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Gorilla Glue, Gorilla, Original Glue, GG # 4 or Gorilla Glue # 4 , are some of the terms by which an elite clone of marijuana that is sweeping wherever it passes is known. This yerba has many of the qualities that consumers value, intense aroma, unbeatable amount of resin, good ratio between bud and leaf, delicious flavor, and extreme psychoactive potency, since its THC content exceeds 25%.

This elite cutting emerged in the USA in 2015, it came out of a spontaneous crossing created by Josey Wales inadvertently, due to a Chem Sis that released pollen when it shouldn't have, and that branch has multiplied like hell, and it's already in half the world. Thanks to the great mobility it has had, at present there are many seed banks that are creating new varieties from this genetics, and you can already find all kinds of versions, crosses, seeds of all kinds, etc. And in this section we are going to gather the best of the whole market ...

What are the best feminized Gorilla seeds?

Many breeders produce feminized S1 seeds through self-pollination of the elite clone selected by Josey Wales, as the resulting seeds contain all the characteristics sought in the original cutting. Here you can see what we consider the best.

Gorilla Glue 4

A very faithful replica created by PEV Bank Seeds , which enjoys a very high homogeneity, especially due to the most remarkable traits of this genetics. Simple and fast cultivation, high production of buds and resin, flavor full of nuances, and an effect that you have to be prepared for, because you need more experience to be able to consume this herb than to cultivate it.

Royal gorilla

Very good feminized version produced by Royal Queen Seeds from the original clone, since it has brought out the character of this very special marijuana. If you like cannabis extractions, try making Bubble Hash, Rosin, or BHO with Royal Gorilla, not only for the impressive return you get, but also for the extra quality of the final product achieved.

Gorilla Glue 4

These feminized seeds from Expert Seeds are among the best, because this bank is one of the ones that has worked the most with this sticky strain. We do not know if it is a self-pollination or a selection achieved through the crossing of the American cutting, but what is clear is that these seeds meet the qualities most sought after by Gorilla Glue lovers.

The best autoflowering seeds descendants of Gorilla

There are more than 10 different autoflowering versions of Gorilla , and it must be said that most are of quality, among other things because the most representative qualities of this variety. If you don't know which one to choose, keep in mind the ones that I highlight below:

Gorilla Glue Auto by Fastbuds

The American seed bank Fastbuds was one of the first to publish its own replica of Gorilla but in autoflowering seeds. It must be said that it changes several things with respect to the normal strain, it produces something more leafy, the flavor is not as intense, and its effect is somewhat more relaxing. Otherwise it is very similar, frosted resin buds, and very easy to grow.

Gorilla Glue 4 Auto

Automatic flowering version published by the Original Sensible Seeds seed bank . To include the genes that cause autoflowering, they crossed the GG # 4 cutting with a Critical Diesel Auto, and continued to select in the offspring until they got a uniform, 100% autoflowering and feminized variety, and with a totally Gorilla appearance.

Gorilla Glue Auto from Barney's Farm

Barney 's Farm is a seed bank that is always up to date when it comes to marijuana strains. In this case he has managed to stabilize his own autoflowering version of Gorilla Glue to the point that it does not look like an automatic plant. Dark buds bathed in trichomes, a very powerful aroma, and THC levels that exceed 20% on many occasions.

Best hybrids and polyhybrids of the Gorilla family

One of the best qualities of this cannabis strain is its ability to fuse with other classic genetics. Although it has not been on the market for many years, Gorilla Glue is already part of numerous crosses, with sativas, indica, and all kinds of strains, and here we show you the best:

Sour glue

Excellent combination between Sour Diesel and Gorilla Glue created by Medical Seeds , which stands out because it has brought out the best in each parent. The most extreme sour taste you can imagine, with the production of buds and Gorilla resin, and an expansive effect that seems to have no limits, which makes it essential to have a minimum tolerance to cannabis high in THC.

Glueberry OG

Menage a trois produced by Dutch Passion from the 3-way cross between Blueberry, Gorilla Glue, and OG Kush . This plant has already won several cannabis competitions, and has earned a niche in the market thanks to its fruity Kush flavor, its more than good performance indoors and outdoors, and above all for its top-quality effect.

Zkittlez Glue

Normally when you mix 2 good things, the result is usually good, and here we have one more example that demonstrates this theory. The flavor has the best of both parents, with Zkittlez's sweet caramel touch, but with Gorilla's Chem background . The effect is clearly indica, the most suitable for disconnecting from the world on some occasions.

Are there cannabis seeds from the Gorilla family and rich in CBD?

Of course there are, as is always the case when genetics succeed, and in Gorilla's case there are plenty to choose from. So that you have greater availability, I am going to offer you 3 different varieties based on Gorilla but rich in CBD , but in different formats, to see what you think.

Gorilla Snow Ultra CBD

Feminized seeds produced by Elite Seeds , one of the seed banks that has worked the most with cannabidiol. It is a very complete plant, which stands out for its rapidity of development and flowering, it offers a huge production in any growing system, it has a delicious aroma and flavor, and its chemotype is very special, since its ratio between THC and CBD it is 1: 1, with 10% of each.

Gorilla Glue Auto CBD

A masterpiece of plant genetic engineering, because these seeds are 100% autoflowering, 100% feminized, 100% rich in CBD , special for beginners due to their zero difficulty to grow, very productive, and really tasty. Its ratio between THC and CBD is 1: 1 , with 7% of each cannabinoid, and thanks to its high concentration of terpenes it offers a unique entourage effect.

Gorilla CBD

Dinafem feminized seeds , with a 1: 2 ratio between THC and CBD, so the psychoactivity is lower than in the 2 previous varieties, but without losing the medicinal part. Morphologically it is quite similar to the Gorilla Glue # 4 clone, and the taste is also very similar, although taken to the extreme more Kush. Its cultivation is quite fast and does not usually give problems with a balanced diet.

Curiosities of the Gorilla family

Although the breeder wanted to discard these seeds as they came from a hermaphroditic plant, when his partner harvested several plants and was able to check the amount of resin from the one marked with the number 4 , he was glad he had not disposed of them. It left her hands so sticky that when she picked up her mobile phone she couldn't get rid of it, so much so that it quickly reminded her of Gorilla glue , a brand well known in the USA for the effectiveness of its product, and that is how this plant was baptized .

The problem is that when this cutting began to win prizes and conquer the world, the owners of the glue brand forced him to change the name of this herb, and from that moment on, many people call it “ Original Glue ”, although most of us follow it. calling Gorilla, no more.

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