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00 Seeds  

Dear Canangrowers!

Welcome to PEV Grow a cannalover's place where we are proud to introduce the Spanish marijuana seed bank 00 Seeds.

From the hand of Gelo (Angel Cachaceiro) from Kaya Murcia, now under the name of THGrow, and with more than 25 years of experience in the cannabis sector, comes this collection of autoflowering and feminized seed strains developed and produced in Spain.

00 Seeds, or Double Zero, is the name given to the first quality hash, made with the first sieve of frozen resin, passing through its first cold pressure. It is not surprising that they have dedicated this name to the marijuana seed bank, since they are indica genetics, very resin-producing and therefore ideal for making hash

Its catalogue is made up of ten autoflowering cultivars, such as Auto 00 seeds, Auto 00 Kush, Auto Afghan Mass, Auto Bubble Gum, Auto California Kush, Auto Cheese Berry, Auto Chocolate Skunk, Auto Northern Lights, Auto Sweet Soma, and Auto White Widow. The seed bank highlights in its catalogue mainly its production levels of between 350 and 500g per m2, and its THC levels ranging from 16 to 18%, which is very surprising given that it shows a high quimiotypic stability difficult to match. 

00 Seeds has focused his efforts on stabilizing his cannabinoid ratios very well, that is a matter of work and time.

Another feature that highlights this seed bank in its autoflowering genetics is its harvest time, proposing a minimum of 60 days for strains with phenotypes more Kush-like, and 80 for hybrids more sativa.

A great effort to satisfy your indoor growing customers!

Its feminized strains make a total of 14 genetics, all with an amazing level of hybridization and names that suggest a high quality of aromas and flavors. Cultivars such as 00 Seeds Chocolate Kush, 00 Seeds Chocolate Skunk, 00 Seeds Chocolate Cream, besides its feminized variants of some of their autoflowering genetics.

They also have a chemotype with high CBD, 00 Seeds Chocolate Skunk CBD, one of its chemovars with THC:CBD balanced ratio for medicinal users.

In PEV Grow you have all its online catalogue, and an infinite number of cannabic stuff... with a sure gift in every purchase.

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