How to make marijuana brownie in just 5 minutes

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marijuana brownie
marijuana brownie


In your Grow Shop we have the recipe of one of the most classic desserts to make with cannabis, but that’s not why they are outdated. Today we give you a simple, easy-to-make pot brownie recipe and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about it.


I’ll confess one thing: Just seeing a chocolate brownie my mouth begins watering…and I can’t help it!?

Chocolate brownie is one of those desserts that goes well at any time of the day and, of course, if it’s well done, it is equally liked by children and adults,  by the sweet tooths of sugar and by those who move more for the delicious flavor of cocoa; and of course, the brownie (with marijuana star ingredient) is one of the favorite desserts for marijuana lovers, because its simplicity in the combination of sweet chocolate with our universal medicine.


Thus, it is not surprising that this sweet of American origin is one of the classics among the recipes made with marijuana, and for this reason, today we want to give you one of the hundreds of versions that exist about it.


By the way, did you know that brownie came up by chance in 1987 because the cook forgot to pour yeast while preparing it? Blessed forgetfulness!


We recommend decarboxylate the cannabis before cooking, because although during the process of elaboration of the recipe, the marijuana can be decarboxylated, if we do it before we make sure that the decarboxylation is done correctly. If you want to know how to do it click on this link Weed decarboxylation



⭐ Marijuana Cooking Tips



Marijuana Brownie All right. I had told you that I was going to give you the recipe for Marijuana Brownie, promised, I’ll do it soon, but before that, and if you think it’s okay, I think it’s not superfluous to remember some concepts or aspects to keep in mind, not only for this recipe, but whenever you’re going to cook with marijuana.


Maybe you already know, or maybe it’s the first time you’ve ever got your “hands on”. Whatever your case may be, I’m sure it never hurts to read the following tips for cooking with marijuana again:



Be meticulous with the amounts of plant: There is not a recommended average dose per person, and the truth is that none of us react in the same way when using cannabis, and you know that the effect between smoking or eating it is very different, mainly because the former is much faster and less durable than the latter.


So, if it’s the first time you’re going to cook and consume it, or someone who’s going to share this brownie with you for the first time, it’s best to go little by little, both in its preparation and at the time of eating it, and wait to see what effect it produces. It usually takes about an hour to take effect, so if you’ve thought about smoking a joint during that time… big mistake!


I Recommend to start with a half gram of marijuana (20% THC) for every 20 g of Brownie if it is in bud form and 2 grams if you use the remains of the manicured buds, but do not use more.


That makes a dose of about 5 mg of THC (Tetrahidrocannabinol) for every 20 g of Brownie.


Another thing you have to take into account, if you’re going to accompany this recipe with another one that also contains marijuana, let pass one or two hours between them.


-How to use marijuana: If what you want is that, in addition to eating a delicious brownie, enjoy the effect of cannabis, you have to take into account that for THC has an effect, whenever you mix it with food you will have to mix it and heat it with some fat; the most typical is usually butter, in fact, will be the fat that we use to make this recipe.


Previously, the buds and leaves of marijuana will have to be pulverized in a grinder, and collect the resin stuck with a little extra virgin olive oil, and then mix everything with butter and chocolate.



You can use a grinder to shred your marijuana.
You can use a grinder to shred your marijuana.


-Control the temperature: The ideal temperature for cooking cannabis in the oven is always the lowest possible. It’s better to cook more slowly, in this way,  the cannabis should not lose much of its cannabinoids and terpenes. Cook the Brownie in the oven at 120ºC for a minimum of one hour, until the dough is compact.


What about the Microwave? Never use microwave ovens, thus, we avoid uncontrolled vaporization of terpenes increasing the quality of our final product.


No alcohol: okay, I know it doesn’t sound very good, but if smoked marijuana and alcohol aren’t good companions, they are less so when you eat. So, if you can avoid a bad trip, it would be better doing it.


And if you or one of your guests are in the mood, have a glass of wine and satisfy your desire.


-Be patient:  As I’ve told you before, the effect takes a lot longer to reach, but when it does, it stays for a long time, so be patient, and wait for the high.


