Infusion of marijuana

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The infusion of cannabis is one of the healthiest ways to consume marijuana. Its use is widely used among users seeking this ancient plant, to alleviate the symptoms of disease.
Easy to prepare, just need a few minutes to have the magic potion list.

Infusion marihuana

Infusion marihuana

We will need the following ingredients:
full cream milk
Sugar / Honey
Cannabis leaves or buds

We proceed to heat milk in a saucepan, the quantity of milk depends on people who want to drink. We do not recommend storing the infusion in the fridge, we make and consume in an hour or less.
To milk we can add manicuring resin sheets, in which case 2 or 3 grams of milk glass. If season with flowers cannabis we move between 0.2 and 0.4 grams per cup.
Mix everything well and leave over a medium heat for about five minutes while gently we remove.
After removing from heat, filter it and pour in a glass, add a little sugar or honey and we already have our infusion Marihuana ready to drink.
From Piensa En Verde we want to indicate some observations that we believe may help you:

The infusion should be made with whole milk. THC (one of the psychoactive cannabinoids) does not dissolve well in water that is why milk is used. It must also be whole because this fat is better adhere.
The effects noted may be delayed up to 2 hours after ingesting the infusion (usually half an hour to an hour, but in some cases rather more). It is advisable to drink only a little and wait to feel the effects, to see if you need to drink more or less amount. It is always advisable to fall short and be a responsible consumer.
As you know, there are many varieties of cannabis for therapeutic effect on the market. We recommend to use with that, high value in CBD.
Depending on Marihuana we have employed, we will get more relaxing, more social or psychoactive effects.

Share with us how was your experience, your opinion may help other readers. thank you very much.

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