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Banana Krumble

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Banana Krumble are feminized cannabis seeds developed by the prestigious Dutch bank Green House. It is a very complete plant, as offers good yields in record time, a very addictive taste and an effect that satisfies even the most experienced users. If you didn't know it, I recommend you to read what comes next...

How is Banana Krumble?

It forms a very compact and strong structure, with very small spacing between knots, growing many in a short space. It produces a medium branching, with good size leaflets and buds of regular volume but extreme hardness, so the weight of the crop is higher than it seems at first.

What genetics does this variety contain?

The breeders of Green House have mixed the Banana Punch with the OG Kush. The Banana Punch is a cross of Banana Kush X Purple Punch, so you could say that they have made a retro-cross of OG Kush. This type of hybrid is very common in the USA, and they are very interesting to fix certain traits in the offspring.

How to grow Banana Krumble indoors and outdoors?

It adapts perfectly to any indoor growing system, and although it can be obtained a higher yield in hydroponics, we always recommend its cultivation in soil and in an organic way. It is really worth sacrificing some production and enhance its excellent flavor, because in any case the harvest will be abundant. You can put 16 plants/3x3ft (m2) in pots of 1.8 US gal (7 liters), and after 20 days of growth cycle change the photoperiod to flowering, without the need for pruning.

On the other hand, in outdoor cultivation it is better to prune and also to do L.S.T. or try to separate its branches a little, to increase ventilation in the inner parts of the plant. Use a pot of 10.6 or 13.2 US gal (40 or 50 liters) at least, this variety requires a minimum of space for the root system if you want it to show in all its splendor.

When does the harvest of this plant arrive?

In indoor cultivation there are phenotypes that can be cut with just 55 days of flowering, these are perfect to select a super commercial mother. Usually harvested after 60 days of flowering, some may even need 65.

Outdoors you can cut them at the end of September in the northern hemisphere, so it is a very interesting variety for those regions where it usually rains in October. In the southern hemisphere it is harvested at the end of March in open air or greenhouse crops.

How is the production of Banana Krumble?

It is quite high, being able to exceed even 17.6 oz per 3x3ft (500 grams/m2) in indoor cultivation without many problems. Outdoors each specimen can yield 21.2 oz (600 grams) or more, but remember what I told you before, that it does not lack quality substrate.

The production of resin is bestial, like very few varieties on the market, so it is ideal to make cannabic concentrates. In addition, as it also produces many terpenes, it is a variety suitable for extractions such as Live Resin, Rosin or Ice O Lator.

What is the aroma and taste of this variety?

It is a unique fruity one, the nuances of the Banana are clearly appreciated, especially in the aroma, which is of great intensity, of which it is impregnated even in the clothes. As for the taste, a ripe banana is maintained but in this case mixed with the typical fuel touch, which gives density to the final bouquet.

What are the effects of Banana Krumble?

It is a natural anxiolytic, special to reduce daily tensions, but watch out, if you abuse it can become a lethal sleeping pill. Also because it is so delicious, it seems harmless, and when you want to realize you are under its influence, in your own world, with your body apart from your mind for hours, as if it were a hard opiate.

For users who use cannabis medicinally it can be a very good weed for treating nerves, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, migraines, pressures and some types of pain such as osteoarthritis.

Buy Banana Krumble seeds from Green House Seeds

If you were looking for an innovative cannabis strain here it is, because its taste has nothing to do with any other. It is also perfect for extractions and produces an instant and long lasting effect. What else can you ask for? For us to get them to you as quickly as possible? Well, that is also guaranteed, and with the best customer service.

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Data sheet and characteristics

Type: Type Feminized
Banks: Banks Green House
Genetics: Genetics Banana Punch X OG Kush
Phenotype: Phenotype 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
Harvest outdoor H.N: Harvest outdoor H.N Late September
Harvest outdoor H.S: Harvest outdoor H.S Late March
Indoor production: Indoor production 17.6 oz/3x3ft
Outdoor production: Outdoor production 21.2 oz/plant
Indoor height: Indoor height 2.62-4.92 ft.
Outdoor height: Outdoor height 4.92-6.56 ft.
Indoor flowering period: Indoor flowering period 8 weeks
Effects: Effects Medicinal
Sleep all night
THC: THC 24%
CBD: CBD 0.4%
Disease: Disease Anxiety
Flavor and aroma: Flavor and aroma Fruity
Symptoms: Symptoms Bloating
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