The cannabis strains most similar to Northern Lights

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A beautiful Northern Lights cannabis plant with a spectacular aurora borealis in the background
A beautiful Northern Lights cannabis plant with a spectacular aurora borealis in the background


Northern Lights is a legendary indica cannabis variety, known for its relaxing effect and sweet, earthy flavor. In this article, we will explore six strains that share characteristics with Northern Lights, whether in terms of genetics, effects, or flavor profile. These strains promise to offer experiences similar to the tranquility, sweetness, and pleasure that characterizes Northern Lights, and share genetic ancestors that make them really similar but with certain differences that might be even more interesting for you.



Strains Similar to Northern Lights:



  • Afghan Kush (World of Seeds): This pure indica is famous for its deeply relaxing effect and earthy aroma. It shares a similar genetic lineage with Northern Lights, as both contain Afghan genetics, high production of dense and tight buds, a good amount of large trichomes, organoleptic properties, and a calming effect.
  • Hindu Kush (Spain Seeds): Another classic indica, Hindu Kush offers a flavor and effect profile similar to Northern Lights, with an emphasis on deep relaxation and a sweet, earthy taste. The indicas from northern India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan originated from the same variety, so they share many genes, but human selection and adaptation to different environments caused certain differences, but in general, they are quite similar.
  • Hash Plant (PEV Seeds): Known for its resin production and potent effect, Hash Plant is an excellent alternative for those seeking an indica experience similar to Northern Lights. In this case, the sweet and spicy flavor is combined with spicy touches reminiscent of the best hashish. For many consumers, Hash Plant is, alongside Northern Lights, the best indica in history.
  • Blue Mystic (Royal Queen Seeds): A variety that combines genetics from Northern Lights and Blueberry, offering a relaxing effect with a subtle fruity flavor. It could be said that Northern Lights#5 x Haze is the best sativa hybrid of Northern Lights, Jack Herer is the best overall hybrid of this genetics, and possibly Blue Mystic is the best indica hybrid with Northern Lights genes.
  • Bubba Kush (Dinafem Seeds): This strain is known for its potent relaxing effect and a complex flavor profile that reminds of Northern Lights, but with a unique touch. Although they do not share a genetic lineage in principle, their morphology is quite similar, Bubba Kush does not produce as voluminous buds but they are much more compact and hard, with a higher concentration of resin, but with a type of effect quite similar.
  • Northern Lights Auto (Various banks): An autoflowering version of Northern Lights that maintains the qualities of the original strain, ideal for those looking for a simpler and faster cultivation. It must be recognized that it is one of the best autoflowering versions on the market, as it is practically the same as the original, but with faster, easier, and more rewarding cultivation.



Comparative Table:


Strain Bank Type THC CBD Flavor and Aroma Effect
Northern Lights Sensi Seeds Indica High Low Earthy, Sweet Relaxing, Soothing
Afghan Kush World of Seeds Indica High Low Earthy Relaxing, Sedative
Hindu Kush Spain Seeds Indica High Low Earthy, Sweet Relaxing, Calming
Hash Plant PEV Seeds Indica High Low Earthy, Resinous Potent, Relaxing
Blue Mystic Royal Queen Seeds Hybrid Medium Low Fruity, Earthy Relaxing, Mild
Bubba Kush Dinafem Seeds Indica High Low Spicy, Earthy, Coffee Potent, Soothing
Northern Lights Auto Various banks Autoflowering Medium Low Sweet, Earthy Relaxing, Narcotic



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These six strains offer a unique opportunity to explore the world of cannabis while maintaining a connection with the iconic Northern Lights. From pure indicas to hybrids and autoflowering versions, each of these strains offers a relaxing and pleasurable journey, perfect for lovers of soothing effects and deep, earthy flavors. Discover these varieties and immerse yourself in cannabis experiences that evoke the essence of Northern Lights. If you’re eager for more and want to continue exploring indica cannabis strains, click the following link to see an article where we talk about the best indica marijuana strains.

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