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In this section you will find different Green Crack cannabis seeds.

They all produce plants with impressive characteristics, outdoors they grow very bushy because their branches are long and abundant in leaves. The development of the trunk and towards the periphery is robust with a thick stem that can withstand strong winds. In addition, leaves are dense, thick and the development of the rib favors the production of primary substances for obtaining THC.

Indoor crops must be controlled because this plant always tends to seek out heights regardless of the light source. For this reason, monthly pruning is recommended, especially of the axillary bud.

Green Crack genetics is a hybrid of marijuana that has several characteristics that make it significantly different from other Cannabis strains.

  • It develops a dense periphery and is always looking for heights.
  • This strain is developed to withstand even negligence of the grower.
  • Buds are abundant and reach a diameter of up to 4 inches (10 cm.) and lengths up to 11.8 inches (30 cm.) under very controlled conditions.
  • The color of its leaves is predominantly intense green, but towards the limb of the leaves it can acquire a yellowish color when it has deficiency of water.
  • We can know that the care of the plant is adequate when the leaf blade develops abundant trichomes and acquires a snow white color.
  • It is closely related to Skunk varieties.

Indica or Sativa

In a strict sense this strain is 60% sativa and 40% indica, but by observing, it is possible to find a perfect balance between both original Cannabis. In other words, the Green crack Cannabis has an intermediate anatomy between Sativa and Indica, but the production of mucilages, oils and resins is totally inherited from Indica.

We have then that it is Sativa dominant in its genotype, but balanced in its phenotype.

Flowering period

This Cannabis strain has an estimated indoor flowering period of 9 weeks. However, to achieve a proper floral development during this time, it is important to have a photoperiod of 18 hours of light and 6 hours of uninterrupted darkness.

Recommendations for growing

Genetics Green Crack is a resistant marijuana seed, but it is not recommended to be neglected and therefore the following considerations are important when growing.

Crop density

You can have 9 per 3x3ft (square meter) because it's a little leafy plant and so you can take better advantage of the light capture in each plant.

Growing from seed

It's important that you hydrate the seed by soaking it in water for 8 to 12 hours. Similarly, it is important to use trays as seedbeds to have maximum control of their growth and development in the first weeks of life.

It is recommended to use plugin tray for cuttings, although you are only going to sow the seed and our tray already has the substrate you need. Also it is important that you add a root stimulant like Bio Nova Nutri forte so that the development is sustained, uniform and strong from the beginning.

Transplant from seedling

There are two clear indicators for you to perform the transplant and they are: 1. Cannabis root is visible at the bottom of the Plugins tray and 2. The plant already has two distinct leaves next to the cotyledons.

At this point you should transfer the seedling into a pot and we recommend that it be tubular of 41 cm. x 17 cm. because it is a plant that goes deep into the roots, but does not develop much periphery and will always go upwards.

The pot will be a great benefit because you will save space on the surface, while having the necessary depth for the roots of your Green Crack variety.

Recommended climate and photoperiod

It's an undemanding plant with climate and it's very well adapted to dry areas with temperatures between 68-77ºF (20-25ºC). But you can also grow it outdoors in sunny temperate and even Mediterranean climates.

Because of the climate, it is an excellent plant and your focus should be more on the photoperiod than should be strictly 18 light hours and you can check HERE to know the average daylight in Spanish regions and Europe.

In this regard, you will need an artificial source as proposed in our lamp section to achieve maximum productivity of your botanist.

Pest and fungus protection

Green Crack is very resistant to mold and many diseases, so no additives are required. However, we do recommend the use of traps for aphids and other harmful insects.

Effect and taste

The effect produced by this plant is very pleasant, but powerful because of its high percentage of THC. However, when used in moderation you can have a very exciting and happy time.

Its aroma is very close to tropical fruits like mango and pineapple with a slight hint of cedar. Meanwhile, its flavor is fruity and very pleasant.

As a recommendation, always have a bottle of water handy to get you through the dryness that this botanist leaves behind.

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