Banana Strain

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If you have come this far is because you are interested in the banana flavored and smelling cannabis plants, and as we do not want to disappoint you, we have prepared a list of the best commercial seeds you can buy right now with those characteristics, both normal feminized and autoflowering, as well as the best banana crosses and hybrids.

Photo-dependent feminized Banana weed seeds

Banana OG: The most similar plants to the original Banana Kush clone, as it is a self-pollination of this elite cutting, therefore they are feminized seeds S1. This is a fairly homogenous, strong and vigorous strain, making it a good choice for inexperienced growers who want to enjoy ripe banana-flavoured cannabis.

Fat Banana: Royal Queen Seeds' version was one of the first feminized seeds with banana genetics, and quickly became one of the most demanded in this bank. It has to be said that its taste is very fruity and reminds the banana in a way, but with multiple nuances. The effect is overwhelming, exceeding 25% THC in some phenotypes.

Banana Bomb: A bomb with a sweet ripe banana flavor, with a Kush background, high production indoors and outdoors, and a very complete effect, which keeps your mind active but very relaxed, contemplative and pleasant. From our point of view, this is one of the best varieties in this seed bank.

Double Banana Kush: The Dutch White Label seed bank is Sensi Seeds' white label and creates some of the best discount versions on the market. In this case they have crossed Banana Kush with a California Indica Kush, which gives it stability and hybrid vigour without disrupting the fruity organoleptic quality with the characteristic banana touch.

Best Banana-derived hybrids on the market

Tropicanna Banana: What happens when you mix 2 very tasty and powerful strains? Well, the result is a top-notch cannabis, a gourmet product. But this variety is not only taste and aroma, its potency is huge, not suitable for users who are not used to high THC. Another strong point is the production of buds, much higher than average.


Banana Krumble: Impressive cross between Banana Punch and OG Kush made by the Green House Seeds team of breeders, a plant that has it all, THC of 24%, high production of resin and flowers, intense fruity flavor where the banana clearly predominates, and a resistance to mistakes that makes it a favorite for inexperienced growers.

Gorilla Banana: Nothing can please a gorilla more than a banana, right? That's why they've combined these two cannabis plants so well. Their best qualities are the potency, amount of resin, speed of flowering that barely reaches 60 days, and of course their aroma and taste, that mixes the sweet fruit of the banana with a citrus background that is marked on the palate.


Banana Sherbet: Another great Banana fusion, in this case with Sunset Sherbert, one of the most demanded plants of the last years. Although its THC levels range from 23% to 26%, it contains enough CBD to control its psychoactivity so that it does not become overwhelming, leaving a top quality euphoric effect. The taste is pure Canarian banana, delicious.

Autoflowering seeds with Banana genetics

Fat Banana Auto: Autoflowering version of the Royal Queen Seeds' Fat Banana, which they've crossed with Cookies Auto to incorporate the genes that cause autoflowering without much disruption to the genetics. It is surely the best automatic marijuana plant descended from the Banana, which has the same taste, effect, and almost identical resin production.


Auto Banana Monkey: Considering the price/quality ratio, it's hard to find an autoflowering banana genetics more interesting than the one from Bulk Seeds. It produces a very showy type of flower, with few leaves and very fleshy calyxes. Its fruity aroma will delight you and is perfect for inexperienced growers, for its speed, strength and resistance.


Auto Banana Blaze: High performance autoflowering seeds, just like most of Dutch Passion. In this case it is also very tasty and powerful, as it descends from American genetics related to OG Kush. Its fruity aroma is quite reminiscent of ripe bananas, in a very mild smoke, which does not scrape at all if you do a proper root wash.

Fun facts about Banana family

A few years ago it seemed unthinkable that a seed bank would name a variety of cannabis "Banana", not because it sounds bad, or because the taste and aroma of banana is not in demand, but because we cannabians associate bananas or little bananas with male cannabis flowers, especially when they come out on female plants. This might have had a negative connotation at the time, but time has shown that it has been wonderful to incorporate the noun "Banana" to strain brands, so much so that they have managed to form their own banana family.

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