Golden Goat Strain Review

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Cannabis strain Golden Goat

Cannabis strain Golden Goat


The Golden Goat strain is a seed obtained from the crossing between the varieties Hawaiian-Romulan and Island Sweet Skunk, belonging to the Canadian Rare Seeds Co. bank that has brought several novelties for marijuana lovers. Now you can get it in our PevGrow at very competitive prices. We will give you more information so that you can make a conscious choice. Be welcome to our Golden Goat strain review.



✨ Main features of the Golden Goat Strain


This plant is the mixture of Hawaiian-Romulan that pollinated the Island Sweet Kunk, getting a hybrid with predominance of sativa in a 70% with a minority of indica of 30%. In addition, this feminized plant offers several interesting options for taste, growth and effects, and is very versatile.

Mainly, it is a variety that stands out for its complex taste and psychoactive effects, determined by the predominance of the sativa component. It’s a good idea for people with previous experience to use it, who know the effects marijuana can have on their bodies. It’s about enjoying it, not about the high being harmful.

In order to achieve positive results, specific care must be taken. The Golden Goat marijuana is not a plant for cold climates or lack of sunshine and, if there is that problem, it will not grow as much as it can.



🚀 Growth


The growth of this plant is very good both indoors and outdoors, although, undoubtedly, the yields will be different. However, it is important to keep in mind that the Golden Goat strain grows best in warm, sunny environments, so for other contexts, it may be better to choose other seeds. An ideal climate for you to give it all is the Mediterranean or similar because it combines sun and humidity in the necessary proportions.

In addition, it should be remembered that this crop requires some care to obtain a professional product both in pruning and in the use of substrates. Otherwise, a plant that is normally worth growing can be spoiled.



🎯 Flowering period


Flowering periods will depend on the sun or light you administer indoors or on the weather, in the case of outdoor cultivation. In any case, it is important to point out that, unlike other species, this one responds very well indoors and outdoors, offering good yields. The level of care needed by the plant is moderate, something that is not recommended for a newcomer to the subject; the positive counterpart is that it is a plant that is very resistant to any pest.




Under ideal growing conditions you can achieve a harvest of 450 grams per square meter, which means an average yield level. For the harvest, it will take you nine to eleven weeks to enjoy the final result from the moment you plant. Also keep in mind that this plant is very odorous, so it can be positive to use a filter so that it does not concentrate and is easier to grow.

One indoor method that is compatible with this seed is ScroG, known for its concentration of grid plants. Not in vain, you can make good use of the space, this being the ideal way to achieve it.




When you want to plant outdoors, you should keep in mind that you can get up to four hundred grams per plant. Under normal conditions, the harvest is harvested in October in the northern hemisphere. As far as the substrate is concerned, you should avoid going over the quantities so that it does not spoil, as it is a somewhat sensitive plant.



​✅ Aroma and taste


The aromas of this variety stand out for two main aspects. First of all, its intensity, very marked, and that from the first moment allows us to distinguish that there is a special plant there. Secondly, but not least, the humidity that permeates the entire environment. Finally, we can indicate that it has an aromatic background of citrus fruits.

The Golden Goat weed is a plant to enjoy the taste in three ways. First of all, because of the sweet touches it has. Secondly, because of the citrus and tropical fruit component.

Finally, for an earthy background. We can say, without fear of being mistaken, that it is an herb with a complex flavor and ideal for those connoisseurs who want to enjoy a product with personality.


Key Features Golden Goat

Key Features Golden Goat



⚠️ Effects and adverse reaction


The effects that this plant has are diverse and, although in most cases they are beneficial, it is advisable that we know our organism well in order not to have problems. Under normal conditions, they will last one or two hours and are very intense, as the THC level reaches 23 % and has a small percentage of CBD below 0,06 %.

The Golden Goat weed is a very psychoactive plant and as positive effects we can highlight the increase in creativity, euphoria and full attention. It is, therefore, a plant for those who want to be active after smoking it, not for those who are looking for a hang up.

In terms of possible negative effects, there are much less of them and they will depend on the predisposition of the organism. We can talk about paranoid tendencies, anxiety and dizziness



➕ Therapeutic properties


The main therapeutic property that we can highlight of this variety is that it serves to fight depression or stress, since it lifts the mood; if taken in the right proportions, it will be positive. Other applications it has, although perhaps not as well known, are the ability to increase appetite and combat nausea. Finally, it should not be forgotten that this plant serves to mitigate pain and therefore has palliative effects.



👌 Conclusion


The Golden Goat seeds of Canadian Rare Seeds Co. is a young plant but offers many advantages to the already initiated in the cultivation of marijuana. Although it needs a series of specific care, it is also true that you will have interesting results and a well-defined taste. If, in addition, you are looking for a variety with a powerful psychoactive effect, this is the best alternative.


  1. JB 5 December, 2018 at 23:23

    One of my favorites, but hard to find! Let me know if you get these seeds in stock.

    • Alan Martinez 7 December, 2018 at 14:59

      Of course 😉

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