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Indoor growing kits with cabinet
Dear Cannalover! In order to you do not worry yourself too much in completing your indoor growing equipment at PEV Grow we have come up with different options based on your needs. PEV...
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Growing kits without cabinet
Do you have a free space or room that you don't know how to take advantage of? In this section you will find different kits for growing cannabis at home without the need for a closet. They are...
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Indoor marijuana grow kits at the best price

If you are here it is because you are interested in buying an indoor cannabis cultivation kit, but as you have seen, there are many types, of different sizes, with different light powers, equipped with one thing or another. Do not worry, this is so because we give many alternatives to try to offer each user the equipment for indoor cultivation that they need, and there are practically as many needs as there are people.

Our recommendation is that you focus on your requirements, your annual consumption, the space you have to locate the crop, the maximum budget you have, etc. And once you are clear about these points, then choose between all the options that we give you, since there are sets without a closet for different spaces, and others that have a grow tent of different sizes, so think about it.

The best complete indoor grow kit with closet you can imagine

Within the subcategory of indoor kits with closet you will find 8 different grow sets with built-in closet. You can see the measurements that each one has to check if they fit in that hole you have in mind, from 60 x 60 x 140 the smallest, to 290 x 290 x 200 the largest. You will see that the price is increasing, but this is not only because of the size of the closet, since there are kits for growing cannabis that contain a single bulb, another 2 and the larger ones contain 4 lighting equipment. The power of the extractors also varies, as does the number of pots, seeds and fertilizers.

Discover our Kits to grow indoor cannabis without a closet

If what you want is only the necessary equipment to grow marijuana indoors because you already have the place, these sets are perfect for you. In the section of grow kits without a closet you can choose between sets of a spotlight for small spaces, and others with several lamps designed for rooms. All kits are complete, that is, they contain everything you need to grow cannabis with artificial light, even fertilizers and seeds, and we give you a choice between several options so you can choose what you prefer.

What items make up these sets for growing indoors?

Within the individual description of each kit you can see the articles that compose it, but in this summary I will tell you that for climate control they are provided with 2 extractors of different power, one to put air in and the other to take it out, apart from fans to remove the indoor air. All sets of components for the cultivation come with a thermo-hygrometer to check both temperature and humidity, and the necessary flexible tube for ventilation.

For lighting most are equipped with HPS, although some have the option of LEC or CFL. You also have the possibility to choose the type of ballast or reflector in some cases, so that you can find the set that best suits your needs. In all sets we include timers to control the light cycles automatically, and pulleys to raise and lower the lights.

You will also find everything you need to adjust the PH of the irrigation, as well as the pots, and as I said before, the seeds and fertilizers to cover your first crop at least.

How can we maximize our Kits to get the maximum production of homemade yerba?

There are several ways to optimize yield, combining 2 different sized tent grow kits, for example one 80 x 80 x 160 for the grow cycle, alongside a 150 x 150 x 200 for flowering. In this way you can harvest about 5 times a year if you start from seeds, or up to 7 times with monocultures of cuttings from fast mothers such as Critical Bilbo.

It is about taking advantage of the flowering time of some plants to give growth to other plants in another space simultaneously, to save the time of the vegetative cycle. Otherwise we would have to do both phases of the cultivation in the same place, lengthening 3 or 4 weeks each harvest.

This can also be done by combining a grow kit with a closet with another without a closet, in cases where they have only one room that can be dedicated to our favorite hobby. We know that to maintain mother plants they need to be with a continuous cycle of 18 hours of light per day, and of course, with that photoperiod we cannot flower photodependent varieties. For example, the best possible solution would be to put a 150 x 150 x 200 kit with a closet in one corner of the room, and equip the rest of the room with a 4-spotlight grow kit without a closet.

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