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Humboldt Seeds, the best American seed bank


Dear cannabis lovers, at PevGrow you can now dive into Humboldt Seeds extensive autoflowering catalogue. This U.S. seed bank has brought to Europe the best versions of the U.S., and Europe has adapted to the latitudes of the continent, with very homogeneous genetics and quality is a non-negotiable factor, so we decided to include it in our online store.

Its headquarters is in California, the birthplace of American breeders, and has a wide variety of genetics, from the traditional "Old School", to new hybrids obtained from the best marijuana and produced by the best breeders on the continent. Their fame is undoubtedly deserved, since the 60s when the hippie culture emerged strongly in American society, began to create their own varieties, and today are considered the main seed bank in the U.S.

The Humboldt Seeds genetics we recommend

Within your wide catalogue of autoflowering varieties, you are going to allow me to take the liberty of recommending which are the most outstanding, bearing in mind that I have touched hundreds of varieties over the course of two decades, maybe I can serve you!

Blue Dream Auto

If you love the aroma and taste of pine, incense with hints of red fruits this is your variety, also has a brutal production capacity, not only buds but also flowers. In indoor crops, it is very easy because it does not ask for too much food, and with pots of 11 liters in just 70 days you can collect up to 400 grams per m2. In outdoor crops, with a well worked substrate directly in the soil in mother earth, you will know its best version, with which you will be able to collect up to 90 gr per plant in a very easy way. Its organoleptic properties will make you fall in love with it.


OG Kush Auto

It keeps intact the properties of its original seasonal version, improving notably the productivity with respect to other automatic versions of this well-known weed. In indoor crops, I recommend that you use pots of 7 liters, being able to place up to 14 plants per m2, offering robust plants, with large leaves and smells of lime and soil. In outdoor crops, I always use definitive 18-litre pots to avoid transplanting and damaging the roots. You can get up to 50 gr per plant, impressive resinous buds, and a little advice, Top Auto Top Crop will help you achieve the goal.

Sour Diesel Auto

Sour Diesel Auto, the most productive automatic strain of Humboldt Seeds, with an aroma and taste marked by its Diesel genetics, which will delight the Old Lovers. In interior, the best configuration to get up to 500 gr per m2, is to use pot of 11 liters, placing 9 plants per m2, with a LEC lighting system of 315w. Outdoors, they like very much the sun and in quantity, and very easy to cultivate, the only thing that you will have to take into account, is to be careful with the fertilizers and the irrigation, because it is a little delicate with the over fertilization and the excess of irrigation. If you use a pot of 18 you can get up to 70 grams / plant of dense flowers impregnated with trichomes.


Bubbha Kush Auto

Bubba Kush, the American classic par excellence, is that it continues being the number one for all those lovers of the Afghan classics. In indoor crops, it forms very compact plants, and if you put it in photoperiod 20/4 it will give weeds that are all for truncheon, so you will have more specimens. If you use about 14 pots of 7 liters, you can collect about 500 gr per m2. It is important that you use a good carbon filter with a powerful extraction system, since its aroma since it grows is very powerful, and you do not want the neighbors to sniff where they should not. Outdoors, in just 70 days from germination you can harvest up to 70 grams per plant if you water it with a good nutrient.


Discover these and many more like, Dedoverde Haze Auto, Bubba Cheese Auto, UK Cheese Auto or lemon Juice Express Auto, in your trusted online Growshop, ¡Pevgrow!

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