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The variety of cannabis Sunset Sherbert has demonstrated its quality as an end product, becoming one of the most demanded genetics during the last five years. It has also shown its potential as a breeding parent in hybrids such as Gelato, which is considered its best offspring, but is not the only one, and in this section we will see which are the best versions of the Sherbet family, for those who want to try this great strain and can't make up their mind about the seeds.

Feminized variety presented by Royal Queen Seeds, very similar to the original, since it is a retrocross of Sunset Sherbert x Pink Panthies, one of its parents. Although it is a 85% indica hybrid, Sherbet Queen offers a happy and awake effect, but with a quite relaxed body. The flavor is enjoyed to the last puff, very fruity and fresh, with a touch of menthol inherited from the Thin Mint Cookies.

The Seedstockers version is a Sunset Sherbert S1, so it contains all the features that define the elite clone. Although it is not a demanding plant, and is relatively easy to grow, to get the most out of it you need some growing experience. In just about 9 weeks of flowering it will give you a good harvest of compact bright buds, with an exotic fruity aroma and taste that you will not want to miss.

The result of the collaboration between the creator of the Sunset Sherbert (Sherbinski) and the Humboldt Seeds Organization seed bank Sunrise Sherbert was born, a polyhybrid that contains the best qualities of the original genetics, but with slight variations due to the crossing with 3 Kings. To the aroma and fruity flavor are incorporated citrus notes that enhance the freshness already highlighted.

Another S1 version, created by Pyramid Seeds through the self-pollination of an elite Sunset Sherbert cutting from the USA. A good option if you want to try this genetics from feminized seed, as it is very similar to the original in all aspects. The production of both flowers and resin crystals is extremely high, and although its THC content is about 20%, the effect is powerful.

Impressive fusion between Gorilla Glue#4 and Sorbet formulated by the DNA Genetics seed bank. The enormous power of Gorilla blends perfectly with the extra-fine organoleptic profile of the Sherbert, in a special variety for growers who want to be surprised again with the cultivation of cannabis.

The fastest and easiest version of Sunset Sherbert to grow. Produced by Exotic Seeds by crossing the original Sunset with its Black Lemon, which gives it a speed of development, vigor, and early maturity very interesting for growers with little experience, as it is a simple way to harvest the Sherbet.

The most productive Sherbet crossing, with a brutal performance both indoors and outdoors, and not only of buds, but also trichomes and terpenes. The boys of The Kush Brothers have done it again, because they have managed to capture the best genes of the Banana without losing the character of the Sunset Sherbert that users are looking for.

Large polyhybrid created by Philosopher Seeds, probably the most complex on the entire list. Although not a direct descendant of Sherbert, this cross maintains many of the traits that have made cannabis sorbet internationally famous. The Do-si-dos brings strength, vigour and improves production, but the most desirable characteristics, such as aroma, taste and effect, are totally Sunset.

Another seedling created by DNA Genetics from the great Sunset Sherbert. In this case they have incorporated the mythical Sour Diesel into the recipe, which as always brings its genuine sour and intense flavour. The effect has also been more sativa, with more stimulation at all levels, more cheerful, festive and longer lasting than the original plant.

It must be said that this genetics presented by Barney's Farm does not contain among its ancestors the Sunset Sherbert, but it is also true that it carries Cherry Pie, and this is the origin of the Cookies family, from which the Sherbert is directly descended. In this variation the citrus flavour is enhanced, and the effect is more relaxing at a body level, without losing the psychoactivity.

Do you think because you prefer autoflowering varieties you won't be able to try Sunset genetics anymore? Well you are wrong, because the Seedstockers seed bank has produced a very successful automatic version, that is, one that incorporates the genes responsible for autoflowering while maintaining the appearance, aroma, taste, effect and resin production of the original.

Another autoflowering with the precious traits of Sherbet, but this time from the most prestigious automatic seed bank in the world, Fast Buds. Its deep citrus aroma will make you fall in love, it's one of those you don't forget, as well as its taste, intense to the last puff. Production will be improved compared to the elite clone, but the calyx/leaf ratio will be reduced.

Sherbert family curiosities:

You may have noticed that some seed banks name this variety Sherbet, others Sorbet and others call it Sherbert, well, it's not a mistake, it can be said in all 3 ways. However, each one refers to a type of dessert, ice cream, slush or liquid.

This variety was named after its creator, Mario Guzman (Sherbinski) who lives in the Sunset district of the San Francisco Bay Area (California). The aroma of this breeder's new creation reminded him of the nuances of this refreshing dessert, a worthy heir to the Cookie Fam and a key parent in the Gelato family.

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