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Climate Control 

  • Air dehumidifier
    Air dehumidifier
    In the Grow Shop Piensa en Verde, we know that a very high relative humidity in cannabis crops...
  • Air humidifier
    Air humidifier
    Do you live in a warm dry climate and do you want to increase the humidity level of a particular...
  • Temperature Controllers/ Timer
    Temperature Controllers/ Timer
    Piensa en Verde wants to offer a wide range of temperature controllers, thermometers,...
  • CO2 Control
    CO2 Control
    Piensa en Verde wants to offer products to control the CO2 in your indoor growing cannabis....

Climate control is a parameter to take into account in the indoor cultivation of marijuana as the fans, and fans Intractor are tools that help us to keep the temperature stable growing our closet.
For our favorite plants grow healthy and strong we need a continuous air renewal in our closet marijuana growing and that we will succeed thanks to air conditioning, pumps, fans, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and apparatus for automatic temperature control.