What is the best time to plant marijuana in Spain?

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Spain, with its climatic diversity ranging from Mediterranean weather on the coast to continental inland, offers a conducive environment for cannabis cultivation. However, knowing when to plant marijuana in Spain crucially depends on the type of variety being cultivated and the specific climate conditions of each region. This article details the optimal time to plant indica, sativa, hybrid, autoflowering, and cutting varieties in Spain.



▶ 1. Indica Varieties


The indica varieties usually prefer cooler and drier climates. In Spain, the best time to plant indicas is at the end of March or beginning of April, when late frosts are less likely and sunlight hours begin to increase. Indicas have a shorter flowering cycle, so they can be harvested before autumn, avoiding the September rains that could promote mold on the dense and compact buds typical of these plants. However, most indica strains are harvested between October 1 and October 20 in Spain.




📱 2. Sativa Varieties

The sativa seeds, in contrast, prefer warmer and more humid climates, typical of the Mediterranean coast. In Spain, it is advisable to start planting sativas in mid to late May, taking advantage of their longer flowering cycle to maximize exposure to the intense summer sunlight. These plants will reach full bloom by late October or mid-November. In the case of pure sativas, they are often harvested from late November, but are not usually planted in Spain. It is crucial to avoid areas with high humidity at the end of autumn to prevent fungal problems.




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⚠️ 3. Hybrid Varieties

The hybrid marijuana varieties combine characteristics of indicas and sativas, so the planting time can vary depending on the dominance of each type. In general, hybrids can be safely planted in Spain from early April to mid-May. These periods allow taking advantage of both the moderate spring weather and the increase in daylight hours in the summer, fitting well in most Spanish regions.




☕ 4. Autoflowering Varieties

The autoflowering seeds are ideal for growers looking for simplicity and speed, as they do not depend on the photoperiod to flower. In Spain, these can be planted from early March to late August. Since their lifecycle is short (70 to 90 days from germination to harvest), several rounds of cultivation can be performed in one season, provided that conditions are not extremely hot or cold. If you are only going to do one autoflowering crop, it is ideal to plant them in late spring to take advantage of the days with more hours of sunlight and better temperature.




📲 5. Cuttings

The cuttings, or clones, are vegetative propagules taken from mother plants. In Spain, the best time to plant cuttings outdoors is in late spring (May-June) or early summer (June-July) coinciding with the time of most sunlight hours. If you take clones outdoors before this date from a mother plant that is under 18 hours of daily light, it is normal for them to start flowering and then begin to revegetate, which is not interesting. During these periods, temperatures are mild enough to facilitate rooting without the stress of summer heat or winter cold.



🔥 Considerations to Take into Account Before Choosing the Optimal Time to Plant Marijuana

Before deciding when to plant marijuana in Spain, it is essential to consider several factors that directly influence the success of the crop. These factors will not only determine the healthy growth of the plants but also the quality and quantity of the final harvest. The main considerations to keep in mind are detailed below:

  • Hours of Sunlight: Cannabis requires a significant amount of sunlight for optimal growth. The hours of light vary depending on the season and latitude, so it is crucial to plan the planting to maximize solar exposure during the plant’s lifecycle. Sativas and hybrids, for example, benefit from longer periods of light to fully develop their potential.
  • Daytime and Nighttime Temperature: Extreme temperatures, both high and low, can adversely affect cannabis plants. It is important to avoid late spring frosts when planting sensitive varieties and consider nighttime temperatures, as a significant drop can stress the plants. Indicas can tolerate lower temperatures, while sativas prefer warmer climates.
  • Type of Seed or Cutting: Determining whether to use seeds or cuttings is crucial. Seeds may need more controlled initial conditions to ensure successful germination, while cuttings require a stable environment to root properly. Cuttings are clones of a mother plant and therefore retain the characteristics of the original plant, which can be an advantage if a uniform harvest is sought.
  • Autoflowering or Photodependent: Autoflowering plants do not depend on the light cycle to enter the flowering phase, making them ideal for planting at various times of the year, including months with fewer hours of sunlight. In contrast, photodependent varieties require specific changes in the light cycle to bloom, which generally makes them more suitable for planting in spring when days begin to lengthen.
  • Humidity and Precipitation: The level of humidity and expected precipitation in the region should also be considered. High levels of humidity can encourage the development of mold and diseases, especially in varieties that have dense buds. It is advisable to plant humidity-resistant varieties in regions prone to these conditions or adjust the planting schedule to avoid the wettest seasons.
  • Soil Conditions: The type of soil, its drainage, and its richness in nutrients are fundamental for the development of the plants. Preparing the soil properly before planting and ensuring it has the ability to retain moisture without becoming saturated is vital for good root development.



💻 Regional Climatic Considerations

  • Northern Spain: Cooler and more humid climate, ideal for indicas and hybrids with mold resistance.
  • Southern Spain: Warmer and drier climate, perfect for sativas and autoflowering varieties that tolerate heat well.
  • Interior of Spain: More extreme conditions of heat and cold, advisable to plant in greenhouses to protect the plants.


Type of Cannabis and Optimal Time to Plant
Type of Cannabis Optimal Time to Plant Duration of Cycle Special Considerations
Indicas End of March – Beginning of April 7-9 weeks of flowering Prefer cooler, drier climates. Susceptible to mold in humid climates. Harvest before autumn rains.
Sativas Mid to late May 10-12 weeks of flowering Prefer warm, humid climates. Require more sunlight. Susceptible to fungal problems in high humidity at the end of autumn.
Hybrids Early April – Late May Depends on indica/sativa dominance Adaptability according to genetic dominance; check specifications of each hybrid.
Autoflowering March to August 70-90 days from germination Do not depend on the photoperiod. Possible to perform several harvests in one season. Ideal for beginners.
Cuttings March-April, June Depends on the mother plant Require stable and mild conditions to root. Suitable for perpetuating desired genetics without planting new seeds.



⭐ Conclusion

Choosing the right time to plant marijuana in Spain depends on the specific variety and local climate. Planning the cultivation according to these guidelines will not only optimize the growth and flowering of the plants but also maximize the quality and quantity of the harvest. Cannabis is an adaptable plant, but good timing is crucial to make the most of its potential. Now that you know when to plant marijuana in Spain, here is an article titled “How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds” that might be very useful to you.



➕ FAQs

  • Can I plant cannabis in winter in Spain? It is generally not recommended, except in well-equipped greenhouses, due to low temperatures and reduced sunlight.
  • What is the lifespan of an autoflowering plant? Autoflowering plants usually complete their lifecycle in about 70 to 90 days, allowing multiple crops in a single season.
  • How does climate change affect cannabis cultivation in Spain? Climate change can cause variations in traditional weather patterns, making it necessary to adjust planting dates and plant protection measures.
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