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Climate Control 

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When you decide to grow marijuana, it is very important to choose the kind you like the most. If this is an indoor crop, temperature control will be essential for your seeds to grow properly. At Pevgrow, you have all the necessary equipment available for climate control to be suitable for your plantation.

What is climate control?

Climate control is nothing more than a system that will allow marijuana plants to grow and develop in optimal conditions. This can be controlled using humidifiers, CO2 dispensers, temperature controllers, lights, and fans.

All this can be done manually or automatically, by means of a controller. Depending on the time you have and the time you want to dedicate to your plants, this device is the most adequate option in many cases.

How to program climate control?

First of all, all the parts that make up your plant control system must be connected to the controller. This will be the only way for you to automatically regulate each of the different tools used to control the climate.

So, you must connect the lights, fans, humidifiers... For this, and in order to facilitate this task and ensure the marijuana quality, these controllers are the perfect tool.

You should always keep in mind your plantation’s type. If it is a small indoor plantation inside your house, you can use timers such as Cornwall Electronics Digital Timer, with which you can configure when the different devices will be turned on.

Certainly, it has a very affordable price if you consider the amount of functionalities it possess, which is why it is one of our best selling products.

Climate control for greenhouses

On the other hand, if you have a greenhouse, you will need more advanced equipment. You will have to install extractors to clean the air and let the plants breathe quality oxygen while CO2 is expelled. Humidifiers should be distributed throughout the place for them to reach all the pots.

Finally, the lights should be located at the plant’s exact height and turn off or on when necessary. Thus, you will need a more sophisticated controller, such as our Fan Controller Evolution Ecotechnics. This is one of our best selling products and you will not be disappointed.

Ideal temperature and humidity for marijuana

The ideal temperature and humidity for the plants will vary depending on the phases of the plantation. Let’s divide this section in each of the phases of the plantation.

Seedling Stage

During this period, the plant has not yet developed its root, so it will need 65% humidity and a temperature between 20 or 25 degrees with the lights on, and 4 or 5 degrees less when the lights are off.

Vegetative Period

When entering this period, you have to reduce humidity 5% each week, and the temperature should be maintained between 22 and 28 degrees when the lights are off, and 4 or 5 degrees less when the lights are on.

Flowering Period

Humidity is reduced by 40-50%, and high temperatures must be avoided. Therefore, temperature must be maintained between 22 and 26 degrees.

Late Blooming

This period begins two weeks before harvest. During this time, humidity should be kept around 30 or 40% and the temperature should be between 18 and 24 degrees.


Now that you know everything you need to control temperature and climate, what are you waiting for to visit PevGrow and get everything you need?