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Royal Queen Seeds: discover the most iconic feminized seeds

PEV Grow introduces you to another of the most significant European marijuana seed banks in the international sphere: Royal Queen Seeds.

Although its beginnings are a little later than the legendary seed banks and originating in Holland, Royal Queen Seeds, began its journey in the decade of the 2000, establishing its headquarters in Barcelona and Amsterdam as reference cities in the world of cannabis.

This is a seed bank with a professional and specialized catalogue, with a discipline in its working methods difficult to compare with other large companies in the sector, differentiated by the genetic purity of their varieties, the preservation of phenotypes Haze or White Widow for the development of new hybrids, the maintenance of mothers through methods of organic and biodynamic cultivation, and its exhaustive quality control, points that are noted in the germination of their seeds and the exquisiteness of their final product.

The progression of Royal Queen seeds has been meteoric, passing in a few years to win several prizes nothing more and nothing less in the prestigious High Life Cup and High Times Cannabis Cup.

Discover the Royal Queen Seeds feminized seeds catalogue:

Its first line of feminized, has been highlighted by the faithful commitment to the preservation of genetic lines of white varieties, incorporating new hybrids over time of excellent quality.

Its catalogue includes such well-known varieties as the Royal Gorilla, one of the plants with the most THC in the world, and its White Widow, the whitest and most aromatic variety.

There are also kush chemotype strains that have been overflowing with favourable opinions since the beginning, such as Special Kush 1 and O.G Kush. Without forgetting the best known Haze Hybrids sativa predominance with very high levels of THC, Amnesia Haze and Shining Silver Haze.

In recent seasons Royal Queen Seeds has incorporated feminized seeds in fast flowering formats (Fast Flowering), for my own experience I recommend the Royal Queen Honey Cream, a resinous monster perfect for extractions or Speedy Chile, a variety with Skunk offspring that ends its flowering period in the blink of an eye.

In short, a multitude of possibilities that we offer you at the best price in your trusted Grow Shop.

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Royal Queen Seeds: discover all its autoflowering varieties

The autoflowering seeds of Royal Queen Seeds, have a very wide genetic variety, as well as different flavors so you can choose from a wide range of possibilities, and fully meet your expectations. The autoflowering varieties of Royal Queen Seeds, are characterized by having an exceptional quality because all of them have been created by Dutch breeders masters, and all their creations triumph in the Coffeeshops throughout Holland.

The greatness of Royal Queen Seeds is not the result of chance, and being one of the largest seed banks in Europe, is not a recognition that anyone gets. His good work and his collaboration with the best breeders in Europe, have led him to win prestigious awards worldwide within the world of Cannabis, such as, for example, Highlife Cup and High Times Cannabis Cup.

Discover the catalogue of autoflowering varieties from Royal Queen Seeds:

The Auto Ak 47 of Royal Queen Seeds

The Auto Ak 47 of Royal Queen Seeds, is one of the varieties that, if you are a lover of cannabis, you can not stop growing. Its genetics says it all, auto-flowering strain from a living cannabis myth, Ak 47 and with this automatic strain from Royal Queen Seeds, more than ever. Its lemony taste, with pinky touches, will leave you speechless. In indoor crops, with 9 plants per m2 you can get up to 450 gr per m2, in just 10 weeks. We recommend that you use 11 litre pots, and give a good dose of light with a 600 W HPS lamp. In outdoor crops, if you place it in the sun in the middle of summer, it will develop its best version, and you will be able to collect up to 160 gr per plant.

Royal Critical Automatic from Royal Queen Seeds

If you are a lover of auto-flowering varieties, but are not convinced of their productive capacity, Royal Critical Automatic from Royal Queen Seeds is your best alternative. The production of Royal Critical Automatic is really exceptional, in indoor crops with about 9 plants per m2 and a lighting period of 20/4 you can get up to 500 grams per m2. But that's not all, its incredible resin production makes it a perfect choice for BHO extractions. In outdoor crops, if we plant it in firm soil and properly prepared, with many hours of sunshine, you can get up to 100 grams per plant.

Auto Amnesia Haze of Royal Queen Seeds

However, if what you like are the varieties especially Sativas, Auto Amnesia Haze of Royal Queen Seeds, will provide a very fun experience accompanied by a tasty and sweet flavor. You are before a classic of the world-wide marijuana, that conserves the main qualities of its original version, shortening the period of flowering. In indoor crops, we recommend that you place 9 plants per m2 under a LEC lighting kit of 315w, despite being a little slower than their peers, the wait will be worth it as it can reach up to 350 gr per m2. Outdoors, if we place it in the right place, where it can receive a good dose of sun, you can collect up to 100 grams per plant, in about 11 weeks from germination.

Auto Northern Lights by Royal Queen Seeds

Among the tastiest autoflowering plants in the Royal Queen Seeds catalogue, we find the Auto Northern Lights by Royal Queen Seeds. Its taste is sweet and will make you dream about this strain for the rest of your days.

Outdoors we recommend that you use a pot of 18 liters, remember that autos hate the transplant.

Royal Dwarf Auto from Royal Queen Seeds

For those who fear that their neighbours will stick their noses where they are not called, the queen of discretion is Royal Dwarf Auto from Royal Queen Seeds. Its effects are very active and perfect to enjoy with friends, and its aroma with Skunk touches are the envy of older smokers. Outdoors with a pot of 11 liters you will have enough for their roots to grow with space, and to develop its best version needs to provide the necessary fertilizers, collecting up to 60 grams per plant. In indoor crops, is very fast and grateful, in just 8-9 weeks your plants will be ready to harvest.

Discover the most famous varieties of Royal Queen Seeds in regular format. The best genetics at the best price online! Discover them all below...

Royal Queen Seeds: discover its great variety of seeds with high CBD

The varieties rich in CBD of Royal Queen Seeds, follow the premises of quality and know-how of Royal Queen Seeds, one of the most important seed banks in the world.

It is no secret the therapeutic benefits of CBD and also when it is in synergy with other cannabis and terpenes, also known as "entourage effect".

That is why the seed banks, more and more, expand their catalog with the creation of varieties rich in CBD and Royal Queen Seeds was not going to be less. We have selected for you the Fast Eddy Auto CBD from Royal Queen Seeds and the Stress Killer CBD Auto.

The best seeds with high CBD from Royal Queen Seeds:

Fast Eddy Auto CBD from Royal Queen Seeds

The Fast Eddy Auto CBD from Royal Queen Seeds, is a true masterpiece, characterized by a relaxing high and a high content of CBD, which gives it calming properties for pain. Indoors, is a variety of very easy to grow, and in just 8-9 weeks we can get up to 350 grams per m2, for this we have used 9 pots of 11 liters per m2, with HPS lamps 400W. Outdoors, is a discreet plant, which with many hours of sunshine can give us up to 130 grams per plant. Its flavor and aroma Skunk with citrus touches gives it a personality that of course you can not forget.

Strees Killer CBD auto of Royal Queen Seeds

The Strees Killer CBD auto of Royal Queen Seeds, has a taste marked to lemon by its genetics, derived from the fusion between Lemon Haze and Juanita La Lagrimosa. In indoor crops, in just 11 weeks you can get up to 350 grams per m2. In outdoor crops, has potential to go further, being able to collect up to 160 grams per plant, using the special pot cars of 18 liters.


Get to know all the varieties rich in CBD from Royal Queen Seeds, in PevGrow, your trusted online Growshop.

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