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Nirvana Seeds: Legendary feminized varieties

Here we are again with you from PEV Grow to talk about another of the living legends of the cannabis scene. This is the Dutch marijuana seed bank Nirvana Seeds.

Although its history dates back to the late 1980s, when Mau, its founder, worked for Positronics' coffeeshop in Amsterdam, it was not until 1995 that Nirvana seeds was established as a seed bank. Like almost all the gourmets in the sector and also full of youth, he dedicated himself to travel all over the world in search of the best strains to make his seedbank.

As a result of these trips we may be provided from them, being perfectly available on the market today; genetics such as Nirvana Seeds Hawaii Maui Waui, Nirvana Seeds Master Kush, Nirvana Seeds Ice or Nirvana Seeds Haze 1, have lasted for more than 20 years on the marlet from the company's begining.

We have to say that this seed bank has renewed its image, adapting to the concerns and needs of the ludic and medicinal grower. That's why Nirvana Seeds is no longer just Nirvana Seeds as a mere seed bank, but has also developed its own range of hemp products and also improving and expanding its seeds catalogue, while at the same time Nirvana has been removing strains from its catalogue that the market has left obsolete.

Its range of products goes even further, as Nirvana produces its own wine and handmade beer with hemp, hemp vinegar, hemp iced tea and hemp liqueur "Eva Paradijs".

Nirvana's headquarters in Amsterdam is located in the heart of the city, where it is a source of fresh air but at the same time full of green colour, serenity and purity.

Catalogue of Nirvana Seeds feminized varieties:

Its catalogue of feminized seeds is very extensive, and full of great flavor, effect and quality. In addition to the already mentioned historical legends, we can find the most potents THC rich hybrids indica dominants like  Nirvana Seeds Somango XXL,  Nirvana Seeds Sterling Haze, Nirvana Seeds Jock Horror, Nirvana Seeds Super Skunk, Nirvana Seeds Swiss Cheese, Nirvana Seeds Haze 1 and Nirvana Seeds Papaya

Pure medicine.... Would you like to reach out The Nirvana?

Nirvana Seeds, who said nirvana was a fantasy?


In order to know the origin of Nirvana Seeds, and the automatic varieties of its catalogue, it is necessary to go back to the year 1995, where a small shop sold marijuana seeds of very good quality, and whose owner, Mau, who at the end of the 80's worked for the Positronics Coffee Shop, had more than 20 years collecting varieties that he collected from all the parts of the world to which he travelled, to create his own selection, and that already combined improving what nature was able to create.

Its name in honour of Nirvana is a faithful reflection of the love with which each of its varieties is created, and the affection and ambition to achieve new goals, which led this genius to begin his journey around the world. Every effort is rewarded, and now Nirvana Seeds is considered one of the world's leading seed banks, and its auto-flowering varieties are characterised by their incredible taste, endurance and quality.

Our experts recommend these Nirvana varieties

Auto Northern Lights

In Nirvana Seeds' catalogue of auto-flowering seeds, you can find strains the size of Auto Northern Lights, renowned for its production levels, regardless of the environment in which you decide to cultivate it. Indoors, if you apply SOG you will obtain its maximum yield and you will be able to reach 400-500 gr per m2. In outdoor crops, it will take 10 days more to be harvested than indoors, but in turn the reward is 10% higher, you decide...


Auto Blue Mistyc

Auto Blue Mystic is perfect for those who are looking for a strain with narcotic and relaxing effects that will help you overcome insomnia problems, stress, anxiety, etc. perfect to finish the day in the best way. Indoors, if you place 9 plants for each 600W lighting kit, you can reap excellent results, and if you opt for a hydroponics crop, you will notice the difference. Outdoors, in 80 days after germination ends its growing cycle, use a pot of 18 liters and a good dose of sunlight and get a huge reward.


