Take care of your plants: pruning and bending techniques

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If you want the best results from your plant, along cultivation you must conduct a need pruning or bending the leaves of your plants, but this can not be done anyway. There are techniques that will also serve to enhance the status of your plant.


Like all plants, marijuana, if left unchecked, can grow with disproportionate dimensions, and that would damage our closet indoor cultivation, or would be too much on the outdoor growing marijuana. In addition, plants that grow out of control, not always grow healthy, so it is necessary to intervene from time to time and plant pruning or bending of the leaves is highly recommended over plant growth.

It is precisely this what we want to talk in this new blog. Of the different techniques that exist about it, when and how to make and the material we need for this. But before we begin, we would like to clarify some issues:

  •  Not all the techniques are used to all crops.
  •  Not all techniques can be performed throughout the year.
  •  It is not the same an interior outdoor cultivation and therefore techniques must also be different.
  •  If you’re not sure if you’re doing well your pruning, see first for professional or experienced people. At Piensa En Verde we are at your disposal not only to answer questions you might have regarding our store products, but to help and advise you in everything related to the world of marijuana.

Before beginning or carrying out pruning, you have to know very well what kind of plant it is, which has grown, so you employ the cultivo_interior_con_ventiladortechnique best suited to it. And of course, you must know well the limits of your planting, especially if we talk about indoor growing that usually take place in grow boxes and, in such cases, space is often quite limited, especially if we into account, it will be in that space where you cultivate not only one but several plants, and that during the course of plant growth, will change a few times a smaller pot to a larger.

It is true that may be truisms, but we must not forget, if our culture comes to an end with the goal we set at the beginning.

Previous aspects

If we mentioned a few factors that must be taken into account when considering making a pruning your plant or bending of the leaves, then we would like to mention two important factors you have to consider before planting and, of course, before doing pruning: daylight hours receiving your plant and varies according to the latitude in which you find yourself and, secondly, the type of substrate you will use when growing your plant.

And although it seems that neither of these two aspects, a priori, have nothing to do with pruning of the marijuana plant, they are closely related, as they will grow to a greater or lesser extent, depending on the above factors.

Sunshine hours: we speak, of course, from plants grown outside, 20050206_grow_08-188x300either a terrace or private garden area. In all cases, plants receive natural light and artificial light is not required as in the case of indoor crops. This has, like everything else, its advantages and disadvantages. In the case of indoor cultivation it is easier to control the temperature reaches and perfectly calculated the hours of light received by the plant.

Something that does not happen in the case of outdoor growing, however, has the advantage of savings in the electricity bill, and receive natural light, which is always better than artificial, for vitamins the sun It provides plants.

That said, the more light the plants receive, the more they will grow tall and leafy. Therefore the type of pruning that we undertake also to be consistent with the sunny hours you will receive our plant, so we calculate when and how to make the cut mentioned.

Type of substrate to be used: in this case, the type of substrate that we use vary depending on the soil or the place where it was grown, that is, if we do it on the floor (in open field) or in a pot. On this basis, the plants will grow more or less and be more advisable to conduct a kind of pruning or another.


Types of pruning

Once we have taken into account the above aspects, we will go on to explain the different types of pruning that exist; the most used by marijuana growers.

Pinch marijuana: the main advantage is to maintain the central bud and that quality production is achieved. It is a relatively simple technique, but to do with great care and is, as its name suggests, pinching gently apex of the plant, ie the bud on the stem of the upper node of the plant. How? With the index finger and thumb, until you hear a slight crunch.

And what do we get with this technique? Basically slow the growth of a1bb54the central branch, to give more life to the branches around and thus have greater production, in addition to our plant will not grow disproportionately. All nutrients and vitamins as well as the plant absorbs water will be shared equally in all branches and growth of the same, too.

Do not panic when you see a bulge out in the place where you do the pinch. It is normal. It is a scar that the plant itself produces. You can repeat this technique in the surrounding branches, if necessary, and even in the very central branch if we see that retakes disproportionate.

Apical Pruning: is best known and used by marijuana growers technique and involves cutting the apex of the plant, but this time, using a cutting tool, as can be scissors, a knife, a cutter, etc. In short, an object that allows us to make a clean break. Before using the sharp object, it must be sterilized.

One aspect that you must keep in mind is that the plant before performing this type of pruning should have taken adequate size and that is that we want to have our plant, because it will not grow any more above the cut, yes below it, resulting in possible growth of other branches.


In this regard, it is noteworthy that this type of pruning is often used for those crops that are made ​​in spring and can grow much daylight hours they receive. However, in the case of plantations to be made ​​in autumn, it will not be necessary, since the ultimate size of the plant will not exceed more than recommended, except for rare exceptions that have to do with the kind of weather.

FIM pruning (Fuck, I Missed) we could say that this is a technical study, but actually came from a kind of previous neglect pruning, apical. It aims to multiply the sides and top shoots, but without giving up the top shoots, which is what makes the apical pruning.


How is it made? Instead of cutting the main stem, which we will make a cut on the tips of the toes, but not cut the entire shoot. In this way wepoda-fims-300x225 manage to stay alive a piece of the outbreak and, if done well, we will make the new shoots appear 3-5 days in our plant.

One advantage of this pruning is that, if we do it wrong, and do not grow side shoots, which have done will be an apical cut. The result will be the same as expected, but it will be good. One consolation for those who do it for the first time!

In our accessories section you will find all the necessary material for pruning your plant.
By Noelia Jiménez, Team Piensa En Verde

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