⛳ Recipe of marijuana brownie, step by step


And now, we’ll pass to the recipe of an easy chocolate brownie, step by step and in only 5 minutes. That is to say, the time it will take you to prepare it, later, of course, you will have to wait until it is cooked in the oven, but in the meantime… it occurs to me that you can go doing a thousand and one things, like preparing the lounge or the table where you and your friends are going to eat it.


You won’t even notice!


What ingredients do you need to make marijuana brownie?


Write these down for a brownie for 8 people:


  • 100 grams of butter
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 cup sugar
  • Half a cup flour
  • 200 grams of chocolate to melt, if possible, special for desserts
  • 4 grams of marijuana (0.5 g per person)


Ingredients for making this cannabis brownie
Ingredients for making this cannabis brownie


Now that you’ve got everything, the next steps are as follows:


1-First we put the oven to heat to 120ºC (it won’t cost us anything to make the dough, so the ideal thing is to be ready to put our mixture as soon as we finish preparing it).


we put the oven to heat to 120ºC
we put the oven to heat to 120ºC


2-Next, heat a frying pan, to which we will add the butter and chocolate that we are going to mix little by little.


we will add the butter and chocolate
we will add the butter and chocolate


3-While this is being done, in a bowl, add the eggs, sugar, flour and stir. You can do it with a fork or, the easiest thing (even if it’s not, gastronomically speaking, the most professional thing) is to take the mixer and in half a second it’s all mixed without unpleasant lumps.


in a bowl, add the eggs, sugar, flour
in a bowl, add the eggs, sugar, flour


4-Finally, add the chocolate and marijuana that will have to be very well crushed and put it in the oven.. How long? It depends on how patient you are. At 120 degrees, in 60 minutes you have it. To check it out, just open the oven after that time, prick the brownie with the tip of a knife and if comes out clean, it’s ready.


add the chocolate and marijuana
add the chocolate and marijuana



At 120 degrees, in 60 minutes you have it
At 120 degrees, in 60 minutes you have it


What about the marijuana brownie smell while it’s being cooked in the oven? The truth is, yes, it smells pretty good. Maybe not as much as when you smoke it, but yes.


When you take it out, unless you’re in a hurry or want to eat it, the ideal thing is to wait for it to cool down a bit so that it doesn’t bad like a pump in your stomach, but if you feel like eating it inmediatly, you can also accompany it with an ice-cream ball, which will make the contrast your stomach needs.



You can accompany brownie with strawberries, as well as cream.
You can accompany brownie with strawberries, as well as cream.


And… you just have to enjoy the trip! Ah! I forgot to tell you! If you want to make a nice presentation, add some almonds cut into small pieces or a little icing sugar. Everything to your taste! There are also people who add even more chocolate, whether in shavings or melted, even some fresh fruit (strawberry, for example, is great), as well as some cream.


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✨ Effects of marijuana brownie


In this case, just like when you smoke a joint, it all depends on your physical and psychological state, your body weight, if you drink liquids, and also, of course, the amount of cannabis edibles you have ingested.


We recommend not to take marijuana edibles in case of  taking any pharmacological treatment as rifampicin, carbamazepine, phenobarbital, phenytoin and St. John’s wort.


We also do not recommend the use of alcohol in combination with cannabis preparations.


That’s why it’s recommended not to take more than one serving or, at least, not to take it until one or two hours have passed by and you’ve seen the effect it has on you. In fact, if it’s the first time you do it, try only one piece and once that time has elapsed, you decide whether or not you want to finish the portion. But remember that the effect always takes longer to reach than if you smoke it, but also lasts much longer.


Once this is explained, the effect also has a lot to do with the strain and quality of cannabis you have used.


For example, if you prepare brownie with an indica or hybrid cultivar with a high CBD (Canabidiol) content and caryophyllene diterpenes, the effects will be narcotic or relaxing.


On the other hand, if you use sativa marijuana with low CBD content and high monoterpenic composition, it is normal for you to become active or be more cheerful and happy.




👌 Conclusion


So, what do you say? Would you like to try it? ??‍? The truth is that marijuana brownie is one of those recipes you always get it fine. That’s right, be careful not to put it within reach of children! Don’t be scared out of your mind.


