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00 Seeds: feminized seeds perfect for extractions


I welcome you to PEV Grow, we are proud to present the catalogue of 00 Seeds.

Hand in hand with Gelo (Angel Cachaceiro) from Kaya Murcia, now under the name THGrow, and with more than 25 years of experience in the sector, comes this collection of feminized varieties developed and produced in Spain.

00 Seeds, or Double Zero, is the name given to the first quality hashish, elaborated with the first sieving of frozen resin, passing through its first cold pressure. It is not surprising that they have dedicated this name to the bank of marijuana seeds, since they are genetics indicas, very producers of resin and therefore ideal to make hashish.


Discover the catalogue of 00 Seeds:

The bank of seeds emphasizes in its catalogue mainly its levels of production that hover between 350 and 500 g per square meter, and its levels of THC that oscillate between the 16 and the 20%, something very surprising given that it demonstrates a chemotypic stability difficult to equal.

00 Seeds has focused its efforts on stabilizing its cannabinoid ratios very well, and that is a matter of work and time. Another feature that highlights the seed bank in its genetics is its indoor harvest time, proposing a minimum of 60 days for varieties with phenotypes more Kush, and 80 for more sativa hybrids.

A great effort to satisfy your indoor customers!


The best feminized seeds of 00 Seeds:

Their feminized varieties make a total of 14 genetics, all with a surprising level of hybridization and names that suggest a high quality of aromas and flavors. With the best opinions from customers we can highlight 4 strains from their catalog, the Bubble Gum, a plant with a delicious taste of strawberry gum and a powerful psychoactive effect that will cost you to get rid of it.

Another jewel is Chocolate Cream, a plant with a peculiar chocolate aroma, it is also perfect for novice growers so you will not have much trouble getting a good harvest.

Now the goodness of California Kush, an Old School genetics with the typical flavor and aroma Kush, spicy, earthy with a touch of anise. An herb that causes a pleasant, relaxing and intoxicating high.

They also have a chemotype with high CBD, Chocolate Skunk CBD, one of its varieties with THC:CBD balanced ratio perfect for medicinal users.


At PEV Grow you have its entire online catalog at the best price, and an infinite number of cannabic items ... you also have a safe gift in every purchase.

00 Seeds: The king of autoflowering indicas

Now available in your trusted online Growshop, the extensive catalogue of autoflowering varieties of 00 Seeds, one of the most important seed banks and with the greatest impact in the international arena. 00 Seeds, is a specialist in the creation of Indicas and autoflowering varieties, which get combining the most productive varieties and best flavor of the catalog with Ruderalis, and are characterized by its incredible adaptation to the growing medium that is, and by its rapid flowering period.

Discover the catalogue of 00 Seeds:

Northern Lights Auto

Among the autoflowering varieties of 00 Seeds, the Northern Lights Auto is one of the most outstanding. This is one of the most outstanding autoflowering strains in the 00 Seeds catalogue and from all over the world, it is a true legend in the world of cannabis.

In indoor cultivation, Northern Lights Auto 00 Seeds is perfect to go unnoticed as it does not give off much smell, and your neighbors will not notice anything. I always use about 9 pots of 11 liters, with a HPS lighting system of 600W with which I have come to collect up to 500 gr per m2.

Outdoors, using a definitive pot of 18 liters, and if you add stimulant of roots type Deeper Underground of Top Crop, you will help Northern Lights Auto to obtain a spectacular radicular growth and therefore to improve its growth and its production, arriving to obtain up to 80 gr by plant.


California Kush Auto

Is another of those varieties that you can not miss, an Indica with a very marked character and personality. Remember that automatic varieties need a photoperiod of 20/4 during the entire growing cycle. Outdoors, it can reach up to 1.2 metres in height. For this I advise you to use the specific fertilizer Top Auto, this way you guarantee a harvest of up to 50 grams per vine of strong and healthy buds.


Chocolate Skunk Auto

Is one of the most productive autoflowering varieties in the 00 Seeds catalogue. In indoor crops, it grows strong and robust, perfectly bearing the weight of its numerous buds. Outdoors, if you have the option of using fertilized mother earth, it will be perfect because it will feel like home, and you will get all the nutrients you need naturally.

Auto Bubble Gum

For lovers of sweet flavors, Auto Bubble Gum will be your best choice. 00 Seeds, has brought for you, the autoflowering version of a myth of cannabis, with a very good productivity, which you can get in just 9 weeks. In indoor crops, using 9 pots of 11 liters, establishing a photoperiod 20/4 during and under LEC lighting spotlights with 315W, you can get a harvest of 400 grams/m2. In outdoor crops, is a little delicate at the end of the flowering period, so it is advisable to use preventive. It is worth the effort, its dense resinous flowers of delicious sweet taste, in addition to its incredible euphoric effects, will provide you with a pleasant sensation.


You can already find these autoflowering varieties, and many more than 00 Seeds like Auto Afghan Mass, Auto Cheese Berry and Auto Sweet Soma. Enjoy the incredible productivity and organoleptic properties of all the autoflowering varieties in the 00 seeds catalogue in your trusted online Growshop. Where else? ¡PevGrow!

00 Seeds, meticulous genetic selection, for a magnificent result.

You who are always up to date with everything that surrounds our small large cannabis family, I am pleased to announce the arrival of a very interesting novelty, and that is that we have incorporated the catalog CBD seeds 00 Seeds.

A Spanish seed bank, specialized in Indicas genetics and whose name 00 Seeds or Double Zero, derives from the name given to the first quality hashish, made with the first sieved frozen resin, and whose creations have conquered the hearts of thousands of smokers throughout the country and part of the world, thanks to its quality and worked organoleptic properties. Ready to live a really excellent experience?


Catalogue from 00 Seeds CBD:


Skunk CBD Chocolate

The Cannabidiol-rich version of a classic from the 00 Seeds catalogue, which keeps its mother's goodness intact, is that it is still very resistant to pests as well as really good productivity, regardless of the growing medium you choose, and behaves great with both SOG and SCROG techniques.

In indoor crops, with pots of 7 liters you can collect up to 400 gr per m2, as you can exploit the maximum space by placing up to 14 plants, and I recommend that you use a good lighting system LEC 315w.

In outdoor crops, if you use a substrate with coconut fibre to provide enough space for it to fully develop its roots, you will obtain greater vegetative development, and you will be able to obtain up to 600 gr per plant.


White Widow CBD

Of very balanced effects, it is perfect to be able to enjoy it day to day, to any hour without your capacities are affected, in addition its mental effect is active and foments the creativity, and as medical marijuana is indicated for the treatment of the depression.

Its organoleptic properties, are a scandal and are characterized by a flavor and aroma highlighted by its touches of citrus, with reminiscences of lemon, with hints of spices and fruits, your taste buds will dance ecstatic!


Buy now the CBD-rich varieties from the 00 Seeds catalogue, a very special seed bank that will undoubtedly meet all your expectations.

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