Cap Junky

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Feminized Cap Junky seeds from Spain Seeds bank, a cross between Alien Cookies and Kush Mints, with THC levels above 30%, intense and complex flavor, and high bud and resin production.

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Feminized Seeds Cap Junky from Spain Seeds, a renowned hybrid, stands out for its high THC content and an unmatched flavor profile. These feminized seeds are the preferred choice of experienced growers and cannabis enthusiasts looking for an intense and complete experience, as they are the result of collaboration among some of the plants from several of the best breeders on the planet.

What is the lineage of these seeds?

Cap Junky, a masterful cross between Alien Cookies and our Kush Mints, represents a perfect fusion of these two iconic strains. On one hand, Alien Cookies, which is the mother of the famous Miracle Alien Cookies, contributes a potent terpene profile and euphoric effects, while Kush Mints, with its balance between cerebral and physical, complements this combination. This hybrid not only inherits the potency of its predecessors but also a full spectrum of aromatic and gustatory nuances that make it unique in the market. It could be said that it is a polyhybrid with a perfect balance between indica and sativa, as it displays traits of both genetic subspecies in a balanced manner.

What does Cap Junky look like?

Cap Junky exhibits an impressive appearance, typical of a vigorous hybrid. Its plants present a robust structure, with broad leaves and a notable density of foliage. The buds, dense and covered in trichomes, display a range of colors from intense greens to purples under certain environmental conditions. The abundance of resin makes this strain an excellent choice for the production of high-quality concentrates, standing out in the market for its appearance and quality.

How are these seeds cultivated indoors and outdoors?

The cultivation of Cap Junky indoors requires careful management of its vertical growth. This variety tends to stretch, so techniques such as apical pruning and the use of ScrOG nets are essential to control its height and improve light exposure. These methods not only optimize space but also influence the quality and quantity of bud production, resulting in an abundant and high-potency harvest. Indoor cultivation is also interesting to perform a lower pruning to remove all the lower branches that do not receive enough light. Putting 9 plants/m2 with 4 weeks of vegetative growth is enough for the entire cultivation space to be covered by a canopy that will result in a great yield of buds.

In outdoor cultivation, Cap Junky greatly benefits from direct sunlight, which promotes healthy and vigorous growth. Low-stress training (LST) techniques are recommended to promote even growth and maximize bud production. A temperate and sunny climate is ideal for this variety, allowing it to fully express its genetic potential. In many cases, it is appreciated to perform a light defoliation to remove some large leaves that can block light and ventilation to the inner buds, and it is always advisable to apply marijuana insecticides preventively to avoid pests.

When are Cap Junky seeds harvested?

The flowering of Cap Junky indoors usually lasts between 10 and 11 weeks, being a variety that rewards patience with exceptional quality. In the northern hemisphere, the outdoor harvest is generally carried out in mid-October, while in the southern hemisphere it occurs in mid-April. The harvest time is crucial, as it directly affects the intensity of the effects and the terpene profile.

How much do these seeds produce?

Cap Junky stands out for its generous yield in different cultivation environments. Indoors, it can offer impressive yields of about 450-550 grams per square meter, while outdoors, each plant can produce between 500 and 800 grams. Its high resin production makes it a preferred choice for extractions, providing an exceptional yield both in quantity and quality.

What is the aroma and flavor of this weed?

This variety is distinguished by its complex aromatic and gustatory profile. Aromas of fermented fruit and gasoline predominate, which intertwine with intense and multifaceted flavors, highlighting nuances of ripe mango and black pepper. This rich bouquet offers a unique sensory experience, leaving a lasting and pleasant aftertaste.

What kind of potency does this marijuana have?

Cap Junky is known for its high THC content, which can exceed 30% and in some cases has even surpassed 40%, a true record that guarantees potent and prolonged effects. This variety is especially suitable for experienced users, offering a euphoric and invigorating experience. Therapeutically, it can be useful for relieving stress symptoms and fostering creativity, thanks to its potent cerebral and physical impact.

Buy Cap Junky seeds at the best online price

If you are looking for an intense and quality experience, Cap Junky from Spain Seeds is your best option. With its exceptional genetics and lasting effects, this variety promises to satisfy the most demanding consumers. Buy your Cap Junky seeds now at the best price online and experience its extraordinary power!


