How to make marijuana tincture

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The administration of marijuana tincture is done with a dropper.

The administration of marijuana tincture is done with a dropper.

The cannabis tincture is prepared from marijuana and alcohol that can be used for medicinal purposes.

The administration of marijuana tincture is made ​​with a dropper. We can put a few drops under the tongue to feel the effects of cannabis quickly or can also be used to mix the drops with food or drink.

More and more people choose to use this type of tincture as it is a very discreet manner and yet effective to consume cannabis: does not leave any odor, the container is small and fits in almost every pocket, administration is fast, but yes, you lose the charm of the paraphernalia involved rolling a joint.

Benefits of tincture

Tincture of marijuana is used to treat varied ailments: arthritis, pain (headaches, muscle pains in general …), rheumatism, inflammation, tendinitis … You can even alleviate the effects of chemotherapy such as nausea or poor appetite.

Is it easy to make a tincture of marijuana?

You can encourage you to make your own tincture of cannabis. Here are some recipes for you to be proving that you seem simpler.

Recipe No. 1

Main ingredients for tincture.

Main ingredients for tincture.


  • one liter of an alcoholic beverage over 40 degrees, how much higher rank, the better;
  • 50 grams of marijuana buds,
  • strainer, mixer, measuring jug, small funnel, covered container, muslin fabric (very thin, transparent tissue)
  • and the dripper.

Preparation: we must crushed marijuana as if we were to use it to make a joint (that is, not too thin), then you have to heat the cannabis after the mixture has the psychoactive effect we want. There will be heated to about 115 ° C for 30 minutes in the oven. Then the cannabis is placed in a jar and we pour a pint of liquor that we have chosen, immediately thereafter the bottle is closed and shaken. Once agitated time, the bottle is placed with the mixture in the freezer for one week and should be shaking a little twice a day.

After a week, we place the muslin material into the strainer, and we filter the tincture in the measuring jug so we strain the remaining traces of marijuana and we will obtain only the liquid.

After a week, we strain the tincture

After a week, we strain the tincture

Then, with a small funnel we pour the tincture on emitters and ready! We have our tincture prepared. Finally, we must keep the bottle in a cool, dark place.

Recipe No. 2


  • 50 grams of marijuana buds,
  • a liter of an alcoholic beverage high alcohol,
  • a jar or large bottle.


Preparation: put the marijuana in the pot (in this recipe is not necessary to crush), then we pour the alcoholic beverage we have chosen to cover the marijuana, we close the jar and shake. Then we store it in a cool, dark place (in this recipe is not necessary to put it in the freezer) for a month, shaking the jar a little once a week. Past four weeks, we open the jar, and we leave it open for another week, so that the alcohol evaporates, we strain the contents to a drip and we have another way to prepare our own tincture!

In Piensa En Verde, we provide drippers to marijuana extractions or tinctures. They are made ​​of very thick and ultraviolet glass to conserve and ration your cannabis extracts, we have them in various sizes and are perfect for storing cannabis extractions anywhere.




If you have never tried this kind of tincture, you will have to start with a low dosage because marijuana is ingested has a greater effect than inhaled. Start by putting a couple of drops under the tongue and wait fifteen minutes to notice its effects.

Go proving this dose and, if you think it is not enough, increase it gradually increasing each time another drop. Also you can start putting a drop of tincture in the infusion after eating and checking the effect it will. You may gradually increase the dose to two drops if you see a single drop not notice anything.


And, as always, with any questions or if you suffer from a disease, consult your physician confidence.

By Noelia Jimenez Team Piensa En Verde


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