OG Kush Auto

For lovers of the traditional flavors of the best Kush, Nirvana Seeds presents Og Kush Auto, which comes from the cross between Og Kush and a selection of an automatic Northern Lights, inheriting the best of each of them, and teleport you in each puff, to the very valley of Kush. Indoors, if you use a 315w LEC lighting system and 7 litre pots, you will obtain an amazing productivity of 400 gr per m2. In outdoor crops, if you plant directly on mother earth, your results will be a real spectacle, since in a natural way you will obtain all the nutrients you need, being able to enjoy 80 gr per plant.

Blueberry Kush Auto

Blueberry Kush Auto, a dominant Indica, which will not leave anyone indifferent, its flavor is characterized by a fruity taste with spicy touches and a background to Hush that is a real past. Indoors, 400 gr per m2 are waiting for you, with minimum care, but to get them I recommend you put 11 pots of 9 liters per m2. In outdoor crops, cultivate it in May, since you will obtain better results, and you will be able to collect up to 80 gr per plant. I really like to use a root stimulator like Cannazym by Canna, to help them grow more vigorously and therefore their vegetative development is greater.

Jock Horror Auto

Jock Horror Auto, will hook you from the first puff, thanks to its citrus flavor with touches of Diesel strain, which will delight lovers of the old glories. In interior you will have to go applying progressive pruning since with their growth they will arrive quickly to touch the focus. In outdoor crops, give a good dose of sunlight, and use coconut fiber as a substrate, as its root growth will be wider and this will affect proportionally to the production of buds. If in addition in the last stage of flowering you use Brutal Buds, you will give a push to him so that the buds fatten a little more and its flavor is still harnessed.


Of course I don't want to forget other varieties such as Sweet Cheese Auto and Lemon Og Haze Auto, real wonders that undoubtedly occupy a very special place in my private dispensary.

Discover with PevGrow, the wide catalogue of autoflowering varieties of Nirvana Seeds, their quality, their impressive flavours, their short flowering periods, are enough reasons to fall in love with them. Do you discover Nirvana with us?

Nirvana Seeds, regular premium seeds


On this occasion, we are proud to present to you the regular seeds of Nirvana Seeds, whose origin can be traced back more than 20 years, when Mau, its owner and founder, managed to establish himself on his own account, and created his own seed bank, which he called Nirvana Seeds, and with a lot of sense, as his intention was to reflect the love and affection with which each of his creations are made, as well as the determination he demonstrated by starting a journey around the world, in search of a dream that finally came true.

The best of the regular varieties is that you can select males and females, and if you are willing to create your own seeds, or directly smoke and live a truly beastly experience.

The best varieties from the catalogue

Northern Lights Regular

After a few crops, and trying each and every one of them, I have made a small personal selection, and I would love to share it with you. First of all, I would like to highlight the regular Northern Lights, a really mythical strain, which behaves great both outdoors and indoors, and which is perfect for growers entering the world.

In indoor crops, you need an 18/6 growing photoperiod, and when you move it to 12/12 flowering with a 600W HPS lighting system, and placing it in 11 litre pots, you can collect up to 500g per m2.

In outdoor crops, if you apply SCROG technique will respond very well, and you can collect a good number of incredible buds. It has good resistance against pests, but I like to prevent rather than cure, so I always use Red Spyder Plagues and Fungi of Agrobeta, specially designed against the red spider and fungus attacks in more humid places.

Regular Jock Horror

Another classic from the Nirvana Seeds catalogue, which could not be missing in the regular version, is Jock Horror Regular, a strain born from the fusion between three legends, Northern Lights, Skunk and Haze, resulting in a variety that is perfect for obtaining mother plants and gradually taking out cuttings.

In indoor crops, in order to get a good productivity, it is necessary to use a good lighting system that replicates sunlight well, as a 315w LEC lamp you can get up to 450 gr per m2.

Outdoors, it develops very well in temperate and Mediterranean climates, hates rain so it is certainly sensitive to pests of fungi, although you can always apply a fungicide to prevent.

