The apical pruning

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It is called apical pruning, pruning of the main branch of the plant. It is done to control the growth of the plant and is the better known type of pruning among growers of cannabis.

Apical pruning vs pruning FIM

Apical pruning vs pruning FIM

This pruning is done to get many small buds and for the plant grow more width than height, so, we will get a pot with many more flowers.

The main branches of the plant we cut will be best for cultivating cuttings then.

There are some indicas varieties that branch scarcely, therefore should not be pruned because we can see in this case undermined our bud production. This type of pruning is very suitable for ‘beginners’: if you’ve never encouraged to make a pruning, try this type because it is quite easy to make and sure technique not commit serious or difficult to correct mistakes.

Anyway, consultation and seek advice on your confidence grow if you do not feel safely to perform this task.

How is it done?

Apical pruning is to cut the tip of the plant. A clean cut must be carried out because the plant will suffer less stress (because plants, oddly enough, also stressed). The cut can be made ​​with any sharp tool and this has to be previously disinfected (scissors, knife…).

Samurai Warrior Pruner

Samurai Warrior Pruner

Although you have the right to perform safely pruning tools on the market. For example the Samurai Warrior Pruner is designed with stainless steel sheets and a comfortable non-slip rubber handle. You can cut branches up to 2.54 centimeters in diameter. It has safety clasp and molded rubber grip is durable and comfortable for continuous use.

Moreover, the more branches the plant has, the more likely you are to have many buds. Once we cut the top, the plant will not grow more in that area and begin to develop more branches in the area below the cutoff. We will have stronger branches and buds of high quality. Also, if you prune the plant with this technique will help your harvest to maximize the light as this will give the plant more evenly than if we left it to grow high.

When to prune?

The days begin to lengthen by Saint Lucia

The days begin to lengthen by Saint Lucia

Generally, in the cultivation of marijuana pruning it is done in autumn, when the days begin to shorten, ie in September, October or November at the latest. For reference you can make the saying: “On St. Lucia night shortens and lengthens the day.” St. Lucia is on 13 December, when the days begin to lengthen slowly. So, before that day, the pruning of our beloved plant has to be made. When autumn arrives and there is less light the plant is ready to flower, if you make pruning the later, probably will delay flowering.

It is not advisable to prune in the last days of growth or flowering stage, unless the plant has a pest and pruning is the only solution to save our culture.

Many growers say the plant has to be at least 6 knots before pruning, but others also claim that fewer nodes can also perform the pruning. Also, there are experts pruners that say not to perform the apical pruning if the stem of the plant is too fat because it could damage the whole plant and to tear up our harvest.

Caution! This type of pruning is not usually favor the indica varieties, and kush calls, because such varieties tend to form only one central bud, and do not usually have many side branches, there are other more suitable for these varieties pruning. But generally, most of the seeds that are on the market are hybrid, since these plants do very well the apical pruning. So, be encouraged to try this type of pruning and experiment with your own. The first time, you might not come out very well but, like everything in life, go to practice improving your technique, and know better what you need your beloved plant.

Perspective of how to perform the pruning.

Perspective of how to perform the pruning.

By Noelia Jimenez Team Piensa En Verde

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