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Sugar Black Rose

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Now you can buy in your trusted grow shop Sugar Black Rose from Delicious Seeds, a cannabis plant  with high medicinal power, whose quality has been rewarded with numerous prestigious world-wide cannabic prizes. Who are their parents? Black Domina and Critical Mass. A sublime mixture that has inherited the best of each one of them.

Sugar Black Rose Delicious Seeds

What's the morphology of Sugar Black Rose?

Sugar Black Rose is a variety indica dominant at 80%, with fast growth and quite vigorous, with a tendency to be flattened and develop strong and compact lateral branches, which withstand the weight of the crop well. Handling it does not require previous knowledge, so it is a good option if you do not have experience yet.

What's the taste of Sugar Black Rose marijuana?

Its organoleptic properties are wonderful, an impressive bouquet that combines sweet and musky touches, a complex taste and quite personality.

What's the effect of Sugar Black Rose?

The effect of smoking this weed is very relaxing, ideal for smoking while watching a movie or reading a good book, as it encourages creativity and releases accumulated stress. Medicinally it is very effective in treating sleep problems, anxiety, chronic pain or relieving nausea.

How much does Sugar Black Rose cannabis plant produce?

Indoor yields range from 15,8-17,6 oz per 3x3ft (450-500 grams per m2) if everything goes well. Outdoors, production reaches 31,7 oz/plant (900 grams per plant) if weather conditions are adequate.

How is Sugar Black Rose grown?

In indoor crops, it's really easy to grow, as it doesn't require extra levels of fertilizer or special knowledge to be able to exploit it to the fullest. I usually place it in hydroponic crops, as fantastic results are achieved, thanks to the fact that the nutrients are absorbed almost completely. If you opt for a traditional crop, with 2,9 US gal (11 litre) pots, you'll have smaller specimens, but you can have up to 9 in a Cultibox SG Combi cabinet.

In outdoor crops, I do not recommend the technique of transplanting small pots to larger, because to be fast, you can run out of time to reactivate the growth and therefore you are smaller than it should. I plant it in the soil because I have a garden, but I germinate it in a small flowerpot and then when they are 0,98-1,31 ft. (30-40 cm) I take it outside. If the stress is moderate and the humidity is not very high, you won't have a single problem with it.

Buy now at PevGrow Sugar Black Rose by Delicious Seeds Terribly perfect!

Sugar Black Rose Delicious Seeds


Data sheet and characteristics

Type Type
  • Feminized
  • Regular
Banks Banks
  • Delicious Seeds
Genetics Genetics
  • Critical
  • Critical Mass X Black Domina
Phenotype Phenotype
  • Dominant Indica 80%
Harvest outdoor H.N Harvest outdoor H.N
  • Early october
Harvest outdoor H.S Harvest outdoor H.S
  • Early april
Indoor production Indoor production
  • 15,8-17,6 oz per 3x3ft
Outdoor production Outdoor production
  • 31,7 oz/plant
Indoor height Indoor height
  • 0,98-1,31 ft.
Outdoor height Outdoor height
  • 8,2 ft.
Indoor flowering period Indoor flowering period
  • From 50 to 55 days
Features Features
  • Cannabis Cup
Effects Effects
  • Creativity
  • Medicinal
  • Relaxing
  • 25%
  • 0.44%
Disease Disease
  • Anxiety
Symptoms Symptoms
  • Bloating
  • Sickness
  • Stress

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Rates Sugar Black Rose: 15 - Average Rating: 5/5

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Customer reviews Sugar Black Rose

star star star star star
Robert Osler
Concentrate Manufacture Whole Plant Sugar Black Rose

Very good strain for Concentrate making. 450 gm per meter yields indoor at least, fruity with Musky Resinous overtones and an effect that can be described as an 'extra Bass and Treble' Indica - Marked physical relaxation as well as mental anxiety, and a background long lasting mental stimulation that lends itself well to creative work. I grow and manufacture Cannabis Concentrates for my three person Medical Legal Collective here in Canada, and we are very happy with these genetics.
Caveat! Delicious seeds might want to add Geographical Flowering data to their description, because an Indica that is listed as mature at mid or the end of September is mature mid-October here at my region farther north.
We look forward to testing out more DElicious Seeds genetics that are appropriate for our climate here in cold Canada:)

