Keep in mind the latitude to grow marijuana

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This is a very important aspect, given that determines the best period for the self-cultivation of marijuana. Depending on what the hemisphere in which you are, you must cultivate at a time or another, to get the results you want.

Whenever we talked about growing marijuana, we insist much on the amount of daylight hours that our plant should receive so it can grow as expected. In this sense, light can be natural or artificial, depending on whether the crop is inside or outside, but whenever we can recommend it done in the second way, albeit on a small terrace we have at home. Because the natural light, although you can not control as artificial, brings, like people, vitamins contain no artificial light.


That said, marijuana is a plant that is cultivated and growed everywhere in the world except the South Pole and the North Pole, by inappropriate conditions for this type of plants can develop because they need a minimum of hours of heat and are not made ​​to withstand the cold climate of these parts of the world.

Moreover, when it comes to growing marijuana in addition to the hours of sunshine, the kind of seed we use influences. Given these two factors, it will be more advisable to perform cultivation at a time or in another year. In this sense, the latitude in which we find ourselves has a lot to do, and that based on the same daylight hours vary and seasons too.

As the exact latitude in which we find ourselves is not always easy to know, what we do is we can distinguish under what hemisphere we are. In this case, as you know, are divided into three: north, south and intertropical hemisphere. Based on the same we cultivate at a time or in another of year.


An example would be that of Argentina and Spain. The first country is in the southern hemisphere, unlike Spain (except the Canary Islands varies more), located in the northern hemisphere. In the former case, the months in Spain are known as “summer” in Argentina are from January to April. Months in Spain, would refer to our winter-spring.

Regardless of the hemisphere in which you are, the ideal months for any ordinary marijuana seed grow and develop as expected are those of mild temperatures and where there is not excessive moisture. In the case of Spain, for example, would be the months from March to June. Although, of course, there are seeds and techniques that allow us self-cultivation marijuana all the year.

Then we will explain when and what kind of seeds is best to plant, based on the hemisphere and latitude in your culture is.

Grow marijuana in the northern hemisphere

All those countries that are above Ecuador, including Spain although, in this sense, should distinguish between the Iberian Peninsula and the Canary Islands, as the weather and latitude vary somewhat and, therefore, it is necessary to have this.

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In the case of Spain, it is worth mentioning that due to the warm weather of it can grow all kinds of seeds and the ideal months to make it oscillate between March and June. The only type of seed that can give more problems is the equatorial sativa, due to its slow flowering process, which may end in November or December, cold months in our220px-Cannabis_sativa_001 land to development is to be expected (except to talk an indoor growing, but is not).

The time to start cultivating marijuana will depend, in the case of Spain, the type of seed. For example, the months of March to April is good to plant seeds of early type, especially if we are to grow in pots or terrace. By contrast, in the case of June, it is recommended sativa (except that we mentioned earlier).

If we talk about the Canary Islands, things change a bit; to start: the latitude. If Spain is between 36 and 44 degrees north, Canary between 27 degrees 37 Celsius and 29 degrees 25 Celsius north. This means you have a marijuana ideal climate for growing almost all year round. For that, you can do as in the case of Spain, in the months from March to June, but also in the months from September to November, where the climate remains mild and not particularly humid (except For some areas of the Islands).

Growing marijuana in the southern hemisphere

Unlike the above countries, in this case we find those found south of Ecuador and found at a latitude that can vary between 23 and 33 degrees. If we said before that the ideal for growing marijuana in the northern hemisphere were the months from March to June, in the case of the countries of the southern hemisphere, the most suitable for this type of work months from November to February, which is when there is more daylight hours.

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For them, the plants can enjoy a total of 15 hours of natural light, with all the benefits that entails for its development, because all the nutrients that the sun will bring it.

However, experienced growers and having space and wish to have larger plants, can also start planting in the months of September October, which are not as cold as they correspond to the Spanish summer, nor early-maroc_13_1_-225x300unusually wet. At the same they are advised autoflowering varieties.

Moreover, and in general, in these countries, the months of November and December is recommended to sow seeds autoflowering. However, in January, plus the recommended seeds sativa marijuana. And finally, in February, the tropical varieties.

Finally, it is noteworthy that, by the type and climates as varied degrees of latitude, in warmer areas of the countries that make up the southern hemisphere, you can also carry out a second planting a year, as happens much of the Canary Islands. We talked about the months from June to September, approximately. The results, at this time, will not be as great as those that occur in the hottest months of the year, but it will be good, especially if seeds are used type Medical Seeds .

Growing marijuana in the tropics

That is, all those countries or areas of countries located between the belt stretching from the Tropic of Cancer to the Tropic of Capricorn. You might say that countries of “paradise of marijuana growers,” not by the amount It is planted, but because you can plant cannabis all year.


And it is that the hours of daylight and night are almost equal every month of the year (12 hours each) although, by region and month of the year vary from one hour apart. Just do what you need to consider are the months of heavy rain and drought when making planting. If it rains a lot during the flowering season, it can be seen diminished and, on the other hand, if too dry, could damage or need more care.


In this area of the planet, the recommended seeds are sativa, and work best if it is true that by photoperiod that occurs in this area of the planet, all the seeds that are grown act as if they were autoflowering.

For both crops in the tropics, as in those that are in the southern hemisphere, you can always turn to perform off-season crops, adding artificial light before reaching flowering and bring them back to the outside, natural light, so the flowering period, so that they benefit from the advantages of natural sunlight.
By Noelia Jiménez, Team Piensa En Verde

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