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Tangie cannabis variety has conquered the palates of all the people who have tried it. In fact there are few cannabis genetics that reach such intensity of aroma and flavor, possibly Cheese and Haze, but in no case does it fill your mouth with as many fruity nuances as Tangie, a flavor explosion in your mouth as never before.

But of course... Which is the best? Don't worry, so that you can differentiate between all the seeds that are offered with tangerine taste we have created this section especially for you, who are looking for a marijuana with a great bouquet.

Where did Tangie come from?

Tangie genetics' history is curious, it's one of those examples that show that trends come back, they are cyclical and they feed back. It was selected as a unique clone in Southern California in the early 1980's, and is supposedly a hybrid descendant of Skunk that gradually became known as "California Orange".

With the same name it arrived in Europe by the hand of Dutch Passion, where it continued to expand its reputation as a tasty and easy to grow plant. But then began to emerge other strains that gradually supplanted the Skunk, in the U.S. the Chem, Kush and Sour and in Europe the hybrids Haze, Widow and Blueberry especially. But the years went by and with them many other varieties became the most used, until a decade ago the guys from Private Reserve seed bank re-launched the Cali O. renamed as Tangie through DNA Genetics, which thanks to its great marketing placed it again in the top of the most searched strains.

What are the plants in the Tangie family like?

These are hybrids with some sativa dominance, their Skunk heritage gives these plants extra resistance, making them ideal for inexperienced growers, because they tend to yield well even when conditions are not ideal. They appreciate organic cultivation, and will accept plenty of food as long as it's of plant or animal origin. They perform very well in any growing system, both indoors and outdoors, and in both cases they produce more if pruned during the growing phase.

Its flowering time normally does not exceed 9 weeks indoors and early October outdoors in the northern hemisphere. Once cut it does not need a great cure to show an incredible quality and terpenic cleanliness. The aroma will bring your nose back to the buds again and again, very similar to their flavor, between sweet mandarin and clementine, reminiscent of a Spanish citrus variety known as Clemenules. The effect is complete, not as strong as some varieties nowadays, but incredible, because starts out very cerebral but gradually becomes more relaxing.

But the original clone is now many years old, so degeneration is taking its toll, and there are now a number of crosses and descendants of Tangie that enjoy the same aroma and taste, but with much more vigour, speed, production and overall strength.

Best hybrids with Tangie genetics

Luckily nowadays we have quite a few cannabis seeds with Tangie genes, although not all of them are the same of course. That's why I'm going to leave you a list of the ones we consider the best, with their most outstanding qualities so you can choose the one you consider the best according to your tastes:

  • Tangie (Reserva Privada): The seeds from Reserva Privada bank are the closest to the original cutting, for those who want to try this plant and do not have access to the elite clone, which they crossed with another very citrusy Skunk selection so as not to disrupt the desirable genes. Available in feminized and regular seeds.
  • Tangie (BSF seeds): Feminized seeds also created from the original clone. Very similar in aroma, taste, structure and shape of the bud, but with greater speed of growth and flowering. Perfect for people who are starting to grow cannabis, as it does not usually cause problems of any kind.
  • 24K Gold: From our point of view, this is the best Tangie cross available nowadays. Imagine the intense taste of ripe mandarins in an OG Kush, because DNA Genetics' 24K Gold has the morphology, amount of resin, bud density and effect of OGs, but with the aroma and taste of Tangie.
  • Sour Tangie: Great cross created by the breeders of Reserva Privada, mixing 2 very marked but different citrus flavors. The fusion of both leads the Tangie to its more sativa side, bringing more vigor to the offspring, which results in a greater production of flowers and resin. For the lovers of psychoactivity in intense flavors.
  • Tangieland: Do you like strong weed but don't want to give up taste? Well, with Tangieland you have both things raised to their highest expression, as you can say that it is the effect of the Cookies family, but with the organoleptic qualities of Tangie.
  • Mimosa Evo: This is not a Tangie cross itself, but its influence is clearly noticeable, as it is part of its family tree. Barney's has taken the Mimosa from Symbiotic Genetics and turned it into a feminized one to make it easier to grow for those who want to taste this incredible flavor.
  • Tangie Auto: The Blimburn seed bank launched the autoflowering version of the legendary Tangie. It is a plant that is very easy to grow, strong, with rapid development from the first stages, high resin production, and most importantly, a very marked, really deep, tangerine flavour with an intensity that is unsuitable for automatics.
  • Mamba Negra Auto: This feminized autoflowering is not a direct descendant of the Tangie either, but just like Mimosa, Mamba Negra Auto has what we're interested in, an excellent sweet citrus fruit flavor, incredible. In addition, it can be considered Auto XXL, and its cultivation is so simple that even those who have never grown it will be happy.
Now you know what Tangie and its hybrids look like, and you can get a better idea of what you're going to find before you buy the seeds. So all I can say is enjoy them.
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