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Expert Seeds: feminized seeds for large crops

We are proud to present all the feminized seeds from the Expert Seeds catalogue. This bank is formed by breeders from several European countries, and whose main purpose is to create varieties for all audiences, whether you are looking for a medicinal marijuana seed, a relaxing Indica or a Sativa with psychoactive effects of scandal, all under a single prism in which the quality is non-negotiable and whose good work is noticeable from minute 0.


The best feminized varieties of Expert Seeds:

If you allow me, I have decided to take the small freedom to recommend which are the varieties that, in my view, are the most prominent.

Gorilla Cookies

We will start with Gorilla Cookies, a real beast with THC percentages of 23% and whose birth is the result of the combination between the powerful Gorilla Blue and an elite clone of Cookie Wreck, and which has given rise to a powerful weed, which will take you straight into space from the cannabis shuttle, enjoy the trip! In indoor cultivation, it is recommended that you use 7 litre pots, and place 14 specimens per m2, accompanied by a 315W LEC lighting system, collecting between 450-550 gr per m2 in just 55-65 days. In outdoor crops, if subjected to low temperatures, its leaves and flowers acquire a very dark green shade really beautiful, and is also very productive, because without too much effort you can collect up to 700 grams per plant. If you use a good bud stimulator for the fattening phase, such as Top Candy by Top Crop, you will give an extra contribution and you will no doubt notice it.


Gorilla Glue #4

Gorilla Glue #4 is another of those versions that will not leave you indifferent, and is that we are talking about some of the most loved and requested varieties in the United States, thanks to its productivity and flavor. Indoors their behavior is spectacular, placing 9 pots per m2 in pots of 11 liters, with a HPS lighting system of 600w, you can get more than 500 grams per m2 without combing your hair. Use a good extraction system because the aroma it gives off is very intense, and it is not recommended that you arouse suspicion among neighbors. In outdoor crops, the best thing to do whenever possible is to cultivate on solid ground in order to promote vegetative growth and increase productivity.


Afghan Skunk

For lovers of the Skunk flavors of all life, the best choice will be to choose Afghan Skunk, which comes from the combination of Afghan and Skunk #1, and is characterized by an 85% Indica hybrid, whose effects begin with a very active mental rise, with a bestial body relaxation, which will help you overcome your worst nights of insomnia and periods of anxiety. Indoors, you will be able to harvest between 500 and 550 gr per m2. In outdoor crops, works a good substrate with worm humus, which gives very good results, and if you accompany it with a quality fertilizer you can get to harvest up to 1 kilogram of buds once dry and cured.


In addition to this selection, you can find other weeds such as Orange Skunk, Terraria or White Gold. Discover in PevGrow, the feminized seeds catalogue of Expert Seeds, at the best price in the market, with an unprecedented quality, and all with the security of buying in your trusted online Growshop.

Expert Seeds: cars created from the best varieties on the market

You can now find the Expert Seeds autoflowering catalogue in your trusted online Growshop. This seed bank, arises in Canada, where some breeders friends who had been growing on their own for a long time, decided to join forces, taking advantage of all their knowledge and experience throughout his life, and selecting the best varieties on the market, to create their own with his personal touch characteristic.

All the auto-flowering varieties of Expert Seeds, are characterized by an incredible quality, and always focuses on enhancing the medicinal properties of cannabis, with spectacular beauty, and organoleptic properties that will undoubtedly leave you speechless.

Consult the Expert Seeds autoflowering catalogue:

Critical AK Auto

It is the queen of the catalog, and is that it is autoflowering seed whose origin lies in the genetic fusion between nothing more and nothing less, on the one hand the productive Critical and on the other hand the super powerful Ak 47, both true living legends of cannabis. In interior, in only 3 months you will be able to collect up to 550 gr per m2, and for it I recommend you to use flowerpots of 9 liters, placing 11 copies per m2. In outdoor crops, the behavior is magnificent, as a single plant can produce up to 80 grams per plant, for which it is advisable to use a pot of 18 liters, so that their roots have plenty of room to grow comfortably, and their vegetative growth is much greater.


Glueberry Auto

Lovers of personality flavors are in for a treat, as Expert Seeds has created a real wonder, Glueberry Auto. Its origin is the result of the combination between Gorilla Glue and the delicious Blueberry, from which it inherits its sweet berry flavour, which will make each puff an unforgettable experience. Outdoors, if you work the substrate, the roots have space and you have that pinch of luck so necessary you can always get to collect up to 300 grams per plant.


Caramel Auto

One of the fastest strains in the Expert Seeds catalogue is Caramel Auto, a weed with a flowering period of only 8 weeks, after which you will be able to collect a good dose of the best buds on the market. Caramel Auto, is an autoflowering seed of 3rd generation, and its cultivation is recommended in the northernmost latitudes, being able even to make up to 3 annual crops and harvesting 40 to 90 gr per plant.


This is just an appetizer from the Expert Seeds Auto catalog, you can also find great creations such as Amnesia Haze Auto, Blue Cheese Auto, Gorilla Glue Auto, Gorilla Glue #4 Auto, Northern Lights Auto and Sweet Cream Auto, with which of all these prices do you stay?

Discover the impressive properties of Expert Seeds autoflowering seeds at PevGrow, your trusted online Growshop.

Expert Seeds CBD, medical marijuana of maximum quality


Welcome medical marijuana lover! You're in luck, because Expert Seeds comes to PevGrow with its catalogue of CBD-rich seeds. Showcasing its name, this seed bank is an expert in the creation of all types of marijuana seeds, and is now immersed in the world of medical marijuana with a short catalogue, but made up of varieties that undoubtedly possess the characteristic features of Expert Seeds, quality, productivity and accessibility to all audiences.


The CBD-rich varieties of Expert Seeds


Nurse Lilly CBD

A Sativa practically in its totality, very resistant and of a facility of culture of astonishing, with which even the most novice will be able to obtain magnificent results. In indoor crops, you can collect up to 450 grams per m2, for which you must use a pot of 9 liters, placing 11 plants per m2, under a LEC light bulb of 315w.

In outdoor crops, your productivity is even better, reaching 650 gr of wonderful medicinal buds per plant. Achieving these levels of productivity is not complicated, but needs certain care, and among them it is essential to work a good substrate with bat guano, for example, and provide a good growth stimulator such as Top Veg Top Crop, you get to squeeze it to the maximum!


Clinical White CBD

An explosion of flavor in which you will be able to discover each and every one of the nuances that her mother White Widow has left impregnated in her, a true spectacle for the senses that you cannot fail to taste at least once in your life.

Its effects are clearly medicinal, and among its most prominent benefits is the treatment of chronic pain, with anti-inflammatory effects, antiepileptic and antiemetic, as well as a reduction of anxiety attacks, which are certainly prone to marijuana users with high levels of THC.


In PEV Grow, we always work with the best, and certainly the catalog of varieties rich in CBD Expert Seeds could not be missing. A seed bank obsessed with quality and that's something we more than share, we welcome Expert Seeds!

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