How to clean a grinder made of plastic, metal, wood and more

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The cleaning of the weed grinder is very important for its proper working, since the more waste there is, the worse it crushes marijuana. Although we don’t see it at first, every time we grind a bud with the grinder, we break the glandular heads of the trichomes.

These glands release oils that harden and darken as they dry and oxidize, adhering to the teeth and other parts of the grinder. When the layer of dry resin stuck in the grinder accumulates, it interferes with its proper use, so it is essential to clean the grinder regularly.

In this article we will see the best way to clean your grinders, whatever the material, and with elements that everyone can get easy.



▶ Is it possible to use the resin glued to the grinder?




Of course you can, although some people prefer to throw it away, we have friends who only clean the grinder when they have nothing else to smoke. What must be clear is that if we want to take advantage of the cleaning of the grinder to smoke these remains, we must separate them from the grinder with a non-toxic solvent.

One thing we have to take into account before consuming the profitable remains, is that not everything that is stuck in the grinder are remains of cannabis, so we’d have to clean up the dirt first, not to consume substances that can be harmful.

We are going to see separately which can be the best cleaning method for each type of grinder, and the best way to take advantage of any remaining leftovers.



➕ How do I clean a metal grinder?



First of all, the external parts of the grinder should be cleaned with hot water and soap, as it is better not to take advantage of this dirt. Once we have cleaned all the exterior faces, we move on to the interior, which is where the resin we can consume remains.

It is best to dismantle the grinder so that all its parts are separated. If it contains a pollinator, we take out the two toothed parts, since on the part of the spikes or teeth there is an accumulation of resin as well as small pieces of weed. On the other hand, the lower chamber where the kief is and the part that contains the filtering mesh are removed, these 2 parts usually only contain trichome traces.


Image of a grinder taking a shower to remove the resin*.
Image of a grinder taking a shower to remove the resin*.

Alcohol to clean the grinder


We prepare a glass with ethyl alcohol or ethanol, introduce all the parts of the grinder in its interior so that they are submerged and wait at least one hour. We will see that the alcohol darkens, that means that it has extracted the resin, so we can remove all the parts of the grinder and give it one last checkup rubbing with the help of a toothbrush or similar, and pour the alcohol on a plate.

Let the alcohol evaporate at room temperature, and when there is nothing left, you can collect the layer of resin that has remained on the plate and consume it as you like.

This method is valid for any type of metallic grinder, also for those that have the shape of a card.



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⛳ What is the best way to clean a plastic grinder?



For the cleaning of the plastic grinder we recommend boiling water better than alcohol or other solvents. This is because plastic can release toxic components during that process, and we are healthy people…

In this case, boiling water does not dissolve the resin, but the heat helps enough to soften it so that it takes less to extract it by rubbing. It is a simple method, just put a saucepan with water to boil, and introduce the parts of the grinder you want to clean. Let the boiling water act for a few minutes, turn off the fire, take out the grinder and let it cool a little, enough to catch it and with the help of a cotton swab or toothbrush rub to remove all the dirt. Then rinse with clean water and leave to dry.

This method is useful to clean the plastic grinder in the best way, but it is not good for cleaning a wood grinder as it can deteriorate, nor for a metal grinder because it could rust.



⭐ How can I clean a wood grinder then?



The wood grinder is oneof the most difficult to clean properly, because this material does not allow long-term contact with water, alcohol or any other solvents..

From our point of view, the best way to clean a wood grinder safely is with the help of the freezer. We put the open grinder, with each of the separate parts, and leave it in the freezer for an entire night, or at least 6 hours. Later we take it out and on a baking paper, an aluminum one, or similar, we hit it so that it releases the resin, that when frozen is very easily removed. It is possible that we need the help of a small needle, blade or some gadget with which we can scratch a little by the difficult areas of access.



✨ Can an electric grinder also be cleaned?



Of course you can, at least the parts that get dirtier. The handle usually has all kinds of dirt, so it can not be used to consume. But the bowl and the blades are often get dirty with resin, so let’s try to extract it.

First, the bowl, which can be placed directly in ethyl alcohol, must be disassembled together with the blades to be unscrewed. Once disassembled the blades, we can clean the inner mechanism with a blade or punch, since it is there where the resin accumulates and gradually is blocking the proper working.

Be very careful when reassembling the electric grinder, remember that it contains blades and if it is not assembled well it can be dangerous.



🧐 How can I clean the grinder with milk?



Many customers ask us if it is possible to clean the weed grinder with milk, because they have heard it and it sounds like an urban legend. But the answer is that you can clean it with milk because it contains fats, and as we know, cannabis is liposoluble, that is, it dissolves in fats.

It is ideal to clean the external parts of the grinder first with soap and water as we saw before, as the grinder on the outside gets dirty with anything. Once the outside has been cleaned, heat whole milk in a saucepan, (Better whole milk because it contains more fat) without boiling. Then we put the open grinder, with the pieces separately, in the saucepan with the hot milk. Let it work for at least 10 to 15 minutes, so that all the resin is removed from the grinder and dissolved in the milk.

This psychoactive milk can be consumed directly as tea, or used to prepare other recipes with a touch of weed.


Image of a grinder inside a glass of milk*.
Image of a grinder inside a glass of milk*.



👾 Tips and tricks to better clean the grinder fast



We have seen many people clean their grinder by scratching hard with a metallic object, dry and at room temperature. This can be dangerous, as wood, plastic or metal components may be removed from the grinder during scratching and their gases may end up in our lungs.

The easiest way to clean a grinder is to put it in the freezer when you go to sleep. The next day it is enough to take it out of the freezer and hit it on a hard surface, where we have placed a paper or similar to collect the resin that it releases.

If the grinder is metallic, it can also be cleaned quickly with the help of cola soda. This is also useful to remove the rust that usually comes out in this type of grinder, but the problem is that then you can not use the resin we obtain. The good part is that the grinder looks like a new one, working spectacularly.




☕ Conclusion



The good maintenance of the grinder is important, without allowing it to accumulate much dirt. It is not necessary to clean it thoroughly after each use, but regularly, every 15 days or 1 month, depending on the frequency of use.

If you have any doubt about it you can consult us in the comments below or with an email, and if you liked the article share it so that it reaches more people, thank you in advance.

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