Otherwise, you’ve already seen that it’s very easy to make, as the ingredients are basic, so much so that you don’t even have to go out to the supermarket for shopping, because you have everything at home, which always frees you from more than a trouble, and you don’t need to be a chef specialist. The effects are the same as if you smoked cannabis, only that they take longer to arrive and last longer.


If you liked this article, I’d love for you to leave a comment or add things that have happened to you by making this recipe. And please, share with us if you have other tricks to improve it.


Ah! And if you share it in networks… I’ll be even more grateful! Have a nice day and enjoy your cannabis brownie! ??


🎯 Frequently asked questions

What ingredients are needed?

  • 100 grams of butter
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 cup sugar
  • Half a cup of flour
  • 200 grams of chocolate for melting, if possible, special dessert chocolate
  • 4 grams of marijuana (0.5 g per guest)

How long does it have to be in the oven?
At 120 degrees, in 60 minutes

What flour is recommended?
I usually use pastry flour

Should the marijuana be decarboxylated first?
It is always recommended to decarboxylate it before making any cannabis recipe, and in this case too.

What strain of cannabis do you recommend for this recipe?
To make this brownie recipe with cannabis we recommend PEV’s Gorilla Glue strain.


Par Noelia Jiménez, Équipe de PevGrow

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Noelia Jiménez
Noelia Jiménez
I love to cook and write about marijuana. One day I started making marijuana butter and since then I haven't stopped creating the most varied recipes you can imagine.
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  1. Avatar for Chelsy

    I made it exactly the way the recipe said . It should get me high right

    • Avatar for Juanma de

      Sure you can!
      I look forward to hearing about your experience Chelsy!

  2. Avatar for Jacqueline Mandock

    I have liquid thc and box mix for brownies how do you make them

    • Avatar for Juanma de

      Hello Jacquelin,
      If you have all that then it is much simpler.
      Follow the steps for brownie preparation and add the liquid THC.


  3. Avatar for Cas

    Is the recipe good to go or do you need to do something to the weed?

    • Avatar for Juanma de

      Hello Cas,
      If the herb is not decarboxylated it will not have the psychoactive effects you are looking for


    • Avatar for Juanma de

      Hello Cas,
      You only have to decarboxylate the herb
      Best regards

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    If I only have Microwave Oven How should i make set up for baking or Preparing THC

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    Can you use the marijuana butter in this recipe recipe?

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      Hello dom,
      Of course! You can use your marijuana butter in all recipes that have an oil or butter in them.

      • Avatar for Nova

        Hey, what pan size should I use for this recipe.

        • Avatar for Juanma de

          Hi Nova,
          Use a pan in which the mixture is about 2/3 fingers thick.


  6. Avatar for Jason

    The recipe for 8 people turns out to be 100mg per person. Be careful

    20% thc = 4000×0.2= 800mg
    8 people = 800/8= 100mg

  7. Avatar for Brooke Jackson

    I suffer with restless legs and it’s pretty severe.
    Restlessness and sleepless nights are driving me nuts.
    Thought I could try this.
    I don’t necessarily want to get stoned but I do want my mind and body to relax.
    Could I use a mixture of buds and leaf so it isn’t as potent?

  8. Avatar for Catelyn

    Hi does anyone know where to get decarb ? And what to do with it

      • Avatar for jonathan

        will there be a smell of weed while baking it?

        • Avatar for Juanma de

          Hi Jonathan,
          Don’t worry about that, it will mainly smell like the chocolate in the brownie.

          Good luck with the recipe

  9. Avatar for Bonnie Mitchell.

    Hi there. Great recipe! Self raising or all purpose flour?

    • Avatar for Juanma de

      Hello Bonnie.
      We recommend you self raising.


  10. Avatar for Angela A Basile

    Were they done in an hour? And were they runny?

    • Avatar for Juanma de

      Hello Angela!
      If you follow the recipe to the letter I’m sure you’ll get great results!


  11. Avatar for Lena

    Do you grease the pan so it doesn’t stick to the pan ?

    • Avatar for Juanma de

      Hi Lena!
      Yes, you should grease it so the brownie doesn’t stick.


