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A few years ago there were only 3 or 4 cannabis varieties with a mango flavor or aroma, but right now you can find many, although not all of them are what they promise, as is the case with other famous genetics. We know that there are many fans of that intense fruity smoke that provides us this tasty cannabis, and we thought it would be a good idea to create a website section with the best Mango marijuana seeds on the market, in all available formats, regular, feminized, autoflowering, medicinal, etc. so I don't make it any longer...

Regular seeds with Mango ancestors

In Colombia there is a famous pure sativa known as Mangobiche, distributed by Cannabiogen Seeds, and in Brazil there is a landrace variety that they call Mango and it is very appreciated for its incredible flavor, although we think that the hybrids and polyhybrids that we currently know with this name are not descended from this strain, except for some from World Of Seeds or KC Brains, the seed bank that best knows these pure varieties. The first commercial cannabis seed with the name mango that we remember is Mr. Nice Seedbank's Mango Haze, one of the best Haze hybrids in history without a doubt.

When this sativa created by Shantibaba seemed unbeatable, Royal Queen Seeds crossed it with Sour Diesel, the best valued sativa in the USA, and the result is a bomb as you can imagine, which they have called Mango Crunch. Very intense taste, hybrid vigour and long lasting stimulating effect.

Nirvana's Mango Skunk has an impressive price/quality ratio, a plus for you, but the most important thing is not this one, we want to highlight its fruit salad aroma, its full effect that affects body and mind, and its bud production more than acceptable.

Exotic Seeds' Mango Cream combines Somango, Blueberry and New York Diesel, and with that business card it already says a lot about their genetic quality. In spite of being a polyhybrid, in terms of organoleptic properties it is quite homogeneous and its aroma and taste are reminiscent of tropical fruit.

But if you want an original variety, in regular format, with mango flavor and aroma, and sativa effect without descent, try the Mango Peeper by French Touch Seeds. This variety combines African genetics very little used in commercial hybrids and has a unique black pepper hint.

Mango Feminized varieties

These are the seeds preferred by most growers. Over the last decade, many variations of feminized seeds have appeared with that fruity mango bouquet we like so much, and if we had to choose from all of those, we'd go for the next one:

Somango from Soma Seeds set a precedent in some European countries, that taste you don't find every day, and it was conquering users wherever it went. Not only does it stand out for its taste, its cultivation is very simple, it produces very well, and it is quite fast.

Several excellent selections are preserved from Somango, one was given out by Soma himself, and others came from his seeds. An example of the latter is the Genehtik Seeds' Txomango, which is more homogeneous than the original, retaining the incredible tropical flavor and aroma.

Mango by KC Brains is a feminized alternative with a very interesting tropical fruit flavor, since it comes from a different genetic line to the previous ones, pulling more towards the indica side. Its quality/price ratio and ease of cultivation are other qualities.

Another delicious feminized variety that contains this flavor is Dr. Underground's Brooklyn Mango. In this case it is a cross of Ed Rosenthal Super Bud x New York Diesel, so it has a great sativa influence, which is seen more in the effect than in the structure or the cultivation.

Mango flavored and aromatic autoflowering

Autos didn't exactly stand out for their taste, especially first generation ones, which not everyone liked. But that changed over the years and the work of the breeders, and now we can enjoy a lot of autoflowering varieties with intense flavors, even mango, and among these we will highlight those we think are the best.

Auto Somango by Advanced Seeds is the autoflowering version of this great variety of Soma, and has many of the nuances in aroma and flavor of the original. Its cultivation cycle does not reach 70 days, and in this time produces large buds covered with a good layer of resin.

Sweet Mango Auto from Green House Seeds bank mixes Mango with Big Bang Auto, and its fruity sweetness is noteworthy. Special for indoor cultivation, where we are assured that it can exceed 24.7 oz per 3x3ft (700 gr/m2) in less than 70 days from germination to harvest.

A very original autoflowering is Sugar Mango Ryder from World Of Seeds, since it descends from a pure Brazilian sativa, something very rarely seen in the market. Its percentage of THC is close to 20%, another quality not usually found in autoflowering.

Another good choice if you want to have mango flavored weed, and prefer autoflowering plants, is the Mango Cream Auto by Exotic Seeds. It is very similar to the photodependent version of this same bank, that is, simple cultivation, high production and very intense aroma.

Fruity CBD-rich varieties with mango notes

They are the most medicinal of all, but they are not only for users who need cannabis therapeutically, as more and more recreational users are betting on this type of marijuana for every day, because its psychoactive effect is much more bearable. Every day there are new varieties with high levels of cannabidiol, and fortunately there are also those with mango flavor, if you want to know them I highlight them here below.

CBD Mango Haze by CBD Crew is pure natural medicine, with a unique terpene profile and its chemotype that combines high CBD and THC, it is a very complete variety whichever way you look at it. Its flowering time indoors is about 10 weeks, and the yield can reach 21.2 oz per 3x3ft (600 grams/m2).

CBD Somango by CBD Botanic is the most medicinal version of this famous variety of Soma, very well created by the way, because it maintains many of the original features, but with a ratio between THC and CBD of 1:1, special for treating many ailments, disorders and diseases.

Mango Family Fun Facts

Just as other cannabis strains are descended from the same genetics, the Mango family has been created from many different genes. As you may have noticed, the terpenic profile that ends up reminding the mango can be formed from South American sativa landraces, mixture of indicas with hybrids, or combinations of polyhybrids. Wherever that aroma and flavor comes from, it is a favorite of millions of users around the world, and we hope that such tasty varieties continue to come out.

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