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Royal Queen Seeds 

PEV Grow introduces you another of the most significant European marijuana seeds bank in the international sphere: Royal Queen Seeds

Although their beginnings are a little later than the rest of the legendary seeds banks originals from Holland, Royal Queen Seeds, began their journey in the decade of 2000, establishing their headquarters in Barcelona as reference city in the Cannabis world.

We stand here at a seeds bank featured of great professionalism and specialization, with a strong discipline in their working methods, very difficult to find in other large companies in that sector, differing from them due to the purity of their strains, preservation of phenotypes Haze or White Widow for new hybrids development, preservation of motherplants through organic and biodynamic crop methods, and their exhaustive quality control processes, issues that are well noticed in the germination of their seeds and the exquisiteness of their final product.

The progression of Royal Queen seeds has been meteoric, becoming to win in few years several awards, no less than in the prestigious High Life Cup and High Times Cannabis Cup.

Their first feminised line has been highlighted by their faithful commitment to the preservation of white genetic lines, incorporating new hybrids of excellent quality along the time.

In their catalog they have very awarded feminised strains as can be the purest white

  • Royal Queen Northern Lights
  • Royal Queen White Widow

Strains remarked by their Kush chemotype as:

  • Royal Queen Critical
  • Royal Queen Special Queen 1
  • Royal Queen O.G Kush
  • Royal Queen Moby
  • Royal Queen Blue Mistyc

Sativa predominant Haze hybrids with very high levels of THC such as:

  • Royal Queen Amnesia Haze
  • Royal Queen Shining Silver Haze

Without forget their "soul kush" indica, the top seller Royal Queen Special Kush 1.

In the recent crop seasons the seeds bank has incorporated new fast flowering feminised seeds formats (Fast genotypes), from which we can mention certain phenotypes as:

  • Royal Queen Royal Cheese a cut line with the finest Skunk#1 selection
  • Royal Queen Honey Cream a reminiscent of the resinous monsters White Rhino resulting an excellent genetic for extractions
  • Royal Queen Candy Kush strongly sativa-marked hybrid Kush with earthy flavor and soothing effects
  • Royal Queen Speedy Chile, a strain tribute to the success achieved by the brand as Royal Queen Seeds Chile .

Their extensive catalog also has a varied repertoire of autoflowering marijuana seeds highlighting the white champion strains either feminised or autoflowering such as Royal Queen Royal Dwarf and Royal Queen Northern Light Automatic, and the pure Rudelaris-Haze genetics as Royal Queen Royal Haze Automatic and Royal Queen Amnesia Haze Automatic.

The seed bank also emphasizes in recent years the rise of medicinal users incorporating not only genetics with high CBD (Royal Queen Seeds CBD), but also offering legal CBD oils in Europe developed with the best hemp strains.

You can find out their CBD-rich genetics in the proper section specialized in seeds banks at our online store, pointing out marijuana seeds that offer a wide chemical spectra about excellent medicinal THC:CBD ratios, emphasizing champions in feminised seeds formats as Royal Queen Medical Mass a hybrid made up of Critical genoma and Royal Queen Euphoria with an extremely resinous genotype, in addition you can find other interesting chemovars as Royal Queen Dance World, Royal Queen Royal Highness, Royal Queen Royal Medic, Royal Queen Painkiller XL, Royal Queen CBD Mix, and the autoflowering special chemovars Royal Queen Stress Killer Automatic and Royal Queen Fast Eddy Automatic.

CBD oils you can find from Royal Queen can be seen at our CBD-Shop section of PEV Grow in 10, 30 and 50 mL formats with 2.5, 4 and 10% CBD concentrations.

Other Royal Queen accessories you can find at our paraphernalia section are their prominent elements of merchandising, as well as other cannabis acompanying plants, a novelty they incorporate and takes part of biodynamic marijuana cultivation, since are other plants that help marijuana plants development and also to keep discretion, mixing odors and masking them with marijuana ones.

In short, a bunch of possibilities that we offer you exclusively at the best price within our online store.

We hope you enjoy with us all Royal Queen products and share your experiences with our PEV Grow team.

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