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Nirvana Seeds 

Here we are again with you from PEV Grow to talk about another of the living legends of the cannabis scene.

This is the Dutch marijuana seed bank Nirvana Seeds.

Although its history dates back to the late 1980s, when Mau, its founder, worked for Positronics' coffeeshop in Amsterdam, it was not until 1995 that Nirvana seeds was established as a seed bank.

Like almost all the gourmets in the sector and also full of youth, he dedicated himself to travel all over the world in search of the best strains to make his seedbank.

As a result of these trips we may be provided from them, being perfectly available on the market today; genetics such as Nirvana Seeds Hawaii Maui Waui, Nirvana Seeds Master Kush, Nirvana Seeds Ice or Nirvana Seeds Haze 1, have lasted for more than 20 years on the marlet from the company's begining.

We have to say that this seed bank has renewed its image, adapting to the concerns and needs of the ludic and medicinal grower. That's why Nirvana Seeds is no longer just Nirvana Seeds as a mere seed bank, but has also developed its own range of hemp products and also improving and expanding its seeds catalogue, while at the same time Nirvana has been removing strains from its catalogue that the market has left obsolete.

Its range of products goes even further, as Nirvana produces its own wine and handmade beer with hemp, hemp vinegar, hemp iced tea and hemp liqueur "Eva Paradijs".

Nirvana's headquarters in Amsterdam is located in the heart of the city, where it is a source of fresh air but at the same time full of green colour, serenity and purity.

Its catalogue of feminized seeds is very extensive, and full of great flavor, effect and quality. In addition to the already mentioned historical legends, we can find the most potents THC rich hybrids indica dominants

Pure medicine.... would you like to reach out The Nirvana?