How to Build Your Own Marijuana Growing Kit

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Cheer up and set up your own growing closet
Cheer up and set up your own growing closet

Step by step and in a simple way, today we want to explain how to set up your own marijuana cultivation kit so that you can get to work as soon as possible and give life to those seeds that you have bought so much.

The world of marijuana self-cultivation is as exciting as it is demanding. This does not mean that it is difficult, but it is true that if we want to obtain certain results, it is essential to have certain knowledge that, undoubtedly and over time, we will acquire.





And is that like other crops of plants, theory is one thing, but the practice is another, since there are certain external factors that we cannot always control and that can damage our crop, even when it is already Near its culmination.

We recommend that you start with a culture kit, with everything you need to grow cannabis seeds.
We recommend that you start with a culture kit, with everything you need to grow cannabis seeds.

The weather, humidity, pests or poor quality of certain seeds (something that will not happen if you buy them in our online store, because we give great importance to this point), among other external factors, can ruin our crop.

In this sense, there will be factors that we can identify in advance and act after spending time in this world (nobody is born knowing and less in the world of marijuana self-cultivation where, every day, believe us, something new is learned) and others due to which, little or nothing we can do to avoid them, but everyone learns.

What is clear is that, especially if we do not have much experience or none, the best way to start self-cultivating our cannabis will be to do it in an interior space, for which we will need certain tools and utensils. If you have been taking these tools for a long time, but we recommend you start with a cultivation kit, since they have everything you need to grow cannabis seeds.

Precisely, of those kits of culture and how to mount them we want to speak you today in this article. In the first place, we will see what the general culture kits consist of and, secondly, how to set them up step by step.

Do not worry if you have no experience. As we have said from the beginning, the world of marijuana is very extensive, but at the same time, really exciting. Once you start cultivating you engage in such a way, you will love spending hours in your ‘vegetable garden‘ and learning something new every day. So, step by step and simply, only with the help of a screwdriver and your hands, you can, first, set up your self-cultivation kit and then, of course, dedicate yourself to the marijuana self-cultivation. You are ready? Grab paper, pen and a screwdriver and take note of everything we are going to tell you.

What is a marijuana self-cultivation kit?

Yes now. After some time starting in the world of marijuana with one or two pots, you have decided to expand your cultivation space and you have searched for a space in your home where you will only cultivate marijuana. Great! You’ve already taken an important first step. Now, as we said before, to complete this step and do not lack any of the essential tools to be able to have your little ‘green garden’, it is best to get a self-cultivation kit, but what is a self-cultivation kit ? What tools or articles do you have?

Elements necessary to set up a marijuana grow kit
Elements necessary to set up a marijuana grow kit

Although the number of products can vary from one model to another of self-growing, the main thing is that you have the following products:

Indoor cultivation cabinet: of different sizes, it is the best way to have a concrete and discreet space for self-cultivation. In addition, a crop cabinet isolates your plants from external agents such as heat or moisture, although they are necessary to some degree, the truth is that it is necessary to control their degree so that they do not affect our plants.

Lighting: the cultivation kit itself includes another illumination so that it does not lack your plants, but always in the right measure. To regulate the moments of light and the temperature that they emit in the different phases of growth of the plant will be necessary so that they do not affect to the same one.

Extraction and ventilation: when being in a crop cabinet, plants can not have any type of ventilation, so it is necessary to have the right machinery to generate this artificial ventilation. On the other hand, that air that is generated in the interior also has to be renewed, hence the closet must have space for an extraction machinery, which helps to change the air inside the aforementioned cabinet.

Measuring devices: and as we have mentioned before, every plant must receive light, water and air, but always in its proper measure and at certain temperatures, so measure both heat, humidity levels or Quality of air becomes essential to take care of our plants.

Odor treatments: we know that it is not always easy to have our own marihuana culture at home, especially because of the odors that this plant gives off, so the smell control, like the points in the previous point, also hay What to take into account when saying carry out an indoor crop. We can enjoy what we like most, without disturbing anyone.

These are, as they said, the basic commodities that we will find in a growing kit, without a doubt, the best investment you can make if you are determined to have a small pot “orchard” at home. And it is that while it is true that the initial investment is important, no less true is that with these kits you save money and time.

And it is that if you buy all the necessary products, little by little, these will be much more expensive. But not only that: this way, once you have the kit at your disposal you can start to make your self-cultivation and you do not have to wait until, little by little, they get to the different pieces, which is what would happen to you buy it separately

In PEV Grow we put at your disposal cultivation kits of different sizes and prices to suit your pocket and your availability. From the cultivation kit S, which now has a 10% discount and the tea can carry for 270 euros and includes all the basic parts that end up being mentioned in the upper lines, passing through the cultivation kit L, designed for cultures of 1200 x 1200 millimeters, up to the cultivation kit XL, with a capacity of 2400×1200 millimeter and in addition to helping to save money, tea cultivates its marijuana in a simple and professional way.

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Steps to Build Your Marijuana Grow Kit

If you already have your home cultivation kit it may make you feel a bit overwhelmed as if they were together, but do not be scared. It’s a lot easier than it looks you just need a little time, patience, good humor and, of course, a screwdriver to help you place all the pieces that contain your kit.

-The cabinet: before assembling, make sure the space in which it is left completely clear. Once you have verified this, the first step will be to assemble the iron structure with which to create the base of your closet. Then place the floor of the cabinet, and finally, before closing the zippers of the cabinet, place the ceiling. Now, he stretches the screen and closes the closet by the zippers. The first step is now!

the first step will be to assemble the iron structure
the first step will be to assemble the iron structure

Ventilation: from here the thing becomes more complicated, but nothing you cannot do. We are convinced of that. It is advisable to install the fan cable before placing it on the iron that comes in our express kit for its attachment, as well as knowing which is the best place to place this appliance. One of the most recommended is usually the roof or one of the sides, but it all depends on how the sea the place in which you install your closet. As you can see, the ventilation device has six-bolt screwdriver, two of which remain free and through both duties pass the two poles of the current without taking a ground. You decide how to hold this appliance. Flanges are always a good, comfortable and inexpensive option.

The second step is to install a ventilation equipment
The second step is to install a ventilation equipment

Filter and extractor tube: it must be centered, but that does not disturb the light emitted by the light, besides, it is not necessary to rub neither the walls of the cabinet, nor of the ceiling, so that it does not give problems. To connect the filter to the extractor, our kit comes with a tube. To unite the two parts we will only need two clamps that appear so that it is adjusted, but not enough so that we can move it freely.

Filter and extractor tube must be centered
Filter and extractor tube must be centered

Lighting: this is the last step and the most complicated. For simplicity shapes, it is best to make them with easy roller pulleys. No son at all costs and will help you to securely hold your lighting kit in addition to doing it quickly and easily. You simply have to pass the pulleys through the tube that we have previously placed and, from each end, put the hooks that come with the lighting fixtures. These pulleys also allow you to raise and lower your lamps, so that, based on the growth phase in which your plant is based on the characteristics of it, it receives more or less light and, therefore more heat.

Lighting: this is the last step and the most complicated
Lighting: this is the last step and the most complicated

This is a brief summary of what a grow kit serves and how to assemble it step by step. However, we will be happy to help with the construction of the one you want in PEV Grow . We will wait for you!

By Noelia Jiménez, Team Piensa En Verde

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