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Today, and after many years of work, sativa genetics have been stabilized with autoflowering genes, enjoying its powerful and psychoactive effects more quickly.

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Autoflowering marijuana seeds are preferred by many growers. This is due to the great versatility, speed, ease and discretion that they have. When they came to market they had certain defects that were corrected over the years, little production, bad taste, lots of leaf, small size, loose effect and very little resin.

Luckily nowadays this has totally changed, and we enjoy a wide variety of automatic genetics. Some are very tasty like Critical autoflowering, others very productive like Magnum that already produce high levels of resin, in some cases they have surpassed the barrier of 20% THC, and what's better, we even have some auto varieties with sativa effect. Do you want to know how they are and which are the best? Well, you'll find out right away...

Autoflowering sativa plants, what are they like?

Cannabis plants that have been selected through the cross between a sativa genetics and a ruderalis are known as autoflowering sativa plants. In the first automatic generation it is difficult to concentrate the genes of the photodependent sativa parental, because it is usually selected to fix the autoflowering gene, which is usually accompanied by many other genes of the automatic flowering parental.

In order to stabilize the most interesting features of sativa plants in an autoflowering one, it is necessary to cross several times with the photodependent phenotype, an elite sativa clone in this case. Through the backcross, the qualities of the sativa are fixed in an autoflowering plant. To be able to say that an auto variety is sativa the main thing is that its effect stands out for a high psychoactivity.

Since modern cannabis breeding began, one of the greatest challenges was to be able to stabilize the sativa effect in a fast-flowering plant. Sativa autoflowering plants also have other advantages, which I will tell you below.

Advantages of auto sativa seeds

In addition to being the fastest growing sativa weed, autoflowering plants have the advantage of being able to be grown outdoors several times. In temperate or warm climates 3 or more outdoor crops can be grown each year.

They can also be grown on terraces that suffer light pollution, because autoflowering plants do not mind, on the contrary, they can even benefit.

They enjoy an incredible vigor, the mixture between distant genetics to each other, but both with much vigor, produces a descent with a force, speed and resistance out of the norm.

What are the best autoflowering sativa genetics?

In order to determine quality, we have focused above all on the effect but also on other qualities such as taste or production. Among all the auto sativa seeds we've tried the best, and they are these:
  • Hazerade XXL Auto by PEV Seeds
  • Fantasmo Express from Mephisto Genetics
  • Amnesia XXL Auto by Dinafem
  • Mexican Airlines by FastBuds
  • Royal Haze Auto by Royal Queen Seeds
  • Calamity Jane by Buddha Seeds
  • AutoDurban Poison from Dutch Passion
  • Super Lemon Haze Auto from Green House
  • Blow Mind Auto by Sweet Seeds
  • LSD Auto from Barney's Farm

Buy the best sativa autoflowering seeds on the market

In Pevgrow we have the best collection of commercial cannabis varieties on the market. Our commitment to quality over quantity, can be seen in the exquisite selection of the best seed banks in the world.

Here you'll find the best auto sativa catalog on the internet, so don't over think and choose the one that best suits your needs. Enjoy the sativa effect in less than 3 months.

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