  12. Avatar for Ren

    I make these every time I make brownies but, I use Hershey Kisses instead and it is amazing, you can’t really tell they are weed brownies and the top of the brownie gets a nice crisp on the whole top while the bottom is still nice and brownie like. Love love love it!!

  13. Avatar for Michael

    worked amazing, didnt need to decarb with the shake we had, put in for 1:20mins. each piece had about 0.36g in it. gonna have to try cannabutter/cannacoconut oil next in a slowcooker

    • Avatar for Juanma de

      Hi Michael,
      Glad to hear it, hope you had a great trip! 😜

  14. Avatar for Mariska

    This is my first time and it sounds great I’m busy with my son to make my first chocolate brownies. ..with this great recipe it just can’t flop
    So no luck needed or wishes
    Good viper
    Smoke on …

  15. Avatar for Jessica Roberts

    How long are your brownies good for? Should I store them in the fridge or in the cupboard?

    • Avatar for Juanma de

      If you keep it in the fridge it can last a few days, keep in mind that they carry eggs and products with eggs last less

  16. Avatar for Nenaaa

    how do i decarboxylate the weed?

  17. Avatar for Anne

    My frying pans are large, heavy cast iron. Can I use a double boiler? AND what size of pan do I use for baking the brownies?

    • Avatar for Juanma de

      If they are whole iron pans you can use them without problems, the size of the pan already varies depending on the amount of dough you make.

      Greetings !

  18. Avatar for Sophie

    Thank you for posting this
    Will I be able to use hashish for the brownies
    Would I need to use the decarb method for it ?
    Or would me crunching the hash in pieces mixed with the butter(until dissolved) also work?

    Many thanks

    • Avatar for Juanma de

      Yes! you can do it if you make hashish butter.
      Hash butter is made practically the same as marijuana butter


  19. Avatar for Mo

    So i have to decarboxylate it for an hour AND cook it for an hour ?

    • Avatar for Juanma de

      Hi Mo,
      We do this to ensure that we extract all the properties of THC, then being together with the mass does not decarboxylate the same.
      Anyway, the option that I like more is to use cannabic butter


  20. Avatar for Shirl

    What if I do t decarboxylate

    • Avatar for Juanma de

      Hi Shirl,
      You must decarboxylate whenever you cook with marijuana to make sure that the components of the marijuana are activated.


  21. Avatar for Teresa

    Does it have to be melted or can I use powdered chocolate?

    • Avatar for Juanma de

      Hello Teresa,
      It will look much better with melted chocolate but can also be made with chocolate powder


      • Avatar for Cynthia

        Can I add codeine to it? If yes , how?

        • Avatar for Juanma de

          Hi Cynthia.
          We do not recommend it, its effects can be drowsiness, lightheadedness and severe depression.


          • Avatar for Jake

            Can you freeze the brownies? how long will they last frozen?

          • Avatar for Juanma de

            Hi Jake,
            Yes, you can freeze them.
            They will hold for a month in the freezer without a problem


  22. Avatar for Scherri

    Hi can i use a box brownie mix? If so how much weed do i use?

    • Avatar for Juanma de

      It depends on the grams that have the Brownie mix, but, get an idea with the dose that we have put in the article, 0.5gr of marijuana per person.

  23. Avatar for Jerry Villalobos

    Can I just throw in the ground bud into the brownie mix then bake at 120C for 1hr Without decarboxylating the ground flower before hand? & Will it still give me the high I’m looking for?

    • Avatar for Juanma de

      Hi Jerry,
      Before putting it to the furnace you must decarboxylate the marijuana so that it hits you that rise that you look for, if not it will be complicated.
      The best way to incorporate the cannabis is through the butter.

  24. Avatar for Mujtaba

    Hello, I have bad weed which is basically dry, so I can decarb it with the same temperature at 105 c for 45 mins? Then mix it with my instant brownie mix and cook it at 120 c for 1 hour? Or use the regular temperature as specified in the instant brownie mix?(since i decarbed the weed already) .. I hope you undrestand what I mean… Thank you!!