Super Skunk Regular

Super Skunk Regular, is the Regular version of Nirvana Seeds, one of the classics Cannabis most awarded and loved in the world, for it the Dutch bank has crossed Skunk #1 with Skunk Special, getting an extremely beast power, and is among the most sought after in the famous Dutch Coffee Shops.

Indoors his behavior is very good, you can harvest 500 gr per m2, using pots of 11 liters, being able to place up to 9 specimens per m2.

In crops under the sun, if you have the option works directly on mother earth, as their productivity will be increased, as well as the quality of the buds, and also get all the nutrients it needs naturally.

White Widow Regular

Within this constellation of stars could not miss the regular version of White Widow, which extraordinarily combines the phenotype of his parents, on the one hand, the genetics Landrace Sativa of Brazil, while at the other extreme combines a Landrace Sativa / Indica of Kerala, directly from southern India.

In outdoor crops, if the plants in full soil you can get large numbers of buds, with a very powerful and psychoactive effect marked by its THC percentage of 20%.

In indoor crops, if you use pots of 7 liters, you can place up to 14 specimens per m2 being able to collect up to 450 grams.


These varieties and many more, you can find them in our online store, where our catalog does not stop growing, bringing for you the best seed banks of the world cannabis scene. Dare to check if Nirvana is real? Buy regular seeds of Nirvana Seeds at Pevgrow!

Nirvana Seeds, reaches nirvana with its varieties with high content in CBD


Nirvana Seeds is a seed bank that is constantly evolving and that is why it is among the leaders in the world, as far as quality is concerned. Of course, one of the most important elements for a seed bank after so many years in operation, continues to be considered one of the great, is its constant research and development of new strains, which is why we are proud to present you, the catalog of CBD-rich seeds of Nirvana Seeds.

The varieties with a high CBD content are in full boom in the market, motivated mainly by research carried out by medical laboratories, which demonstrates the medicinal potential of CBD present in cannabis naturally. It is so much the boom, that hospitals around the world, are currently conducting studies and experimental treatments in which the CBD is used for the treatment of various diseases, in which traditional medicine does not provide solutions.

The selection of our experts

Supreme CBD Durban

Supreme CBD Durban, a true work of art, which is composed of a perfect 1:1 balance between THC and CBD which gives it, a very balanced effect, and which is widely recommended for the treatment of muscle aches, I particularly helped a lot with an odious back pain that there was no way to remove. Indoors, use 11 litre pots and you will be able to harvest up to 400 gr per m2, under a 315w LEC light bulb. In outdoor crops, it develops strength and vigor, if you feed it as it touches you can harvest up to half a kilogram of the best medicinal herb.

Auto Supreme Lemon OG

Auto Supreme Lemon Og, also composed by a balanced level between THC and CBD 1:1 although the difference with its older sister is that it is ready to harvest in just 10 weeks. Its effect is relaxing and bearable, this will allow you to smoke it without diminishing your capacities, since its effect is not narcotic at all. In indoor crops, if you use a 315w LEC lighting system, you will obtain magnificent results, thanks to its light spectrum that is the closest to sunlight, and if you combine it with 11 pots of 9 liters, you can obtain a very high production in just 11 weeks since germination.

Supreme CBD Kush

Supreme CBD Kush, is the last of my list and not the least important, the best is always reserved for the end, and in this case I have much appreciation, because it was the first medical marijuana I tried, because I had a slight stage in which I was a little "depre", and helped me get out of the way. Its balance between THC and CBD is perfect, a 7% in both cases, which allows you to smoke day by day without any problem, is more I recommend at first thing to put a shot of positivism and energy.

In your trusted online Growshop, you will be able to enjoy the Nirvana Seeds CBD seed catalogue. Enjoy their quality, and their impressive genetics, backed by more than 20 years of experience, enjoy the medicinal properties of cannabis!

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