sour family in regular seed is the Sour Diesel 2 from Humboldt Seeds. In some aspects it can surpass the original, although it must be said that in the flavor and quality of effect we stay with the old one.

For those who can't afford to invest much money in buying seeds, there's a cheap alternative of acceptable quality, and that's the Sativa's Sour Diesel regular by Nirvana Seeds. It is the most economical way to enjoy the unique qualities of this special plant.

Feminized Sour Diesel, the world's best-selling version

Nowadays, the most demanded Sour Diesel seeds are the feminized ones, and it is not surprising, since it fixes very well the most representative features of the original cutting. There are different quality feminized versions on the market, with slight variations between one and another, but all of guaranteed quality.

Royal Queen Seeds' feminized Sour Diesel is a strain very suitable for inexperienced growers, because it is well adapted to modern indoor cultivation, and has superior resistance to other seeds of this genetics. In Europe it is having a lot of success and it is very possible that it is the most used as well.

However, in the USA and Canada, regular seeds are more successful, so they have preferred the Reserva Privada or Humboldt Seeds for years. But more and more American breeders are offering feminized, and the Sour Diesel 100% feminized from Cali Connection likes a lot too. The breeder of this bank, Swerve, used a Sour OG to cross with the Sour Diesel, and this way it doesn't lose qualities like aroma, taste, type of flower or effect.

In Spain, the 2 best feminized that came out of this genetics are the BCN Sour Diesel by Medical Seeds, which is the oldest female version in the world, and the Sour Ripper by the Ripper Seeds boys, which represents in a very reliable way the most remarkable features of the elite clone Riri.

Sour Diesel Autoflowering, the fastest and most resistant Sour

The automatic replica of Sour Diesel is special for those growers who want to get a quick harvest or out of season in outdoor cultivation. Also it can be the most appropriate Sour Diesel seeds for users with little experience with sativa plants like this one, because they stand out for their strength, resistance, hybrid vigour and, above all, speed.

Among the autoflowering seeds with this genetics available in the market, we will first choose the Sour Diesel Auto by Dinafem, which seems superior to us in every way. It must be said that the proportion of leaves to flowers is worse than in the photo-dependent Sour Diesel, the effect also ends up being more relaxing, but the aroma and taste is the real Sour.

Another good automatic version is the Humboldt Seeds' Sour Diesel Auto, similar to Dinafem's, and somewhat cheaper, so it can be a great option for growers who don't have much money. In North America it is having a lot of success, being of the most cultivated auto strains there in general.

The kings of autoflowering in the world nowadays is the team of Fastbuds Seeds, who have worked over the past few years to create automatic versions of the best cannabis strains of all time. The Fastbuds' Original Auto Sour Diesel is the fastest of all and the production is not bad, although in organoleptic matters we prefer the previous two.

Best Sour Diesel crosses nowadays

For a genetics to have its own cannabis family it is not enough for it to be good, it also has to be dominant when crossed with others and provide the traits that define it. This is the case of the Sour Diesel, and for that reason it has left the market full of great Sour hybrids, among which we highlight the following ones:

Sage 'n Sour by TH Seeds was the first successful cross resulting from the great Sour, and to this day it is still one of the best seeds from this prestigious bank. If the SAGE represents the perfect balance between sativa and indica, the incorporation of Sour Diesel in the equation multiplies the level of genetic quality in the descendants, leaving very complete plants in all senses.

One of the bombs of the moment is DNA Genetics' Sour Sorbet, which perfectly merges Sour Diesel with Sunset Sherbert, one of the great contributions of the Cookies family. The type of bud is that of Sorbet, with the most swollen calyxes, and the typical resin of this family. But the best is the flavor, citrus, sweet, with a touch of acidity that remains in the mouth, a real delight.

Another great mix of monsters is Medical Seeds' Sour Glue, which as you might have guessed is a cross between Sour Diesel and Gorilla Glue. The Gorilla contains double Sour genetics, as it descends from Sour Dubb, which is Sour Diesel x Sour Bubble. This genetic network with so much Sour load causes Sour Glue to be one of the most loyal representations to the flavor on the market.

And in this group of hybrids with Sour genetics we had to include a strain that surprised us very much, Amherst Sour Diesel by Humboldt Seeds, a cannon. It can be considered a Chemdawg backcross, so it is a Sour more indica, and with oil nuances in the flavor but, yes, the acidity in the mouth lasts for hours, one of the most intense flavors we have tasted lately.

Sour family curiosities

Did you know that Sour Diesel, like many other great current cannabis genetics, originated from an accidental crossing? Well yes, in this case a hermaphrodite female of the variety DNL, which generated a few male flowers and ended up pollinating a female Chem Dawg x Super Skunk/NL. Among the seeds resulting from this unexpected crossing, the elite clone ECSD (East Coast Sour Diesel) was selected and from there all the other Sour were born.

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