    • Avatar for Juanma de

      Hello Mutjaba,
      If the marijuana is very very dry you can reduce the decarboxylation time, and regarding the brownie time, if you are going to use a prepared mix from the supermarket use the time indicated

  25. Avatar for Torben

    Definitely fucked me up good

    • Avatar for Juanma de

      We hope he gave you a good trip!

  26. Avatar for Robin

    Do you need to decarb the weed first?

    • Avatar for Juanma de

      Hi Robin,
      Of course! Whenever you go to cook with marijuana you must decarboxylate

  27. Avatar for Yoanny

    So I can divide it into 8 pieces ?
    One piece, per person.?

    • Avatar for Alan Martinez

      that’s the right dosage

  28. Avatar for Jennifer

    Is it normal for these brownies to rise a lot?

  29. Avatar for Aksel

    Did you melt the weed into the butter. I see that some tutorials say that you need to like melt it in for å long time and then put it in the fridge and let it get stiff. Am i blind or did you not do it?

  30. Avatar for riya

    i wanna make hash brownies for just one person, so should i use half of every ingredient?

    • Avatar for Alan Martinez

      Hello, the recipe is for 8 people, half a gram of flower per person would be adequate.

  31. Avatar for dean

    thanks this is super user friendly and im sure it will be of major benefit to those who need it thanks again

    • Avatar for Alan Martinez

      Thanks to you.

  32. Avatar for Arina

    For this recipe, would I need to decarb the weed first? If not, why?
    Thanks a bunch!!!

  33. Avatar for Missy

    What size pan did you use? And how many PCs should i cut? To 9 pc,12 pc etc?

  34. Avatar for Rose

    I’m only making enough for me and my boyfriend, still I still use four grams? or half that? If I half the amount of marijuana, do I half the whole recipe??

    • Avatar for Alan Martinez

      Hi Rose, if it’s for two people I would recommend using 1 gram each.

  35. Avatar for Melanie Jandreau

    Can you use the Black Bean brownie recipe?

    • Avatar for angelique frank

      My brownies are still runny after 1 hr

  36. Avatar for Jae

    What if it’s the prepackaged brownies mix, can I just add the grinded weed in the butter and put it in the mix? But still cook it slow?

    • Avatar for Favour

      Hi, i’m baking for 16 people, would a cup of flour be ok or a cup and half? Also, did you decarboxylate the kush first and then mix the melted chocolate and butter together?

      • Avatar for Alan Martinez

        Hi, if the recipe is for 16 people then one cup of flour would be right, regarding decarboxylation you should do it before mixing the cannabis flowers with the butter.
        Bon appetit.

    • Avatar for Donna Franzo

      Hello do I just use regular butter.

  37. Avatar for Annabell

    What chocolate is the best to us?

    • Avatar for Alan Martinez

      Hi Annabell, I usually use dark chocolate, it has the least amount of sugar 😉

  38. Avatar for Rachel Rogoff

    This was my first time making these, as I have been caring for my sick grandmother who suffers Alzheimer’s, and has suddenly stopped eating/drinking completely for nearly days now. I discussed with her Doctor if this was safe trying and possibly worth a shot to maybe give her an appetite of some sort. So we shall see how it works, fingers crossed! Thank you for such specific details as I knew the jist of it already but learned a few new things from your info. Much appreciated!

    • Avatar for Sum

      Hi I want to use this for my grandfather who is also suffering from Alzheimers . How did it go?

      • Avatar for Alan Martinez

        Hi, if you use to make the recipe some variety of cannabis with high content in CBD I think it can work very well for your grandfather.

        A lot of encouragement

  39. Avatar for Josh Quarter

    Can you increase the amount of marijuana you put in without adjusting any of the other ingredients?

    • Avatar for Alan Martinez

      Hello Josh,
      you can increase it without a problem. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that the cake will be much more powerful.


      • Avatar for Marie

        Do I use self rising flour or all purpose??

      • Avatar for Gail Moyle

        Hi, Martinez,
        Can the baked marijuana brownies be frozen?. If so will it change potency or storage length or quality?

        • Avatar for Juanma de

          Hi Gail,
          You can freeze them without problems, they will not lose power.