How to remove the smell of marijuana in indoor growing

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Marijuana gives off a smell that can become an inconvenience
Marijuana gives off a smell that can become an inconvenience


When you decide to embark in your own plantation of marijuana, you have to think and to plan many aspects, beginning by choosing the suitable seeds, the mode of germination and finally, the conservation of the buds, but after controlling all this we still have something to do. What do with the smell of marijuana??


The cannabis gives off a smell that can become an inconvenience, especially if you decide to do an indoor cultivation, and live in a community of neighbors, as is usually the case. Then eliminate the smell of marijuana is really vital, to avoid being betrayed by the smell of your neighbors, (which will undoubtedly bother) and receive an unexpected visit from law enforcement authorities.


According to the type of seeds that you decide to plant, they give off more or less smell, so if this is a problem that you want to avoid, when you go to buy your marijuana seeds, you can decide for those that by their genetics, give off less smell or are mixed with citrus touches, which can reduce the strong smell of marijuana.



Ways to Eliminate the Smell of Marijuana Fast




Homemade methods of concealing the smell of marijuana


There are several methods of masking the smell of cannabis, ranging from the most inexpensive and homemade tricks to using products that have been manufactured exclusively for this purpose.


Many marijuana growers opt for the more homemade methods, as they work and disguise the smell of cannabis to a high degree and do not need to spend money on other products, however when they decide to choose these methods, the plantations they have are usually a smaller size. Below I will show you some more homemade methods with which you can save “a little bit” if you have an indoor cannabis crop of a small size.


Lemon and cloves: if you have your plantation in a small wardrobe, this technique consists of cutting one or more lemons in half, nailing a few cloves into it and placing it next to the plantation. The strong smell of lemon and cloves, mask the smell of marijuana, but you must remember to change the lemon and cloves every two or three days so that the properties and smell of lemon are not lost.



A glass of vinegar: It is known that the smell of vinegar is very strong and therefore is also a good option if you choose a homemade method, the strong smell of vinegar hides very well the smell of marijuana, for this to happen you must put a glass next to the plantation and like the technique of lemon and nails, you have to remember to change the glass of vinegar every two or three days so that the properties are not lost and the smell of marijuana does not prevail.



Incense and aromatic candles: It could be said that it is the most used technique, is something that the cultivators of marijuana usually have available in their house and for that reason they resort with more frequency, but have very present that the use of incense and aromatic candles, does not remove the smell of marijuana if not that the scents are mixed and therefore, instead of eliminating the smell of marijuana, what is usually achieved is a mixture of smells that can be even more cantoso than cannabis plants, not to say that incense and candles are worn faster than vinegar or lemons and we have to be more vigilant to change them.



Candles: Adding that the use of candles can be very dangerous if they are not monitored or the place has elements that can burn with a simple oversight. I recommend either of the two above, but I have named this option to demystify it, and raise awareness that it can be really dangerous.



Air fresheners or scent essences: You can buy them or make them yourself, just spread the scent around the room or leave a small sample just to the plantation. Stronger smells will help even more to hide the smell of cannabis. But be careful, although air fresheners can conceal the smell of marijuana for a while, chemical components can damage your plants and even influence their final tastes or smells.



Aromatic plants: It is always an option to plant around your cannabis plantation, plants that give off natural odors and help camouflage the smell that give off cannabis plants, some options that serve can be peppermint or thyme plants, as the aroma they give off to the air is strong and pleasant.



These homemade methods are always effective if the plantation you have is small in size, however if your plantation is a considerable size these methods do not serve you, since the smell that gives off in this case the marijuana will be much greater. For these cases it is necessary to make you with tools that have been created specifically to hide the smell of marijuana



Professional methods of concealing the smell of marijuana


These are some of the anti smells you can have, to hide the smell of your indoor cultivation of cannabis.



Active carbon filters


This is the system most used by growers of indoor plantations, to mask the smell that gives off the marijuana. To use this system you need a ventilation system in your indoor cultivation, so you will have to make a small investment but certainly worth it and is absolutely necessary. The active carbon eliminates the smell of the marijuana, passing through the ventilation system absorbing the molecules of smell that the plants give off


If the carbon filter you use is of good quality, it should eliminate the smell of marijuana without any problems, however, one of the drawbacks that can be taken out of this method is that it needs a lot of space in the room to work.


If you choose to use carbon filters, these may be a little expensive at first, but remember that it is the method most used by professional growers to eliminate the smell of marijuana in indoor crops, so it is much more advisable to spend the money on one that is of good quality because the result will be much better and will last much longer.



Negative ion generators


Negative ions provide electrical charges to the air molecules completely neutralizing all odors that are in the air at that time, so when mixed with the molecules of the smell of marijuana, negative ions neutralize them in the instant, preventing the smell of cannabis is dispersed around.


They are not at all dangerous for health but you must ensure that this method is not installed in the room or room where you have the plantation because the negative molecules snatch the smell of cannabis plants very aggressively, removing the smell and taste of marijuana itself.


The generators of negative ions can serve as much for small plantations as for the great cultures of interior, since they do not need to be connected to any device of escape.



Ozone generators


Ozone generators can be of two forms, those that distribute the ozone by the room doing effect inside the room or those that purify the air and the odors that go out to the outside through the ventilation duct.


With those that act inside the room of culture, it is necessary to have caution, you must choose one that dispense sufficient ozone so that it does eliminate the smell to marijuana of your interior culture, but you have to be careful, since the ozone is bad for the health and the breathing it can affect of harmful form.


My advice is to alternate ozone generators with carbon filters, so you get an excellent result and your health will not run any risk..



HEPA filters


HEPA filters do not completely eliminate the smell of cannabis so they need a support, they must be used with another method. HEPA filters are most commonly used for the removal of allergens and other pollutants contained in the air.


Using these filters is highly recommended, as removing all negative elements from plants and air is always advisable, and if you can not install a ventilation system, these filters have built-in fans that move the air and distribute them.



Artificial air fresheners.


In the manual systems that we have mentioned before you can use natural gels that you can create yourself at home, but in our online store, you can find some air fresheners and artificial sprays that you can use to camouflage the smell of cannabis.


You can spray the air fresheners and the smell of marijuana will disappear for a certain period of time, but there are also some cubes with gels inside, just open the lid of these cubes and leave it inside the growing room, however these gels usually end quickly and you see the obligation to have to change them quite fluidly.


Well, you already know the different methods and utensils that you can use to eliminate the smell of your marijuana plants, now you only have to choose the one that you think is the most suitable for your case



If your plantation is small, maybe one of the homemade methods is enough to hide the strong smell of marijuana, but if your plantation is of a quite considerable size, the best options are the methods created for it



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? Conclusion


Study well the place where you will make the indoor cultivation and its surroundings, decide between carbon filters, negative ions, HEPA filters or ozone generators, and make sure that the smell of marijuana is not a reason for dispute between your neighbors or family to enjoy your marijuana buds without any problem or inconvenience


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Discuss below with us your experience with the elimination of marijuana odors in indoor crops, and tell us how the method you opted for has worked for you.


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    Hi Alan. 5 stars! Do you know of any strains that do not smell like Cannabis?
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      Hi Mordy,
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