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The fruity cannabis strains have always been among the most valued by consumers, they are the ones that are usually liked from the first tasting, because they are usually pleasant flavours. There are many different combinations of terpenes in cannabis that end up shaping aromas reminiscent of fruit, especially citrus.

What is not so seen among the marijuana genetics are the aromas and flavors of strawberry, until a few years ago there were only a couple of commercial varieties with these characteristics, but fortunately today we have many variations of cannabis so, both regular and feminized, autoflowering, and the best hybrids that combine these organoleptic properties with others, so do not entertain you more ... *0004

The first ever strawberry marijuana seeds

It all starts in Vermont (USA) where a local farmer cultivated specimens of a variety 100% indica hidden among the fields where he made strawberry productions for later sale. This genetics (supposedly Afghan) was acclimatized to the cold environment of this area, to the point that finished its flowering in just 7 weeks, and what is more surprising, was gradually acquiring an attractive aroma of sweet strawberries that shocked anyone who visited these crops. This strain was called Strawberry Fields, I know this man wasn't very original in his choice of names, but I'm sure he didn't think his girls would end up being so famous either.

The only problem with this delicious strain was its effect, too relaxing for the personal tastes of the breeder, who needed more cerebral and stimulating potency. That's when he decided to add a Original Haze male to the recipe, the best possible ingredient for the job without a doubt. The result was much more to his liking, as it not only gained in effect, improved its performance to the point of needing support to support the weight of the buds, and the offspring contained that touch of strawberry that both surprised everyone, thus was born the Strawberry Cough. This new genetic came into the hands of the great Kyle Kushman, and with him reached worldwide fame, thanks to his collaboration with the magazine High Times and the appearance of this weed in the film Children Of Men.

Strawberry Cough by Dutch Passion


Dutch Passion was the first strain of Dutch Passion to be released in the UK.

Dutch Passion was the first seed bank to offer cannabis seeds of this strain for sale, having great success from the very beginning. Haze hybrids are highly valued in Holland and the rest of Europe, and if they also have a mouthfeel as pleasant as that of this strain, success is assured. If you like the sativa effect combined with fruity nuances, in a 100% female plant, this is your genetics.

Strawberry Fields of Sagarmatha


The strawberry selling business ended, and with it the original Strawberry Fields seeds, which gradually fell into oblivion, due to the appearance of numerous modern hybrids. But a few years ago, Tony, the breeder of Sagarmatha Seeds decided to recreate this variety from its progeny, the Strawberry Cough. He crossed Kyle Kushman's clone with 100% indica genetics and backcrossed it to stabilize a phenotype very similar to Vermont's Strawberry Fields.

Strawberry Fields by DNA Genetics

DNA Genetics team

The DNA team also wanted to recreate the old Strawberry Fields, but through another delicious strawberry-flavored marijuana strain, Strawberry Banana. It must be said that the morphology of this plant is not as columnar as the original, more reminiscent of the Kush in this sense, but the flavor does maintain that permanent bouquet of strawberry, which in the end is what counts.

Bubble Gum, intense strawberry bubblegum flavour


Who doesn't like sour strawberry bubble gum? Well that's the taste of the famous Bubble Gum, a real treat for the taste buds, the favorite of all these for many consumers. As a plant is a hybrid with indica dominance, which form a large central bud, easy to grow, moderately fast, pleasant effect and a fairly acceptable production.

Strawberry OG, A Kush with a touch of strawberry


The Cali Connection seed bank stands out for its genetic OG Kush, with many variations in terms of effect, morphology or flavors. One of the tastiest is undoubtedly Strawberry OG, a cross between Bruce Banner # 3 and SFV OG IBL, which combines strawberries with citrus tones in a lingering flavor that everyone likes. The most potent strain in this category, with plants reaching 30% THC.

Strawberry Glue, gourmet quality


It is a complex poly-hybrid created by TH Seeds, the bank that turned the Indiana Bubblegum clone into seeds, back in 1993, so they have been working with strawberry-flavoured cannabis plants since before almost anyone else. Strawberry Glue requires some experience to be able to exploit its performance, but its great quality is worth it.

Bubblelicious by Nirvana, for lovers of regular seeds


Good, nice and cheap... What more could you ask for? Well, I'll also tell you a secret, if you take advantage of a good male to pollinate the best females you get, you will have regular seeds Bubblelicious for life. Some specimens acquire very nice shades during maturation, and almost all of them share the intense strawberry bubblegum flavour.

Strawberry AKeil by Serious Seeds

Long overdue

It has taken Simon from Serious Seeds a long time to offer a cross of their 2 most prestigious strains, but better late than never. The fusion between their version of Bubble Gum and the potent AK 47 has turned out excellent, with easy to grow plants, very productive, fast, with the high of the AK and the excellent sweet and sour taste of the Bubble Gum.

Strawberry Lemonade, the freshest strawberry aroma


Barney's Farm has recently presented some feminized seeds that descend from the mixture of 2 varieties that share fruity taste, although different, one tastes like lemon and the other clearly to strawberries. The combination of both has been very well, with a profile of terpenes as a fruit salad, where predominantly fruity but very acid.

Strawberry Gum, strawberry squared


Feminized variety created by Advanced Seeds by crossing a Strawberry with the legendary Bubble Gum. By joining 2 genetics with strong aroma and taste of strawberries, this feature has been strengthened to the maximum, and shares 100% of the progeny. Within this section is one of the easiest seeds to grow, so they are a good choice for inexperienced growers.

Autoflowering seeds with strawberry flavours

. *004 * The growing demand for automatic flowering seeds with intense flavors, has led to the emergence of modern poly-hybrids that have nothing to envy in organoleptic issues to the photodependent of all life. One of these advances can be seen with the following varieties, which are 100% autoflowering and share the common feature of this category, a smoke with strong hints of strawberry.


*004 * These seeds have several advantages over the normal, the first is that you can make several outdoor crops with them each year, the second that their cultivation is easier, they are also more resistant, as they withstand the cold better and do not suffer light stress as normal.


Strawberry Pie Auto, a dessert with our favourite flavour


These Fastbuds automatic seeds are especially for those who are just starting out in self-cultivation of cannabis, because they give good results without many worries. As plants are very discreet, do not grow much in height, so they are ideal to go unnoticed on terraces, balconies or small spaces, always yield well and its aroma and flavor love.

Auto Strawberry Gum, autos with intense strawberry flavour


The autoflowering version of Strawberry Gum has nothing to envy to her older sister, especially if we talk about tastes and smells. The best thing is the speed of development that has, which allows up to 5 complete crops in indoor per year, and outdoors in some climates as well. It is very resistant to pests and diseases and its bud production is not bad at all.

Auto Bubble, the sour strawberry chewing gum in automatic version


The Female Seeds seed bank worked on a great autoflowering version of the legendary Bubble Gum, and we must admit that they have been quite faithful to the original. These seeds are recommended for everyone, do not give problems during cultivation, are adapted to moderately cold climates, are very economical, and of course, contain an intense and fresh flavor of sour strawberry chewing gum.

Curiosities of the cannabis family Strawberry

Kyle Kushman has always been credited with selecting the Strawberry Cough clone that made strawberry flavour in cannabis fashionable, but it seems that it wasn't really the case. According to Nebu (his former colleague at High Times) he did not receive seeds of this variety, but a clone that at first did not promise much, and after testing it well turned out to be a jewel.

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