  • Concentrate Manufacture Whole Plant Sugar Black Rose
star star star star star
Richard M

This is without a doubt our favorite strain and we keep going back to it over and over great shipping great germination rates very impressed with pev grow

star star star star star
Philip B

The packaging is simple and effective I don´t think anybody will complain about crushed seeds

star star star star star
Justin W

So far the seeds have exceeded expectations. So far i have a strong juvenile plant that shows true promise of a rewarding crop. I Would recommend this product to any one looking for strong genetics.

star star star star star_border
Roberto D

I bought seeds from this bank and the truth is that they are fantastic, but I just found them a little weak to the plants I don't know if because of the weather we live here or I did something wrong, I fed them with natural combos like (Purin of nettle, banana and watermelon tea, seaweed, humus and fresh old natural guano that had) the truth after harvest had an intense flavor and smell, although I did not get the amount of production I expected.

star star star star star
Roberto R

Vigorous plant of dark tones in foliage and of great rombusted. Of medium flowering time. Of sweet taste in mouth, with fruity leaves. Ideal for unexpected. And dense buds and large amount of resin. Ideal for lovers of extractions. Highly recommended for outdoor.

star star star star star_border
Anthony P

I have to grow five seeds in my first indoor cultures down 250 watt HPS, culture in organic mulches - bizz 15 day growth in three liter pots and transplant in six liter pots to finish 60 days of blossom for 30% amber, indica type plants with beautiful branches, very compact head and abundant resin. I need to try hydroponie.

star star star star star
pablo n

They never disappoint. Strong plants and good production to be auto. Thank you

star star star star star
Arturo P

Outdoor cultivation flowerpot 20 ltrs cultivation method lts . A fabulous plant indicates how I like my Cogolla fat and full of turbines and a taste of mother fucking super sweet 8 weeks of flora maso substrate + humusenveg + guanomur +tricoytricho + molasses.

star star star star_border star_border
javier j

The sugar plant Black Rose, has a lot of good resin high and the taste is not bad, but I expected much more and very strong for the throat, the production despite having planted it in late March 2017 and cut it in mid-October and raised in mid-October and raised on the outside soil the most I got was 300g.

star star star star star
sebastian m

I received them as a gift, I loved their aroma, flavor and high qualities to relieve.
I buy and grow seeds in the traditional way. I am in the process of creating cannabis products.
Use two pots for each seed, one to start the growth of each plant and then pass them to a very large pot. They were all grown outdoors.
I reckon I'll take about 2,500 grams from three floors.
Excellent products without a doubt

star star star star star_border
Ivan B

sugar black is a plant that doesn't stretch much but throws some compact and abundant buds, it's a perfect plant for sog, you can get to the gram by watt, I plant a selection of cuttings I made but come on, from seed they come out very good, as to what it says delicius of the fruity flavor... to me of the 25 that I planted only two came out with fruity flavor me the others taste like skunk, citric tones and that, but anyway it is a very rich flavor, it likes to eat enough and in hydro still I have not tasted it but it has to be the gosh gee a salute

star star star star star
antonio c

Well the SBR is a plant that since I tried it is in all my crops, indoor and 600 watts in pots of 11 liters and two transplants, I have to say that sweet taste I love for my taste is the best, for me the taste is the most important thing.

star star star star star
alejandro u

My culture was indoors, with a focus of 600 wts, I planted several strains of the ones described above, but this is one of the best I have ever tasted, its flavor, aroma, color, relaxing, is one of those that you sit down to enjoy to the fullest, and its effect and its sweet taste, as a friend said bon appetit. I still plant it is one of my favorites, 100% recommended.

star star star star star_border

sugar is a plant not very productive, its flavor is good but not magnificent, the most formidable is the resin of the central buds, it is a beautiful plant to cultivate, it smells very strong in bloom, the buzz is something strange, between lever and cerebral a buzz like the one of the pollen of acorn, it leaves you crazy head, you feel like doing things and at the same time to sit down, it is good to make extractions since you take a lot of resin you decide...
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