How to manage the height of Cap Junky in confined spaces?

For growers with limited spaces, it is crucial to employ pruning and training techniques to control the height. The use of ScrOG nets or apical pruning are effective methods to maintain horizontal growth.

What type of substrate does Cap Junky prefer?

Cap Junky thrives in a variety of substrates, but prefers those that drain well and retain moisture adequately. A soil mix with perlite and vermiculite is ideal.

What is the best way to maximize resin production in Cap Junky?

To increase resin production, it is advisable to maintain optimal environmental conditions with adequate levels of humidity and temperature, as well as balanced nutrition during the flowering phase, but what most increases the amount of resin is full-spectrum light like that of modern LEDs.

Is Cap Junky resistant to pests and diseases?

Although Cap Junky has some resistance to pests and diseases, it is essential to maintain hygiene practices and constant monitoring to prevent problems and ensure a healthy harvest.

How does Cap Junky affect novice users?

Due to its high THC content, Cap Junky can be overwhelming for users with little experience. It is recommended to start with low doses and gradually increase according to tolerance.

Cap Junky from Spain Seeds Technical Sheet

  • Type: Feminized seeds
  • Bank: Spain Seeds
  • Genetics: Alien Cookies x Kush Mints
  • Phenotype: 50%/50% balance between Indica and Sativa
  • Outdoor harvest N.H: Mid-October
  • Outdoor harvest S.H: Mid-April
  • Indoor production: 450-550 gr/m2
  • Outdoor production: 500-800 gr/plant
  • Indoor height: 90-140 cm
  • Outdoor height: 200-400 cm
  • Characteristic: High production of resin, terpenes, and THC
  • Effect: Potent, euphoric, and stimulating
  • THC: Over 30%
  • CBD: Low
  • Flavor and aroma: Fermented fruit, gasoline, ripe mango, and black pepper
  • Symptoms for which it is recommended: Stress, lack of creativity, need for cerebral stimulation
Type: Type Feminized
Banks: Banks Spain Seeds
Genetics: Genetics Alien Cookies x Kush Mints
Phenotype: Phenotype 50%/50% balance between Indica and Sativa
Harvest outdoor H.N: Harvest outdoor H.N Mid-April
Harvest outdoor H.S: Harvest outdoor H.S Mid-April
Indoor production: Indoor production 15,8 oz-19.40 oz per 3x3ft
Outdoor production: Outdoor production 18 oz-28,2 oz/plant
Indoor height: Indoor height 90-140 cm
Outdoor height: Outdoor height 200-400 cm
Features: Features Very resinous
Effects: Effects Euphoria
THC: THC + 30%
Symptoms: Symptoms Apathy

  • Is the shipping discreet?

    Yes, the shipment is 100% discreet, no one will know what you have bought, also the sender is SITE OF SHOPS ONLINE.

  • Do you ship worldwide?

    Yes, we ship to almost every country in the world although you need to know the current legislation in your country to make sure that you do not break any regulations with the germination of the seeds.

    We cannot be made responsible for the wrong use that some people decide to give to the seeds, so please don't act against your national laws.

    Due to problems with customs you can check here for restrictions to certain countries.

  • What payment methods and currencies do you accept?

    We accept the following payment methods: Bank transfer, Cryptocurrencies, cash, credit and debit cards and cash on delivery (Spain, Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal).

    You can change the currency on the top right to know the price of the products in your local currency and of course pay this way.

  • How long does it take to ship my order?

    In 24/48 hours we will ship your order.

  • Are the seeds guaranteed to germinate?

    If you live in a country where the cultivation of cannabis is legal and you decide to plant the seeds, it is good that you know that all the seeds that we commercialize have germination guarantee.

    If you germinate with the method of paper napkins and you have followed all the steps that we indicate here, you will only have to return us the seeds not germinated in their original packaging and when we receive them we will proceed to the change.

    Then we take care of requesting the return to the seed bank, we do not transfer this responsibility and time to our customers.

  • What if I receive a bad or damaged product?

    If you receive a broken product due to transport, you have to notify us within 24 hours for insurance coverage, always contact us as soon as possible and we will fix the problem!

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