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In this section of our marijuana blog, we will explain how to identify and solve the main diseases and pests that affect plants in both indoor and outdoor crops. We have articles with very precise images so that you can know by looking at the photo that mites or fungus is attacking your crop.

We think of everything, that's why we have news about how to make preventive products, and homemade insecticides and fungicides, with total guarantee and without spending too much money.

The most common pests in marijuana are:

  • Whitefly, when the whitefly lays its eggs on the leaves, the first symptoms usually appear when the younger leaves turn yellow and the edges begin to dry. If you have contracted the pest you can start using ecological insecticides such as pyrethrins or you can try home remedies that work very well as infusions of Tanaceto or Wormwood. If the plague persists and as a last resort you can use chemical pesticides like this Epik 20 SG Insecticide whitefly and aphid

  • The Red Spider, a mite that appears when temperatures and humidity are high, is more likely to invade our crop at a higher temperature. It is one of the most complicated plagues to eradicate. To try to get rid of them you will have to pulverize weekly via foliar with Abamectin. You need 15 days of security before harvesting, don't forget that the buds are going to be smoked.

The most common fungi in marijuana:

  • Oidio and mildew, appears as a white powder on the underside of the leaves, you have to be especially careful because this is the most common symptom that presents this fungus in marijuana plants. Only mineral fungicides have proven their effectiveness against this type of fungus Mildiuprot Plus. You will avoid its appearance with a good inlet/outlet air extraction and ventilation system in the crop.

If you have come across the attack of some pathogenic agent that stalks your marijuana plants...maybe you want to know... How to identify each plague? or how to prevent its appearance again... all of them are issues that you will solve if you keep reading our blog.

Enjoy it!