How to Make Marijuana Infusion

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Preparing a marijuana infusion
Preparing a marijuana infusion


Very easy to prepare, cannabis infusions have the advantage that the effects are much softer and last between 30 and 90 minutes. Today, we explain how to prepare them, their properties and effects.


If you hear about infusions, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Probably relaxation, well-being and natural health. These are all aspects that you will also find in a cannabis infusion, except that it has effects that herbal, fruit or spice infusions do not have.


However, they all have one thing in common: they are a healthy, easy-to-prepare beverage with more people and, as such, more varieties and formats, as we will show you below.


This is about that, but above all, how to prepare a cannabis infusion from scratch, quickly and easily, as well as its properties or effects, which we want to talk about today in this post. Are you joining us?





⭐ Ingredients


To make a cannabis infusion you’re going to need:


  • Marijuana: about 0.2 grams (but this is very relative, as it depends on the tolerance of the person who consumes it and also on the quality of the marijuana – higher quality, less quantity)
  • 10 grams of unsalted butter
  • 400 ml of water or milk (but whole milk and cow’s milk to contain fat). If you choose milk, you don’t need butter.
  • Optionally, you can combine this infusion with other more common infusions, such as chamomile, anise or licorice, which are doing very well. And if you need to soften it, use natural ingredients such as honey bee or agave syrup.


Ingredients needed for marijuana infusion
Ingredients needed for marijuana infusion


We recommend decarboxylate the cannabis before cooking, because although during the process of elaboration of the recipe, the marijuana can be decarboxylated, if we do it before we make sure that the decarboxylation is done correctly. If you want to know how to do it click on this link Weed decarboxylation



☕ How to prepare a marijuana infusion?


Now that you have everything on hand, let’s take a look at some versions of how to brew cannabis.


In the first case, we will infuse cannabis with water. To do this, the steps to follow are as follows:


First, crumble the cannabis as small as possible. You can do this manually or use a grinder. Then add the water and butter to heat over low heat. When it starts to boil, extinguish the fire.


Crumble marijuana with a grinder.
Crumble marijuana with a grinder.



– Take a regular cup of tea with its sieve and add the crushed cannabis to the sieve and pour the water with the butter on top. Cover and let stand for 3 to 5 minutes. After this period, the infusion is ready to drink.


Pour the water with the butter on top
Pour the water with the butter on top



In a second option, we will prepare an infusion of cannabis with milk. If the first one seemed easy, this one will be even easier. The first step is the same, in the second, instead of heating the water, put the milk and once it starts to boil, pour it on the marijuana you will have in the infuser tea cup. The rest time will be the same.


You can change the water for milk
You can change the water for milk



In both cases, if you prefer, you can take another clean sieve and re-filter the infusion (infusion of water or milk, without marijuana, just the rest of the infusion) to make sure there is no trace of grass left in your drink.


Now it's time to strain the infusion before the shot.
Now it’s time to strain the infusion before the shot.



Easier, impossible. Now, if you want, as I said earlier, you can add a natural sweetener. If you want to give it another flavour, the bag of the second infusion should be added at the same time as you pour water or milk into the cup of tea and remove it at the same time.


Also in the case of using milk
Also in the case of using milk



And speaking of sachets. Did you know that at Pev Grow we offer tea bags? This makes the task even easier and gives you a choice of 3 options. And if you have a Nespresso machine, we also have capsules compatible with this type of coffeemaker so that you will never be lazy when preparing a cannabis infusion if you feel like it.



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🚀 Properties of cannabis infusion


Certainly, if you tell more than one person that you’re going to be taking a cannabis infusion, they wouldn’t believe it would be a very healthy drink. That is why, beyond taking into account the precautions we will tell you about the possible effects of cannabis on your body, the truth is that you will be interested to know that it has the following advantages:


  • Relieves nausea
  • Reduces anxiety and depression
  • Improve cardiovascular health
  • Prevents the development of Alzheimer’s disease
  • Reduces headaches


In addition, some people also talk about aphrodisiac properties. Does this help you on other occasions? Maybe sleep better? It is true that everything will depend on the variety of marijuana you use. But do you know for whom this form of cannabis use is really convenient and appropriate? For those who consume it for medical reasons. Its effects are softer and the way to take it, as you know, much easier, and its preparation method.



✅ What are its effects?


As you well know, the effects of smoked cannabis have nothing to do with its use, although they are essentially the same. But if you consume it, in this case you drink it, the effects take longer to arrive. For this reason, it is always better to wait and drink the infusion little by little, until we see the effect on us.


However, in the case of cannabis infusion, the effects are lighter and therefore much more pleasant for those who consume marijuana for medicinal or health purposes. Thus, as mentioned above, it is not surprising that this is the preferred way of consuming it by this group.


From there, it will depend on the type of cannabis variety we have used: the effects may be relaxing or rather social and even creative.





🎯 Conclusion


As you have already seen, it is very simple to prepare a cannabis infusion. And you prepare it the same way? Do you have an anecdote or a trick?


We’d love to hear about it, and if you liked it, share it on your social networks


Until the next post!?

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