How about a taste of marijuana?

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As with tastings of alcoholic beverages or gourmet products, marijuana also can taste it and also a unique experience, as is the plant more varieties of smells and tastes can give us

More than one will think we’ve gone crazy, but think about it: how many varieties of flavors and aromas you could get from the same seed of cannabis? Many, right? Precisely for this reason, for all the organoleptic variations offered by this plant species, it is one of the best products for tasting and thus quickly learn what kind of seed or plant variety want for next time, what aromas, flavors and effects.


A tasting will allow the passionate people of this world better understand the characteristics of different types of seeds. And it is that it not only makes for a fun and different time, but also know Bm_FHAJCcAM0kIw.jpg large smells, flavors or colors. The variety is so wide, that can take you years to distinguish perfectly between about types and others.

In fact, it is noteworthy that the marijuana plant is characterized by more than 100 terpenes, which give you a huge variety of flavors and aromas that we hardly give other plant, hence the interest in a tasting.

But a taste of marijuana, along with interesting and exciting for lovers of this world, must also be a serious act, that is, to follow certain rules to distinguish and appreciate all the aromas and flavors that we will find a long the same and that they are not spoiled by negative factors that hinder the tasting.

Then we will explain those rules and, of course, the way in which to conduct a serious tasting marijuana.

Basic rules for the tasting of marijuana


As we have said, that nothing leads to ruin the taste of marijuana that we go and prepare, we must follow these rules:


–           Mouth: it must be clean and free of flavors and not have the aftertaste of something that we could eat recently, as this could alter the taste of the product we are tasting. It is best to brush your teeth for a while before we conduct the tasting and thus not influence us a taste of the toothpaste.

–           Hands must be clean, not only in terms stain but also possible odors. For example, if we have recently cooked with garlic, we clean our hands so that this odor disappears. Of course, they can not smell soap or cologne. These odors may interfere when tasting marijuana through the sense of smell.

–           Clothing or hair: same recommendation that the body parts mentioned. No kitchen or cologne smells that could affect our tasting. Of course, we must also take into account the smell of detergent or fabric softener. True, the scent which can give off these clothes is not so much as that we have in our mouth or hands, but if it is strong, if he could. The colonies, of course, are discarded. Furthermore, if you are man or woman, you have long hair, use something that does not prevent this impedes the tasting, for example, getting a hair in the mouth properly or not letting us see the different shades of the plant. They may seem the obvious, but they are not and it is important to respect it.

–           Odors in the room: there can be no other odor than the marijuana therefore we will keep very much to do in a kitchen where cooking or just in a place where there might be products giving off a strong odor or be near a window through which he could enter, for example, the smell of cooking from neighbors or the bar next door.

–           Room temperature: in addition to that has no smell, the room also has to be at a particular temperature. The ideal would be between 22 and 24 degrees and had a moisture content of 50%, so they can retain all the properties of cannabis is to taste.

To calculate the ideal temperature of the room in which you are making the tasting, you can enter on Pev Grow and buy a temperature controller. In the case of moisture, we recommend a driver humidity (some devices have even double function) and if you see that there is an excess or lack of moisture into our section of humidifiers and dehumidifiers you can choose the one you need to use.


–           The way to use: for tasting, must consume marijuana in the same way it is done routinely, that is, if you vaporize it, use a vaporizer and, conversely, if you typically use a bong, also use it to the tasting.

The tasting marijuana, step by step

To make a tasting of cannabis, as with other tastings, such as wine, for example, it is necessary to implement the five senses, if it is true that the least likely to be used touch and hearing, especially the latter.

That said, it is noteworthy that all tasting marijuana could be divided into two sections: first, the tasting dry, it would be the one that has to do with touch, hearing, sight, smell or taste; on the other, burning tasting where involved the taste and smell, mainly.

Considering these aspects, we first explain how the first part of the tasting would take place, that is, one that is dry:

Step 1: corresponding to visual analysis. The sample spreads on the table and try to get as much information as possible from it: presence, color, whether or not creak, whether or not pests or fungi or odor.

Step 2: From the sample, so that we can carry out the olfactory analysis. If the wine is made ​​with a joint, it is wound in the corresponding role and stalls, but without giving fire. So we can try a little taste.


These would be the steps of the first half. Once we have all the information we could extract them, you pass to the tasting in combustion, where the steps are:

Step 1: turn on the marijuana the way we usually do and had the taste analysis, this time completely. In the first puff smoke will keep for 3 to 4 minutes and exhale. The second puff must be deep and long; the third average intensity.

Step 2: The aftertaste. We will do a second round of puffs of marijuana, to take the latest findings. In addition, this section can also be analyzing the healthy properties of the variety that we have tasted, with the help of expert to join us for the same.

When carrying out the tasting, as we said in the section of the rules, you must not have eaten anything above or have any taste whatsoever in the mouth. Thus, in addition to whether or not we like the taste of marijuana that we are tasting, also know what kind of effect it has on our body, that is, if we relax, make us laugh, mourn, etc.

We may also know the duration of the effect and how is the kind of down, so keep that in mind for later use of it. You can also give us the data that has to do with whether the effects are the same or not when we continuously. And finally, it is interesting to note how much can be taken until it no longer has any effect.


With all this data, and you just have to move on to the tasting, you can make yourself. Now you just have to pick the seeds you want to try and do the tasting once you get the results.
By Noelia Jiménez, Team Piensa En Verde

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