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Pick & Mix Seeds marijuana seeds

Pick & Mix Seeds marijuana seeds

Outdoor marijuana seeds

Outdoor marijuana seeds

Indoor marijuana seeds

Indoor marijuana seeds

Diesel flavor aroma

Diesel flavor aroma



Autoflowering seeds marijuana

Autoflowering seeds marijuana


Reduced price! New York Diesel Auto


PevGrow is proud to present the new creation of Professional Seeds, the New York Diesel Auto. The birth of this weed, is the result of the marriage between New York Diesel and Low Rider, resulting in a strain that will dazzle both locals and strangers, a new star comes to the Cannabis firmament!



The New York Diesel Auto, is a feminized, autoflowering and hybrid seed, which is predominantly Indica in 80% versus Sativa 20%. When it grows it becomes a vigorous and resistant plant, shaped like a Christmas tree, with a medium internodal distance, which in only 70-80 days from germination, will be full of buds.



Its productivity is of a similar level to the rest of automatic, in indoor or outdoor crops we can harvest up to 90 grams per plant. Do not be fooled by these discreet figures, as this weed has very good qualities that you do not yet know.


Aroma and taste

As it could not be otherwise, this variety is marked by its flavor and aroma of Diesel, which gives it a pleasant power and personality, perfect for lovers of strong experiences.

During its growth phase, if we use a quality substrate, such as worm hummus, we can further improve its productivity levels.



The New York Diesel Auto has some effects marked by its Indica genetics, causing a very powerful relaxation that is perfect to take at the end of the day, have you had a very stressful day at work? Don't worry, one nice little cigarette full of New York Diesel Auto, and all your problems will fade away.

It is also suitable for use as medical marijuana, perfect for insomnia and stress treatments.



This weed is suitable for both outdoor and indoor cultivation, with a stunning ease of cultivation, characterized by its short height, which makes it your best ally for small indoor crops, as well as outdoor crops where it will go unnoticed by the indiscreet gaze of your neighbors.

In indoor crops, our experts recommend the use of 5 pots of 20 liters, with a LEC lighting system, which we have chosen thanks to its higher Gr/W ratio. We recommend using a growth cycle of 18/6h and 12/12h of flowering.

In outdoor crops, we always recommend the use of 18-litre pots, so as not to have to transplant and slow down a bit.


Buy now at PevGrow, the new New York Diesel Auto. Traditional Diesel lovers must be rubbing their hands together, because this is a real gem. In fact, someone in the office has not been able to resist it because by taking inventory, we have discovered that we are missing a few.

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Technical data sheet

Bank: Professional Seeds.
Type: Feminized Autoflowering.
Phenotype: Hybrid predominantly Indica.
Genetics: New York Diesel x Low Rider.
Production indoor: 90 gr/m2
Production outdoor: 90 gr/plant
Height: 80-120 cm
Crop cycle from germination: 70-80 days
THC: 18%.

Data Sheet

FeaturesPick & Mix Seeds
FeaturesHybrid seeds
BanksProfessional Seeds
Flavor and aromaDiesel

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