The Most Potent Gorilla Glue Strains on the Market

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Stylized illustration of a muscular gorilla surrounded by cannabis plants representing the Gorilla Glue variety
Stylized illustration of a muscular gorilla surrounded by cannabis plants representing the Gorilla Glue variety



The Gorilla Glue saga has earned a place of honor in the cannabis pantheon for its impressive potency and effects. Originating from strains that stand out for both their THC content and genetic versatility, this cannabis family is a favorite among many medicinal and recreational users. In this article, you will discover which of the Gorilla varieties reaches the highest levels of potency, including auto-flowering and CBD-rich versions, ideal for different users and needs.



The Most Potent Gorilla Glue Varieties



Gorilla Glue by PEV Seeds

Potency: Known for its high THC content, which can exceed 25%, this variety offers potent and lasting effects, ideal for experienced users looking for an intense experience. In this case, it should be noted that this feminized Gorilla Glue has a very intense aroma and flavor, so the entourage effect achieved by combining these with the high level of THC, makes the potency even greater.


Gorilla Glue Pev Seeds
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Super Glue by Spain Seeds

Potency: With a THC that hovers around 24%, Super Glue offers an intoxicating experience, combining cerebral euphoria with deep body relaxation. It is a cross between 2 of the strongest strains of recent years, Gorilla Glue#4 and Starfighter F2, which have merged to elevate the potency to the stratosphere or even beyond.


Super Glue Spain Seeds
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Original Glue

Potency: The famous Original Glue stays true to its reputation with a THC that can reach 30%, guaranteeing a potent effect that satisfies the most demanding consumers. Original Glue descends directly from the original Gorilla Glue#4 clone, but at one point the name had to be changed due to commercial conflicts with the glue brand.


Gorilla Glue #5

Potency: A variant that is not far behind, with a THC content that reaches up to 28%, providing a complex and very rewarding experience. It is thought that this variety is a cross between 2 of the primary clones of the Gorilla Glue variety, in this case Gorilla Glue#4 x Gorilla Glue#1.



The Most Potent Auto-flowering Gorilla Glue


Gorilla Glue Auto by Fastbuds

Potency: This auto-flowering version does not compromise on potency, reaching a THC of up to 23%, perfect for those looking for effectiveness and speed of cultivation. It must be acknowledged that the flavor is not as intense as in the photoperiodic variety, so the entourage effect is also not as strong, but still not bad for an auto-flowering plant.


Gorilla Glue Auto by Seed Stockers

Potency: With a THC that can also reach 23%, this auto-flowering variety is a solid choice for users who want to combine ease of cultivation with high potency. Like the previous variety, it is a good automatic version, but they do not offer the psychoactive effect of the original version.



USA Seeds
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Rich in Other Cannabinoids and Medicinal Potency


Gorilla Snow Ultra CBD by Elite Seeds

Potency: Focusing more on CBD, with a THC:CBD level of 10:12, this variety is ideal for users looking for medicinal effects without a high psychoactivity. The psychoactive effect is moderate, as the high content of cannabidiol inhibits part of the psychoactivity, but the therapeutic potency is very high, making it the most potent Gorilla Glue from a medicinal standpoint.


Gorilla Glue Auto CBD by PEV Seeds

Potency: With a balance between THC and CBD, Gorilla Glue Auto CBD offers therapeutic benefits with a significant reduction in intense psychoactive effects. It contains 7% THC and 7% CBD, so its ratio between these cannabinoids is 1:1, meaning that both the psychoactivity and the therapeutic part are felt, making it the most potent and medicinal Gorilla Glue variety at the same time.


Gorilla Glue Auto CBD Pev Seeds
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Comparative Table


Variety THC CBD Effects
Gorilla Glue by PEV Seeds >25% Low Euphoria, Deep Relaxation
Super Glue by Spain Seeds ~24% Low Cerebral Euphoria, Relaxation
Original Glue ~30% Low Potent, Satisfaction
Gorilla Glue #5 ~28% Low Complex, Rewarding
Gorilla Glue Auto by Fastbuds ~23% Low Effectiveness, Speed of Cultivation
Gorilla Glue Auto by Seed Stockers ~23% Low Ease of Cultivation, High Potency
Gorilla Snow Ultra CBD by Elite Seeds 10 12 Medicinal, Low Psychoactive
Gorilla Glue Auto CBD by PEV Seeds 7 7 Therapeutic Benefits, Less Psychoactive





Gorilla Glue varieties are synonymous with potency and quality. From options with extremely high THC to balanced varieties with CBD, there is a Gorilla Glue for every user. We invite growers and consumers to explore these potent variants at Pevgrow, where quality and satisfaction are guaranteed. Now that you know which are the most potent Gorilla Glue varieties of today, I invite you to read this other article that talks about how to raise THC levels and the potency of marijuana, I’m sure you’ll like it.



Frequently Asked Questions


What makes a Gorilla Glue variety potent?

The potency of a Gorilla Glue variety is due to its high THC content, which provides intense and lasting effects. Genetics and the terpene profile also play a crucial role in the intensity of the experience.

Are Gorilla Glue varieties good for beginners?

Due to their high potency, caution is advised for novice consumers. Starting with low doses and varieties with a THC/CBD balance may be more suitable.

How can I cultivate these Gorilla Glue varieties to maximize their potency?

Potency can be maximized with proper cultivation practices, such as ensuring optimal lighting, balanced nutrients, and a stable cultivation environment.

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    I had always heard about the power and quality of these genetics, but this post has opened my eyes to a new level of appreciation. The detailed description and shared experiences have completely convinced me; so much so, that I have just acquired the feminized Gorilla Glue seeds from PEV Seeds. I am eager to experience that unique potency and flavor in my own grow!