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Here you have the best seed catalog of indica cannabis seeds on the whole web, varieties with ancestors from the Himalayas, with a relaxing, narcotic and sedative effect.Read more

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Indica marijuana seeds are characterized by being strains with a powerful and relaxing effect and a characteristic taste of noble woods and incensed touches, which is due to a specific terpenes profile, and that you can find in pure Indicas strains as well as special genetics, within the best seed banks in the world.

Although most marijuana seed banks market hybrids, many of these genetics have an Indica percentage marked enough to distinguish them, although it is true that almost always disrupt the aromas and flavors to produce such hybrids, resulting in strains with aromatic mixtures difficult to classify.

Although the Indicas strains respond to a common origin, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, have not stopped potentiating and backcrossing to be adapted to European climates, increase their potency by producing more THC and generating more productive plants and more resistant to high cycles of irrigation and fertilization, you will also be able to find Indicas varieties to grow indoors, there are for all tastes.


Which are the best pure indicas?

The marijuana varieties that comply with the Indica phenotype in the purest way will be those that comply with all the usual genetic traits, including the terpene profiles that we have mentioned before, as they give us the purity traits that define their aromas and flavors.

Many people think that the Indicas strains are more medicinal than the Sativas, but in reality there is hardly any difference in cannabinoid ratios between an Indica strain and a Sativa.

If the Indica variety is very pure there may be a small increase in CBD in the Indica variety with respect to the pure Sativas, but in general, both phenotypes have seen their potency increase with respect to THC without affecting the CBD in the slightest. In fact, the CBD has been incorporated in new genetics whose crosses are carried out with varieties of industrial hemp.

At PEV Grow we have decided to help you identify the purest Indicas strains, which we know for sure will surprise you, and we have decided to give you a list of strains we take for granted that meet these standards. In this selection you will be able to find the best indicas and feminized autoflowering varieties.

Let's begin!

Northern Lights Autoflowering:

Pure Indica from PEV Bank that incorporates the auto-flowering Rudelaris feature from a pure Northern Lights Indica as a "White" variety. We get a flowering plant in 75 days from seed germination.


Black Domina Autoflowering:

PEV Bank breeders have created a pure Indian hybrid, from a Northern Lights Autoflowering and a Black Domina 99 (Sensi Seeds). A very productive stable hybrid, with a THC concentration above 20%.


Northern Lights Feminized:

Afghan genetics reproduced by PEV Bank breeders, sweet and incensed flavor, with relaxing effects and very short flowering in 55 days.


OG Kush Feminizada:

Genetic superproducer of Afghan origin but with a differentiating result, fruit of its subsequent hybridization. This is a very fast genetics and incensed flavor with fruity touches, perhaps by its subsequent introduction of certain features Thai and Chemdog. It is one of the queens of dispensaries in California (USA).


Afghan Kush Autoflowering:

Pure indica genetics in autoflowering format, reproduced by the PEV Bank team from a feminized Afghan Kush (Sensi Seeds). Excellent performance and power in both indoor and outdoor crops. Ultra Fast indoors under LEC lighting.



What are the most productive Indian seeds?


Productivity is a recurring theme when we talk about marijuana, whether you grow Indica seeds indoors or outdoors, if you choose the right genetics you will have a long way to go.  Hybrid varieties with predominance Indica like the crosses exerted with the own Black Domina such as Black Domina x Somango and Black Domina x Papa's Candy, give as a result heavy monsters of fast flowering, with an excellent resin production.

Other predominantly Indica hybrids interesting for their generous harvest are those derived from white varieties such as White Widow and Northern Lights. Great examples of these hybrids are Northern lights x Big Bud, White Widow x Chronic and Northern Lights x Cinderella 99.

All of them reproduced, selected and stabilized by our team of breeders, which has done a job of selecting indica varieties from marijuana seeds from the best banks, reproducing all those genetics most appreciated and demanded.
In addition, from purchases over 30 euros (shipping costs not included) you can get free cannabis seeds! Yes, as if you needed more good reasons to buy your favourite Indica cannabis seeds ;).

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