How to make marijuana tincture

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How to make marijuana tincture
How to make marijuana tincture


Welcome one more week to the PEV Grow blog!

In this article I’m going to try to solve the doubts that you have raised, regarding a topic that seems to arouse enough curiosity among cannalovers, How to make marijuana tincture??

This question arises, because the world of cannabis has evolved at a really forced pace, and the ways of consuming has been evolving. From diluting trichomes with gas and turning them into a kind of bread after extracting the leftover gas with a vacuum chamber, to cooking it obtaining the famous marijuana oil in the style of Rick Simpson, but neither have they just curdled. (I invite you to read this article “The definitive guide marijuana oil“)

Therefore, the classic option of making a good joint with grass continues being the most desired option by the smokers of marijuana. But a problem arises, and it is that there are consumers that by medical problems, like a bronchitis or a pharyngitis, they cannot smoke during a time, or those that do not want to punish their lungs by means of the traditional method. What happens with them? And that’s when the idea of marijuana tincture came up.



🚀 What is marijuana tincture ?



Cannabis tincture is a preparation based on marijuana and alcohol that can be used for medicinal purposes. It is a way of extracting the cannabinoides and terpenes of the marijuana, to be able to consume them and to enjoy their effects without having to smoke it, thus avoiding the high derived from the traditional combustion.



✨ Benefits of cannabis tincture


The marijuana tincture is used to alleviate very varied ailments: arthritis, pains (of head, muscular, pains in general…), rheumatisms, inflammations, tendinitis, etc. It can even alleviate the effects of chemotherapy such as nausea or lack of appetite.



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✅ How to make marijuana tincture?


I’m going to explain you 2 different recipes step by step, how to make marijuana tincture at home, very simple and economical. Both recipes are similar, but it is true that the first one will be ready in two weeks while the second one will take a month. I’ll tell you that with the second, despite being slower, the results are better to get a more powerful tincture. Let’s get started! ?‍? ?‍?


Recipe number 1



  • A liter of an alcoholic beverage of more than 40 degrees, the higher the alcohol content, the better.
  • 50 grams of marijuana buds,
  • Strainer, mixer, measuring jug, small funnel, container with lid, muslin fabric (very fine and transparent fabric).
  • Dripper.



-It is necessary to crush the marijuana as if we were going to use it to make a joint (that is to say, that it is not too thin), later it is necessary to heat the cannabis so that then the mixture has the psychoactive effect that we want, this is called decarboxylation.

-It should be heated to 115ºC for 30 minutes in the oven. Then, put the marijuana in a bottle and throw half a liter of liquor that we have chosen, then close the bottle and shake. Once shaken put the bottle with the mixture in the freezer for a week and will have to shake a little twice a day.

-After a week, we place the muslin cloth in the strainer and strain the dye in the measuring jug, so we strain the remains of marijuana that remain and get only the liquid.


Recipe 1 to make homemade cannabis tincture
Recipe 1 to make homemade cannabis tincture


Recipe number 2



  • 50 grams of marijuana buds.
  • A liter of an alcoholic beverage of more than 40 degrees.
  • A large jar or bottle.



-As a first step, you must do the same as in the first recipe, which is to put your herb in the oven for 30 minutes at 115 º to activate its psychoactive properties. I remind you that this scientific principle is called decarboxylation.

-Next, we put the marijuana in the jar (in this recipe it is not necessary to crush the marijuana), we throw the alcoholic drink that we have chosen until covering the marijuana, we close the jar and we shake it. Then we keep it in a cool and dark place (in this recipe it is not necessary to put it in the freezer) for a month, shaking the jar a little once a week.

-After four weeks, we open the jar and leave it open for another week for the alcohol to evaporate, strain the contents into a dropper and we have another way to prepare our own tincture!? ?


Recipe 2 to make homemade cannabis tincture
Recipe 2 to make homemade cannabis tincture


At PEV GROW, we provide drippers for marijuana extracts or for these mother tinctures. They are drippers made with very thick glass and ultraviolet to preserve and ration your cannabis extracts, we have them in various sizes and are perfect for storing cannabis extractions anywhere.



🧐 I have already made my marijuana tincture. How do I use it? What is my dose?


The administration of marijuana tincture is done with a dropper. We can place a few drops under the tongue to notice the effects of cannabis quickly or you can also use these drops to mix with food or beverages. This will depend on whether you are a regular user of cannabis or on the contrary you do it for the first time or a little assiduously. If your case is the one of being an unusual consumer or is your first time, it begins of progressive form, the ideal thing is that you begin with a drop, you can put it in your favorite food, a glass of milk etc. and to analyze the effects that it produces to you. If you don’t notice too many effects, the next day go up to two drops, and so on until you find the right spot.

It is important that you know that the effects of the tincture of marijuana do not appear until after 30 minutes or 1 hour and a half, this will depend on each body and how accustomed you are to the presence of cannabinoides in your body. The properties it will have will be exactly the same as if you had smoked the herb in a traditional way, so if you use a very Indica variety you will enjoy a pleasant relaxation, but if you opt for a Sativa you will have a more active mental experience and a more energizing effect.


Uses and effects of cannabis tincture
Uses and effects of cannabis tincture





⚠️ Conclusion


More and more people choose to use this type of dye because it is a very discreet and, at the same time, effective way of consuming cannabis: it does not leave any kind of smell, the package is small and fits almost in any pocket, the administration is fast.

Now that you know all the keys to make your own tincture of marijuana, just get to work. It’s a very interesting option to take marijuana when you can’t do it in the usual way or you just don’t like it, don’t miss the incredible properties of marijuana!

If you liked it, share in social networks I will be eternally grateful! and help grow the blog and I can continue improving the content that I bring you weekly, enjoy the tincture of marijuana cannalovers!?



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Mario Soriano
Mario Soriano
Degree in Veterinary and Food Science and Technology.
Passionate of medicinal cannabis and a fierce believer that marijuana can help animals in different diseases.
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      We refer to the alcohol content, i.e., for example, a gin has 40 grams.


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    I have 2 questions. #1 What is the longest time to leave the mixture in the freezer for maximum potency? #2 If I was to take that already cured mixture and put it in new flower would it get more potent?

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      in the freezer can last more than 2 years without a problem.

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