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Dutch Passion 

At PEV Grow we are very proud to work with a company like Dutch Passion.

It is probably the second seeds bank in terms of its foundation and sales leadership with the permission of Sensi seeds.

Its founder, Henk van Dalen, began growing cannabis in Holland in 1972 for his own consumption and given his extensive blackground in biology and pharmacology, he didn’t take a long time to excel in the cultivation of our wonderful plant.

Henk began to develop his own catalog of strains in 1980, as a result of several crossbreds of seeds imported from Thailand and Africa, developing varieties such as Dutch passion Passion #1 with a truly amazing 18% in THC, very high for the time, that made him to establish as a real prestigious breeder.

A few years later, in 1987, he founded the Dutch Passion Seed Company and a year later opened the Homegrow Fataseeds coffee shop, which raised Henk’s reputation and also his seeds company. His philosophy about preserving the best seeds of cannabis for his clients allowed him to reach a status that still preserves today.

One of Dutch passion's greatest contributions to the cannabis sector was the development of feminised cultivars in the 1990s.

Henk believed that a female plant was capable of generating male flowers if left enough time to do it. After trying several fruitful experiments in which he stressed cannabis plants using natural methods, Dutch passion began with the commercialization of feminised marijuana seeds such as

  • Dutch passion White Widow
  • Dutch passion Blueberry
  • Dutch passion Skunk #11
  • Dutch passion Power Plant
  • Dutch passion Mazar
  • Dutch passion California Orange
  • Dutch passion Brainstorm
  • Dutch passion Purple#1
  • Dutch passion Frisian Dew
  • Dutch passion Orange Bud
  • Dutch passion Euforia
  • Dutch passion Shaman
  • Dutch passion Think Different

All award-winning strains along the time until today, those have served as genetic models for the reproduction of other cultivars by other seeds banks.

Taking also into account Dutch passion autoflowering marijuana seeds, this high quality seedsbank also proposes premium quality autoflowering marijuana genetics, with high levels of THC, high yield and very varied terpene profiles.
Strains like

  • Dutch passion Auto Cinderella Jack
  • Dutch passion Auto Colorado Cookies
  • Dutch passion Auto Euforia
  • Dutch passion Auto Blueberry
  • Dutch passion Auto Ultimate
  • Dutch passion Auto Mazar
  • And the newfangled Dutch passion Auto Daiquiri lime

We are sure all of them are going to delight both novel growers and most skilled cannaseurs.

Of course Ducth passion wants to honor medicinal consumers introducing in its catalogue strains with high CBD in order to improve their cannabinoids ratio for the therapeutic indications that the patients need.

For instance Dutch passion has developed some feminised CBD-rich cultivars such Dutch passion CBD Kush, Dutch passion CBD Skunk Haze and Dutch passion CBD Compassion which are perfectly complemented with their Autoflowering CBD rich strains such as Dutch passion CBD Auto Compassion Lime and Dutch passion CBD Auto White Widow providing us THC:CBD ratios around one to one, very valuable for the most recognized therapeutic indications.

Recently, Dutch passion has more than 50 different cultivars in its catalog, and in PEV Grow we cannot stop learning from them.

We hope you feel good growing them with us ... Our technicians and control quality team will advise you on everything related to growing and therapeutic applications of Dutch passion genetics ... Are you going to stay without trying them?